A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3008

No one can understand Xu Meifeng’s mood now.
It is not the first time that she has been insulted by Ye Fan. At the birthday party that year, it was also the boy in front of her that made her face completely lost.
Now, she thought that she was on the thigh of Zhonghai Wei family, Ye Fan would feel jealous and restrained.
But now it seems that she took it for granted.
Ye Fan is a lunatic.
He is a complete lunatic.
Do things for people without regard to any consequences.
Even the young master of the Wei family dare to fight?
Is this guy really not afraid of it?
You know, the Zhonghai Wei family is among the top giants in China.
Looking at the land of Yanjing, anyone who is qualified to break the wrist with the Wei family is probably the first of the four giants, the extremely low-key and mysterious Mo family.
Of course, in Xu Meifeng’s eyes, the Mo family was not an opponent of the Wei family at all.
The Wei family of Zhonghai is the No. 1 giant in China!
“Oh, is it so?”
“It looks like you still don’t give up.”
“Fine, since you want to play, I will play with you.”
“I really want to see how powerful Zhonghai giants are?”
“Hope, you won’t let me down.”
Ye Fan didn’t know if it was because of boredom or a whim, he was really ready to play with Wei Luo and the others.
While speaking, he asked Ye Yuyan to move a seat over and sat down in the hall calmly.
The arrogant appearance made everyone in the Xu family almost full of smoke.
“Boy, don’t you need to be able to?”
“Wait for Master Wei’s people to come, let’s see how you die!”
Looking at Ye Fan, Xu Wenqing gritted his teeth with hatred.
He had never seen such an arrogant and arrogant person in his life.
However, both Ye Fan and Ye Yuyan didn’t care about the words of resentment from these people around them.
Ye Yuyan even asked Ye Fan curiously: “Cousin Ye Fan, why waste time on them?”
“As long as you give an order, I will make them regret what they did today!”
Ye Fan shook his head, “Relying on force alone can conquer their bodies at most, but cannot conquer their hearts.”
“Wait, I will let the people who provoke Xiaolei and Ye Fan tremble from the bottom of my heart.”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, with endless arrogance and self-confidence in the laughter.
When Ye Fan talked with Ye Yuyan, Xu Lei on the side became more worried.
She pulled the corner of Ye Fan’s clothes and whispered: “Brother Xiao Fan, let’s try not to completely confront the Wei family.”
“The Wei family is a veteran force in Zhonghai for a century. I heard my father say that before my Xu family was flourishing, the Wei family was already a giant in Zhonghai.”
“The previous Xu family and Lu family also respected the Wei family three points.”
“Step back and broaden the sky.”
“We have already made many enemies in Yanjing. Don’t establish a strong opponent in Zhonghai.”
Xu Lei persuaded in a low voice.
She was really afraid that because of a trivial matter, it would be completely out of control.
“Xiao Lei, there are some things that you can withdraw. But there are some things that you cannot return.”
“Believe it or not, if we retreat today, then next, you will be in Yanjing, there will be endless troubles.”
“When the time comes, how do you let me rest assured to leave you here alone?”
“Yes~” Xu Lei wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Ye Fan.
“Okay, Xiaolei, I was not in Yanjing before, so you were tired. Now that I have arrived, then you just watch, your brother Xiaofan will be the one to stop the wind and rain in Yanjing!”
“Don’t worry, for so many years, there have been countless ups and downs. How has your brother Xiao Fan ever been defeated?”
“The Xu and Lu families can’t help me. How can I be afraid of the Wei family?”
Ye Fan said softly, but there was an inexplicable majesty in his low voice.
Facing Wei Luo tit-for-tat, Ye Fan was definitely not a whim, let alone a whim.
Yes, he has his own considerations.

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