A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 891

Wei Lin’s cold words lingered in the entire hall for a long time.
The majestic face and the awe-inspiring tone are like a tiger that eats people, standing here, staring at Ye Fan in front of him.
The awe-inspiring momentum caused the temperature of the entire hotel to drop sharply.
All the guests present looked terrified, like a falling ice cellar.
After all, Wei Lin said this too harshly.
Not only do you want Ye Fan to be here, but you even want to punish him?
Even if everyone heard it, they couldn’t help but stand upright, and only felt fear in their hearts.
Li Xiaohong was so scared that her face paled, because of worry, tears were almost streaming down her whole person.
Even now, Li Xiaohong still worried about Ye Fan in her heart.
With tears in her beautiful eyes, she gently pulled the corner of her father’s clothes, choked and asked in a low voice: “Dad, Mr. Chu, is he really hopeless?”
Li Lubin’s anger towards Ye Fan seemed to disappear.
After all, Ye Fan has fallen to his current fate. No matter how angry Li Lubin is, he can’t get angry anymore. He even began to sympathize with Ye Fan.
Listening to his daughter’s inquiry, Li Lubin sighed.
“If you want to live in peace, it will be difficult.”
“However, after this old man Wei came in, he didn’t directly let his subordinates do it, but just reasoned with him.”
“From this point of view, your friend still has a silver lining.”
“As long as he admits his mistakes and apologizes, poses a low profile, and speaks some kind words. The suffering of flesh and blood may be inevitable, but his life should be possible to hold him.”
Li Lubin guessed in a low voice.
Of course, what he didn’t tell Li Xiaohong was that even if Ye Fan could survive today, he was afraid that he would be a useless person in the future.
He broke Xue Minghua’s legs, even if the same revenge, Ye Fan’s legs could not be kept.
At this moment, the hall was silent, everyone was watching, only Wei Lin’s anger echoed.
And Xu Lei, after hearing Wei Lin’s accusation against Ye Fan, immediately stood up and helped Ye Fan to plead: “Grandpa Wei, you can’t blame my Xiao Fan for these things.”
“My three grandfathers are under house arrest and forced me to marry an incompetent junk. Brother Xiaofan only made his move for me!”
“As for Xue Minghua, he is asking for hardship.”
“If it wasn’t for his brother Xiao Fan’s relatives to threaten the life, Brother Xiao Fan would not break his legs!”
“And your grandson Wei Wuji, he was the first to act on Brother Xiao Fan. He was not strong enough and was injured by my Brother Xiao Fan, so he took the blame. How can I blame Brother Xiao Fan?”
Xu Lei strives for reasons, neither humble nor overbearing, but not afraid of Wei Lin’s power.
“Miss Xu, before you speak, please correct your identity!”
“If I were your grandfather, just what you just said would be enough to make me break your leg!”
“For the local turtle who came to a small place, the six relatives didn’t recognize it and helped an outsider to disobey his uncle’s elders and the whole family?”
“You~” Hearing Wei Lin’s stance and unreasonable words, Xu Lei’s face was pale with anger.
“Xiao Lei, why bother with an old trash?”
“For their old stubbornness, there is only face and benefit in their eyes, why is there any sense at all?”
“You can come to me and drink tea with me.”
“As for punishing me and killing me here, just listen to it, don’t take it seriously. Just relying on a small Wei family is not enough?”
Ye Fan chuckled lightly, shaking his head and speaking lightly.
After that, he ignored Wei Lin again, but pulled Xu Lei to his side, filled Xu Lei with a cup of tea, and continued to enjoy the tea in a calm manner.
Among the delicate faces, there were all ignorance of Wei Lin and contempt for the Wei family.

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