A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 779

“Where did the idiot come from?”
“Hurry up and let go?”
“Blocking our way to worship Mr. Chu, what consequences can you bear?”
“What father? What autumn water logistics?”
“What are all this stuff?”
Lei Aoting scolded angrily 97c8b19a.
He was about to step forward to congratulate Mr. Chu, but a stupid suddenly appeared in the middle of the journey. He not only moved his hands and feet, but even pulled him not knowing where to take it as soon as he came up.
Why do you go to worship Mr. Qiu?
What is that thing?
Apart from Mr. Chu, who deserves to be worshipped by Lei Aoting?
Lei Aoting’s face was ugly, and he cursed at Jiang Hong badly. First URL m.
Is Mr. Chu just ahead?
The idiot in front of him took him to worship others. Isn’t this harming him?
The last time Lei Aoting had offended Mr. Chu to death, he knelt outside with his father all night before saving his life.
Now the old ladies who don’t know where are going to cheat him again, is it strange that Lei Aoting is not angry?
After slapped the fat lady, she immediately ran in the direction of Ye Fan.
Wang Yuchen, Wang Jiexi’s son, also followed him honestly and respectfully.
Unlike Lei Aoting, Wang Yuchen has had some entanglements with Ye Fan. Today is the first time he has seen Mr. Chu.
When he first came, his father Qian Qianwan told him that in front of Mr. Chu, he must keep his posture low and don’t cause trouble.
“Son, the whole Jiangdong, whoever you provoke, your father and I can get you back.”
“But only Mr. Chu, if you provoke him, your father, I really don’t have the ability to get you back from him.”
“Do you understand me?”
This is what Wang Jiexi said before leaving.
I haven’t seen him, but his name is already thunderous.
Now Wang Yuchen was naturally apprehensive, thinking that Mr. Chu was an extremely terrifying person.
Only by following Lei Aoting can he feel a little safe.
Soon, as Lei Aoting, Wang Yuchen and others walked forward, the crowd of onlookers suddenly gave up a path consciously.
Finally, Lei Aoting and others had arrived in front of Ye Fan.
Lei San’s son said nothing, but when he saw Ye Fan fell down, he bowed his head and bowed his waist. The voice of admiration immediately sounded: “Sir, Lei Aoting, on behalf of the Lei family, present a pair of white marble lions!”
“I wish Mufan Real Estate a good business and financial resources!”
As Lei Aoting’s words fell, Wang Yuchen immediately moved forward, and also respectfully worshiped Ye Fan: “I, Wang Yuchen, on behalf of the Haozhou Wang family, are here to send congratulations.”
“I wish Mufan Real Estate, the business is prosperous, and every day it will make money!”
Lei Aoting and Wang Yuchen’s respectful words quietly sounded here.
In an instant, it was like a boulder falling into the sea, stirring up a thousand-layer wave!
Afterwards, the representatives of the wealthy families from other major cities all stepped forward and congratulated!
Their eyes were full of respect, they were full of respect, facing Ye Fan in front of him, bent over, and they all worshipped.
“I represent Nanquan City~”
“I represent Fenghai City~”
“I represent…”
“I wish Mufan Real Estate a very successful business!”
“Mr. Zhu’s career is in full swing!”
The voices of respect and the words of awe converge into a stream, rising to the sky, shaking the world.
Seeing such a scene, Qiu Muying stayed, Wang Qiaoyu stayed, Chu Wenfei stayed, and everyone present stayed.
Before that, they had never dreamed that these powerful children, gathered in Yunzhou, actually came for Ye Fan and Mufan’s real estate.
“How is this possible?”
“This is absolutely impossible!”
“He is Ye Fan, but a farm turtle, but a mess.”
“Why is he so majestic?”

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