A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 897

Xu Fengfei was almost furious.
He didn’t expect that someone in the Xu family, one of the four giants of Yanjing, would be a junior.
If this matter were to spread out, wouldn’t they be thrown out of the Xu family’s century-old style?
After Xu Meifeng on the side learned that Ye Fan was the door-to-door son-in-law, the smile and sarcasm on the corners of her mouth were undoubtedly extremely strong.
It’s a shame that she thought Xu Lei fell in love with a big man. After a long time, she was the son-in-law?
This Xu Lei is really humble, who is not good to find, to be a mistress, or a poor son-in-law?
Xu Meifeng estimated that even if Xu Lei returned to the Xu family in the future, she would completely become a shame and joke of the Xu family.
“Xu Lei, Xu Lei, I tried my best to ruin you before. But I didn’t expect you to be more active than me?”
“The rebellious family just eloped with a son-in-law?”
“See what face you have in Xu’s house in the future.”
Xu Meifeng sneered, her brows and eyes filled with pride.
Xu Meifeng has always regarded Xu Lei as the biggest obstacle and hidden danger to her inheriting the Xu family’s business. Therefore, she has been thinking of ways to deal with Xu Lei and ruin her in Xu’s family.
Now Xu Lei doesn’t respect herself, so she naturally hits Xu Meifeng’s arms.
Faced with Xu Fengfei’s anger, Xu Lei’s pretty face was pale, and she lowered her head and explained bitterly: “Uncle San, it’s not what you think. Brother Xiaofan and I…”
“shut up!”
“Brother Xiaofan?”
“You are not ashamed, do we still have to face it?”
“Let me ask you one last thing, you can’t make it through, will you come back to Xu’s house with me and confess your mistakes with your third grandpa?”
Xu Fengfei was obviously on the verge of violent walking, and there was chill in his words.
Faced with a difficult decision, Xu Lei bit her red lips tightly. After a long time, she replied firmly: “Uncle San, I’m sorry, I can’t go with you.”
“Brother Xiaofan suffered such a catastrophe because of me.”
“I want to stay with Brother Xiaofan.”
“Regardless of the future outcome, Xu Lei, I am willing to face it with Brother Xiaofan.”
“Even though he died nine times, he doesn’t regret it!”
Xu Lei’s words were low, but in those beautiful eyes, she was absolutely determined.
“Cb7c08b0 you~” Xu Lei’s words made Xu Fengfei tremble with anger, and his old eyes were red.
He didn’t expect that when he looked at the grown-up daughter of the Xu family, he turned out to be like this now.
For an incompetent son-in-law, so rebellious? !
“A good one, even though he died nine times, he still doesn’t regret it!”
“Xu Lei, remember what you said today.”
“Don’t regret it!”
Xu Meifeng sneered, then looked at Xu Fengfei.
“Sanshu, Xu Lei is already crazy?”
“Why do you have to anger for a shameless person?”
However, after Xu Meifeng’s words fell, Ye Fan suddenly laughed.
“Boy, you still have a smile?”
“What ecstasy soup did you drink to Xiao Lei?”
“It made her so crazy!”
“I’m willing to be a junior for you, but also disobey the family? Disobey my uncle?”
Xu Fengfei looked at Ye Fan and said viciously.
“You still know that you are Xiao Lei’s uncle?”
“Others are frivolous, Xiaolei, even you insult her like that?”
“Xiao Lei and I are innocent and we can learn from the world.”
“And you opened your mouth and said Xiaolei Xiaosan, saying that Xiaolei was shameless?”
“You only know your face, only the Xu family’s face, but have you ever considered Xiao Lei’s feelings? Have you considered Xiao Lei’s happiness?”
“You uncle deserves it. You are not as good as an outsider. What qualifications do you have to accuse Xiao Lei!”
Ye Fan’s eyebrows were cold and angry, and he spoke angrily.

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