A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 955

“Rusty tripod?”
“Xiao Lei, do you want to laugh at me?”
“No, it’s not you, is it your Xiao Fan brother who wants to laugh at me?”
“If you give you a birthday present, he will give you a broken piece of iron?”
“God, I really don’t know if your love brother is stubborn or stubborn, giving his woman a rusty tripod?”
“I’m afraid it’s tattered from the trash.”
Guo Yawen almost laughed to death when she heard Xu Lei’s words.
Unfortunately, she thought that Xu Lei was going to move out something expensive to protect his boyfriend’s face, but it turned out to be broken?
Xu Lei is embarrassed to say this kind of garbage?
Of course, what is even more amusing is that Ye Fan is embarrassed to send it?
Guo Yawen laughed wantonly. Of course, she was mocking Ye Fan on the surface, but in fact, she was also mocking Xu Lei.
After all, in their eyes, Ye Fan and Xu Lei are lovers, and Ye Fan’s embarrassment is no different from Xu Lei’s.
The more unbearable Ye Fan is, it naturally represents how self-sufficient Xu Lei is.
“Brother, awesome!”
“Pick up a tattered girlfriend to give it to your girlfriend, or you are fierce!”
Lei Dongbao was also full of mockery and gave Ye Fan a thumbs up.
Meng Han on the side was undoubtedly too angry, and immediately questioned Xiang Ye Fan angrily: “Xiao Lei’s birthday, will you send a rusty broken tripod?”
“Is there any boyfriend like you?”
“Our Xiaolei was a schoolgirl-level goddess back then. It would be a shame to stand up with boyfriends like you!”
“Meng Han, after hearing what I said, you have misunderstood.” Xu Lei was even more anxious when he saw this. While pulling Meng Han, he explained to Ye Fan, “Brother Xiao Fan gave me it, it’s not an ordinary rust. Ding. It’s an antique worth five hundred million.”
“Xiao Lei, you are enough. Are you still defending him now?”
“It’s still five hundred million, why don’t you say five hundred million?”
“You said that you were the number one beauty in our finance department. How many girls in our department took you as an example in life.”
“But you, with this vision? Are you ready to marry yourself to this class?”
“I really feel worthless for you?”
Xu Lei’s explanation was obviously not believed by Meng Han and others.
After all, the five hundred million rust tripod is simply too much!
Xu Lei said it like this, and no one would believe it.
At this time, Meng Han was still talking angrily, looking at Xu Lei with sympathy.
These words Meng Han said may not sound good.
But undoubtedly, she really cares about Xu Lei.
But Guo Yawen and his wife are different. They are completely gloating and watching jokes. At this time, they are fanning the flames and saying: “Yes, Xiao Lei.”
“Your vision is too bad, right?”
“The number one talented man in our school has been pursuing you for so many years, you just ignore it.”
“At that time we all thought, Xiao Lei, your heart is higher than the sky, and your eyes are higher than the top.”
“But who would have thought that you should be so frivolous and confess yourself to this kind of dick?”
“You can’t really find a good man, right?”
“Tell me, my drivers and bodyguards are all golden bachelors. They need to be in shape and look, even if they are not as rich as my husband, but they will not give away a tattered birthday.”
Guo Yawen sneered.
Lei Dongbao even echoed, saying that as long as Xu Lei was willing, the couple would be willing to be a matchmaker and build a bridge.
However, just as Lei Dongbao and his wife sang and watched Xu Lei’s jokes, Ye Fan, who had been silent, put down the porcelain cup in his hand and chuckled, “No matter how bad the bronze cauldron I gave is Really.”

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