A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 725

Obviously, they also wanted to see what kind of medicine Susie sold in this gourd?
“Grandpa, this Qiu Mucheng is really shameless.”
“What kind of company is you, don’t you have any idea about it?”
“Still blowing into a group here?”
“You also said that Han City personally invited them?”
“They are too embarrassed to say?”
“I see, this Susie was instructed by Qiu Mucheng to talk nonsense at this year’s meeting.”
“If I want to tell her, I should go up and expose her.” Qiu Mu was full of disdain, and while looking up at Susie, he sneered coldly.
The old man Qiu shook his head, “This Su family is also considered rich and powerful in Yunzhou. You are in the past and beat Susie in the face. Why don’t you sin against the Su family?”
“Let’s take a look first to see what Qiu Mucheng’s bestie is doing.”
“It’s better not to be evil or not.” The first website m.
“Moreover, on this occasion, Qiu Mucheng is definitely not qualified to come in. So Susie is not necessarily instructed by Qiu Mucheng. In case what she said is true, Yunzhou really came to a foreign city recently. What about the big group?”
“When the time comes, you will expose it indiscriminately, and it will be us instead.”
Old man Qiu was careful and persuaded from the side.
“Well, grandpa is still thoughtful.”
Qiu Muying also nodded and continued to watch the changes.
At this time, the center of the venue.
Susie was still talking on the high platform.
I have to say that this Susie is indeed a bit eloquent, and this bluffs people, but also stunned.
The gaze of the audience fell on Susie.
Many people are already eager to try, ready to go forward to make friends and hand in business cards at the end of Susie’s speech.
“I, Mufan Group, have gone through dozens of springs and autumns until now, and the development of branches in various parts of China has also made great achievements.”
“Now there are 5,600 employees under the Mufan Group, spread across dozens of small and medium-sized cities in China.”
“Today, due to the needs of the group’s business, we are here to open a new branch in Yunzhou.”
“As the first meeting between Mufan Group and senior businessmen in Yunzhou, on behalf of the Yunzhou branch of Mufan Group, I would like to extend the most sincere invitation to all the gentlemen and ladies present here.”
“On November 11, Mufan Real Estate, a subsidiary of our group, will hold a grand opening ceremony.”
“I am here, looking forward to all local entrepreneurs to come and participate!”
“However, due to the limited space, in my hard work, I won only 50 places for everyone.”
“So, those who plan to attend the opening ceremony of our group can go to the president of our company, Mr. Qiu, to receive the invitation letter.”
“At that time, only VIPs holding the invitation letter will be allowed to enter~”
Susie’s confident and proud voice echoed throughout the hall.
As soon as she finished speaking, applause broke out from the audience.
Many people can’t wait to get the invitation letter.
“President Su, we Debang Logistics will participate.”
“We also go to Lehua Hotel~”
“And us!”
“At that time, the boss of our company will come personally!”
“Yes, it is our honor to participate in the opening ceremony of Mufan Group!”
“We will definitely join in~”
“Where can I get the invitation letter?”
“What about Mr. Qiu?”
At this time, the entire exhibition center became lively in an instant.

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