A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2965

But when Ye Fan went to Fenghai, the aftermath of the West Lake tragedy that occurred in Jiangbei did not completely dissipate.
Every day, outside the Martial God Temple on the top of Yanshan Mountain, there are a large number of Yanxia warriors protesting and marching. Asked Wushen Temple to bring Ye Fan to justice and give Jiangbei the dead hot summer strongman, a
However, this kind of protest was actually doomed from the very beginning.
Regardless of whether it is for a country or a nation, it is all about interests.
When the effort is greater than the gain, the country will naturally not do it.
Just like the treatment of Ye Fan this time, perhaps the Martial God Temple can do its best to kill Ye Fan.
But is it worth it?
The answer is obvious.
Even if Ye Fan was wrong, even if the Martial God Temple devoted all its energy to really get rid of Ye Fan, the dead hot summer experts would not be resurrected.
Therefore, in terms of the overall situation, the current ending is undoubtedly the best.
What’s more, Ye Fan’s killing in Jiangbei also had a reason.
Under this circumstance, the Wushen Temple would naturally be even less likely to catch and kill Ye Fan desperately.
Many people can actually understand these things.
But the people in Jiangbei were not reconciled, their relatives and friends died tragically, how could Ye Fan go unpunished.
Especially Lu Ziming, his dignified Lu family, the No. 1 wealthy family in the north of the Yangtze River, has a clan population of hundreds of people, and now he has to live alone.
At this time, Lu Ziming wanted to give Ye Fan a thousand swords.
But these people hate it, and they themselves know that with Ye Fan’s strength, the total of their fighters in Jiangdong is not Ye Fan’s enemy.
Therefore, what they can do now is to coerce the public opinion and put pressure on the Martial God Temple.
Let the God of War and the others attack and kill Ye Fan.
However, people like Lu Ziming obviously overestimated their influence.
In the face of absolute strength, what is the so-called public opinion?
Just like the King of Fighters, he also wanted to follow public opinion and kill Ye Fan.
But it was useless. The King of Fighters knew his own strength, and at most he could tie Ye Fan.
It’s difficult to defeat the grandmaster.
What’s more, the King of Fighters might not even be able to defeat Ye Fan.
“The King of Fighters, Ye Fan deserves to die for all his sins~”
“Please, persuade the Sword Saint to them…”
At this time, the King of Fighters was wearing a gray robe, just walking from under Yanshan Mountain.
After seeing the King of Fighters Mo Gucheng, Lu Ziming and the others, like people falling into the water, saw the straw for life, and they surrounded them like crazy.
Last time, Lu Jia was able to fish Lu Hua from the martial arts court because of the power of the King of Fighters.
Therefore, this time Lu Ziming naturally placed more hopes on Mo Gucheng.
After all, Lu Ziming is also well aware of the grievances between Mo Gucheng and Ye Fan.
That Ye Fan not only grabbed the title of the son of the King of Fighters, but also slapped the King of Fighters under the eyes of everyone.
The fool guessed it, in the Martial God Temple, if the one who wanted to kill Ye Fan most was the King of Fighters Mo Gucheng.
However, in the face of Lu Ziming and other Jiangdong people’s prayers, Mo Gucheng was expressionless.
He just glanced at them indifferently, and then walked forward without looking back, ignoring them.
“The King of Fighters~”
“King of Fighters, please see my father’s friendship with you for many years, please help us Jiangbei again~”
Lu Ziming was unwilling and still begging.
The King of Fighters stopped suddenly, his back to the crowd, the cold wind picked up his clothes, hunting in the wind.
After a short silence, Mo Gucheng’s deep voice sounded slowly.
“I persuade you to die.”
“The things that the Martial God Temple has decided, no matter how much public opinion you hold, it cannot be changed.”
“Go back early, stay here, it’s just a waste of time.”

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