A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 997

The first foot kicked on the chest, his ribs snapped, and a mouthful of blood came out from his mouth.
The second kick kicked on the shoulder, the right shoulder exploded, and the miserable sound echoed the audience.
The third foot, kicked on the jawbone, his old face was cracked, and his nose sprayed blood.
The fourth foot kicked on the ear, the periosteum was broken, and the blood remained in the ear.
The fifth foot, kicked on Yao Baisheng’s forehead, his skull sunken, his eyes weeping with blood.
With the last two feet, Hua Yinglong kicked Yao Baisheng’s back one after another.
Yao Baisheng at this time was already confused and did not even scream.
In this way, the whole figure was like a cannonball, and was directly blown away by Hua Yinglong’s feet.
Hundreds of pounds of body dashed across the sky, knocked over the shelter on the cruise ship, and flew out directly from the cruise ship.
Outside, on Yanqi Lake, the smoke waves are vast.
Yao Baisheng fell from the sky.
Rocks pierced through the sky, rolling up a thousand piles of snow!
It is like a huge boulder falling into the sea, bringing up huge waves.
In this way, Yao Baisheng, who came by stepping on the water, was punched and seven kicked by Hua Yinglong, but he kicked into the vast lake.
Where does it come from? Where does Angelica go.
The seven orifices are bleeding, and the blue water is already bright red!
People die for money, and birds eat awns!
For the sake of three hundred million, Yao Baisheng came on foot.
Because of three hundred million, Yao Baisheng fell into the water and died!
Everything has cause and effect.
Yao Baisheng’s cause and effect, is it true?
If he had known the ending of today, it is estimated that Lin Feng and others had given him one billion, he would not fight with his life.
The cold wind is bitter and the blue waves are vast.
The harsh wind blew past the hole that Yao Baisheng broke through.
The meeting place at Nuo Da was deadly silent.
As long as the wind reverberates!
Everyone shook unconsciously in the deep chill.
On the ring, that figure remains majestic!
He retracted his fists, held hands, turned da029a1f around, and looked around the audience!
“Who else doesn’t accept me?”
The sound of majesty, only if the thunder exploded.
Lin Feng’s face was gray, Zhao Si’s expression trembled.
The Yanjing present is expensive, and everyone is desperate!
If they were defeated, Yanjing’s last backbone was still defeated.
Three hundred million invited high-priced powerhouses, and the living flood dragons who stepped on the water, became a joke after all.
It was so awesome when he played, but in the end he didn’t even touch the corner of Hua Yinglong’s clothes.
The seven orifices that were beaten bleed, and in the end they kicked directly to Yanqi Lake.
One can imagine how embarrassed Lin Feng and Zhao Si are in their hearts?
“Lost, all lost!”
“Unexpectedly, I was a magnificent Yenching, countless rich and powerful, in the end, under one person, I was defeated.”
“Could it be that I am trashy Huaxia, and there is no one, so what can I do for this Japanese pirate?”
“Is it possible that in the future, in the land of Yanjing, an Oriental will rule the roost?”
Some were sorrowful, some shed tears, and some even sighed sadly.
In the future, they Yanjing, I am afraid they will become the laughing stock of the entire China!
“Lin Feng, Zhao Si, what kind of expert I thought you would invite?”
“Three hundred million, just invite one such waste?”
“Return to martial arts, and step on the water dragon.”
“After doing it for a long time, what is it like shit?”
At this time, Xue Renyang, who had been suppressed for a long time, was kicked to death when he saw the master Lin Feng they invited.
Then he walked out, pointed at Lin Feng’s nose, mocking wantonly.
And Lin Feng and Zhao Si were also ashamed of themselves. After all, three hundred million invited one such waste, and no one could bear it on their faces.

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