A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 845

For these five hundred million, Li Yuan also fought so hard that she didn’t even need her face.
However, looking at Li Yuan’s greedy and ugly face in front of him, Ye Fan chuckled, “Last night, I brought this Fang Zun and I am going to give it to your Li family as a gift, just like Xiaohong’s parents. A meeting ceremony for you.”
“But no matter what, your family doesn’t like it. You Miss Li even threw out my Four Dragon Fangzun.”
“But now, what’s wrong with Miss Li?”
“Why did you suddenly change your mind?”
“What you threw out last night, why are you asking me for it now?”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, but in the cold and smiling words, there were all jokes and jokes.
“Misunderstanding, Mr. Chu, it was a misunderstanding last night~”
Li Yuan smiled, her pretty face with heavy makeup almost turned into a flower at this time, she was extremely flattering and flattering.
However, before Li Yuan could finish explaining, the old man on the side exploded immediately.
“So, you damaged this country’s important weapon?”
“Throw it out of the house?”
“Beast, beast~”
After hearing the conversation between Ye Fan and Li Yuan, the elder who regarded the national treasure as his own life was undoubtedly furious.
In anger, Li Yuan slapped Li Yuan to the ground.
“Bastard stuff!”
“This tripod is the most important weapon of the country.”
“Four dragons and Fangzun have the luck of a thousand-year-old country.”
“You idiot, how dare you deliberately harm?”
“Do you know what a crime it is to deliberately damage the country’s treasures?”
“The main rule is death penalty!”
Wang Lao talked angrily and screamed at Li Yuan.
Originally, Wang Lao thought it was Ye Fan’s poor preservation that caused the national treasure to be damaged.
But I didn’t expect that the woman in front of me had deliberately damaged it.
Unintentional and intentional, this nature unintentionally changes instantly.
For the former, Wang Lao just regrets and regrets.
But the latter, Wang Lao is angry!
Which of these ancient bronzes is not a priceless treasure?
Once damaged, it can no longer be repaired.
Even a little scratch is just a pain for Wang Lao.
After learning that Li Yuan deliberately harmed him, how could Mr Wang not be angry?
Li Yuan was undoubtedly frightened and pale at that time.
She did not expect that the “broken copper and rotten iron” she threw last night would have such serious consequences now?
Fortunately, this Fang Zun was given to their family by Ye Fan.
What happens if something in your own home is bumped, others have no right to pursue it.
Thinking of this, Li Yuan’s mood calmed down a lot, and she immediately snorted to Wang Lao: “Wang Lao, although you are a master veteran in the relevant industry, don’t you think that you are too broad-minded?”
“This Fang Zun was given to our family by Mr. Chu, and that belongs to my family.”
“My own things, I can throw or touch if I want to, do you care?”
Li Yuan smiled coldly.
However, as soon as she finished speaking, Xu Meifeng stepped forward and slapped Li Yuan’s face again.
“Whose idiot is this?”
“Dare to snatch things from this lady?”
“You are so brave!”
Xu Meifeng slapped Li Yuan directly to the ground, when Li Yuan covered her face and cried.
But in the face of Xu Jia’s majesty, even though there are thousands of complaints and anger in his heart, he dare not say a word at all at this moment.
“Meifeng calmed down, my fault was that I didn’t discipline my subordinates strictly.”
“I’ll let her go!”
Li Yuan is his secretary. Now that he offended Xu Meifeng, Xing Tian naturally hurried out to clean up the mess.

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