A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2990

Therefore, he raised his head again, looked at Gaia, and asked in a deep voice.
However, Mo Wuya did not wait for Gaia’s response.
What followed was a fierce iron fist.
“you dare?”
Mo Wuya was shocked immediately and evaded in a hurry.
However, he is a half-felt titled master, is he an opponent of Gaia?
Just listen to a bang.
Mo Wuya was hit hard in an instant, and his whole body turned into a cannonball and flew out.
Along the way, he smashed countless high walls and thick walls, and finally smashed on the ground. A mouthful of blood vomited all over the ground.
“You…you…what do you want to do?”
“I didn’t intend to be your enemy, but why did you shoot me twice?”
“Do you really want to provoke my majesty of summer martial arts?”
“Today, if you don’t give me an explanation, when I return to the hot summer, tell the Martial God Temple about this matter. At that time, my father, the King of Fighters, and my uncle Swordmaster will definitely not forgive you!”
Mo Wuya was about to be mad, red eyes yelling at Gaia.
I said it was a misunderstanding, but now it is also impossible to misunderstand.
If you say something inconsistent, just do it. Who is not angry?
But where did Gaia care about his threat, he walked up and beat Mo Wuya again.
“Ma De~”
“Just now I saw that you were a compatriot of my Dragon Lord, so I didn’t have the same knowledge as you.”
“I didn’t expect you bastard to be bold and disrespectful to my dragon lord?”
“If this is the case, why should I have any more scruples?”
“Dare to speak rudely to my dragon lord, and see if I won’t interrupt your dog legs today!”
Gaia snarled.
After that, the torrential attack could not help pouring out.
Immediately afterwards, a screaming scream resounded through the entire Li Family Manor.
Seeing the scene before him, everyone in the Li family was shocked.
Everyone was dumbfounded and panicked.
“This… so cruel?”
Yanjing, Daxing Airport.
As the roar became smaller and smaller, a plane from Jiangdong slowly stopped.
Soon, two young men, a man and a woman, walked out with the crowd.
These two are not others, they are Ye Fan and Ye Yuyan who came from Jiangdong.
“Cousin Ye Fan, don’t you really tell Miss Xu in advance?”
“Also let her send a car to pick you up.”
Ye Yuyan looked at Ye Fan and asked in confusion.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled softly: “No need.”
“Xiao Lei supported this Yanjing land for me alone, it was already exhausting enough.”
“It’s not that we can’t go by ourselves, so why bother her?”
“What’s more, before heading to Xu’s house, I was planning to buy her some gifts. It was a surprise for her.”
“Then Nizi, I have loved such small surprises and small romances since I was a child.”
Ye Fan smiled lightly, and a moving light and shadow emerged in his mind unconsciously.
Speaking of it, Ye Fan hadn’t seen Xu Lei for a long time.
The last time I met with her, it was when I came back from Sakura Country.
“It’s been so long, I don’t know if Xiao Lei is still well?”
Ye Fan raised his head and looked into the distance.
There are tall buildings standing there, and the wind is surging.
However, shortly after Ye Fan got off the airport, his mobile phone rang suddenly.
This is the mobile phone she just changed, and it is used to contact Old Han. Not many people know this number.
Ye Fan frowned and answered the phone.
“Is it the Dragon Lord?”
“Haha, I’m looking for your phone number from Old Han.”
“I didn’t expect to get through.”
“I am Gaia.”
Over the phone, Gaia’s surprised and respectful voice came.
“Something?” Ye Fan frowned and asked.
“It’s really a small matter.”
“I was here in the cold country, and I met a bastard, who should also be a hot summer warrior. He spoke harshly to you, offended you, and was beaten to death by me. Look, what should I do now
Disposal? ”
“Do you want to kill it directly?” Gaia asked.
Ye Fan replied calmly, “No, business matters, don’t waste time on such things.”
“Also, if you encounter a warrior in the summer, if it is not necessary, don’t be embarrassed.
“As for this person, ask who his parents are, let him know, and let his family pick him up.”
“Dragon Lord, I asked, his father is the King of Fighters.” Gaia said firmly.

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