A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 93

Jiang Hai.
After Sun Yuhao and others left, Ye Fan did not rush to find Qiu Mucheng.
Instead, looking back, the sanitation worker had just collected the garbage and rode away. A man carried a briefcase and shouted on the phone. There was a young couple kissing under the street lamp. The busy road, the towering buildings, the quiet water night, everything is as usual, everything is so unusual.
Ye Fan frowned immediately.
At this time, Ye Fan’s phone rang suddenly, and it was Mr. Han who called: “Master, your whereabouts seem to have been exposed. Someone in the family has attacked you.”
Ye Fan nodded and chuckled, “I didn’t expect them to come so quickly.”
“Master, do you want to let Tongshan pass? I’m worried about your safety.” Old Han said, full of worry.
Ye Fan smiled faintly: “No. Ten years ago, they couldn’t get rid of me, not to mention now. It just so happened that this young master has not seen blood for many years.”
Ye Fan’s eyebrows were cold, and then he turned in front of him and walked directly into a bar in front.
“You came.”
“Sit down, I’ve been waiting for you for half an hour.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
However, who could have thought that as soon as Ye Fan walked into the bar, a cold voice of a woman came from beside him.
This woman has long hair, and she can be regarded as a beautiful woman. The black silk stockings outlines the white jade legs especially slender, and the makeup is strong.
Ye Fan was not polite either. Since 29888f5b greeted him, he also sat down.
“I have limited time, so I won’t sell it to you anymore, just open the conversation.”
“If it weren’t for my third uncle’s face, I wouldn’t be here today, let alone meet you.” The long-haired beauty said coldly, with a high-pitched tone, as if sitting here today, It was a great favor to Ye Fan.
“But now that I’m here, this lady has spoken everything.”
“First of all, my future husband needs a prestigious school degree, a successful career, and an annual income of at least 500,000. Parents must also have a high school degree or above, have a job, and preferably are employees of enterprises and institutions.”
“Secondly, there is at least one property in the center of Jianghai, the full payment, and my name must be written in the property certificate.”
“Furthermore, I have a luxury car with no less than 500,000 yuan under my name. I must buy me a car of the same price immediately after getting married.”
“Finally, I can’t care that I often go out to play with my male girlfriends. Although I am married, I am not an accessory to anyone.”
“And do you have these? Can you do it?” Ye Fan looked at the long-haired woman coldly, with disgust and sarcasm on her face.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, just lowered his head and drank tea.
“Why don’t you speak anymore?” The long-haired woman sneered, but then said immediately, “In that case, I will help you.”
“You, but you have a college degree, come from the country, and now you are in a broken unit with a meager salary of four thousand five thousand and five in January. Your parents are farmers and you can at most pay the down payment in Jianghai if your family is bankrupt. As for the 50th Marriott car, For you, it’s even more fantastic.”
“You are a scumbag who has no money and power, and you wear a poor and sour look on a blind date. Where did you get the courage to come on a blind date with me?”
“Also let my third uncle match the bridge, you are a hillbilly, are you worthy too?”
The woman smiled coldly, looking at Ye Fan with a sense of superiority on her face. My heart is full of disgust and disgust.
Originally, she didn’t want to watch a man with this condition, let alone talk face-to-face here.
But the parents of this person in front of her have been pestering her third uncle, and they have to come out and meet.
The women can’t help but they are all relatives, and she can’t help but give the face of the third uncle. I won’t come out to see you tonight.
When Ye Fan heard this, he finally understood.
Apparently, the long-haired beauty in front of her thought of herself as the man who came to have a blind date with him.
But Ye Fan didn’t explain, he just chuckled, “You said a lot, but I just ask you, are you a virgin?”
“I~” Ye Fan said, but the glamorous woman in front of her was flushed and her mouth was open. She couldn’t say a word.
In the end, the long-haired woman became even more angry, pointing at Ye Fan Pokong and yelling: “You are an idiot with straight male cancer!”
“A stinky cock, it’s a great honor for this lady to see you. You dare to ask for so much?”
“It’s the first time I have seen a strange flower asking this kind of question on a blind date!”
The long-haired woman cursed with a guilty conscience.
Ye Fan ignored her, shaking his head and smiling. From this woman’s reaction, Ye Fan already knew the answer.
The glamorous woman in front of her is afraid that she has already experienced a hundred battles.
“It’s better to be my wife.”
Ye Fan sighed, but at this moment, a middle-aged man opened the door and walked in. After looking around, he walked in the direction of Ye Fan and actually sat next to the blind date.

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