A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1145

Five hundred meters, for a peerless powerhouse like Jian Rushuang, is about five meters, and it will be smoothed out very quickly.
And once Jian Rushuang caught up with Lin Ziming, that would be Lin Ziming’s death date!
Lin Ziming himself understands this very well, so he is not running aimlessly, his brain is running frantically, thinking about any way to get him out of Jian Rushuang’s hands!
At this moment, the others behind also rushed to Qilian Mountain.
Nishang, Zhong Tao, Peng Zhuo, Luo Hongyang, Fang Xingping and other people…
Their speed can be considered very fast, but compared with the powerhouses of the realm like Jian Rushuang, they are still a lot worse.
They are also extremely shocked and afraid of the sword Rushuang’s speed and demonstrated strength. With the sword Rushuang there, the Colorful Origin Fruit is out of their turn.
Luo Hongyang immediately cursed, “Grass! The colorful origin fruit that he got, this time was destroyed by this surnamed Lin!”
Fang Xingping also cursed: “Peng Zhuo! Look at the person you are looking for, this mission is ruined by your Xuanyuan 3rd place! You people from Xuanyuan 3rd place have swallowed the colorful origin fruit privately, and you were also organized by Luo Tian. Rushuang snatched it, you wait for the anger above!”
Zhong Tao also cursed angrily: “You can’t succeed in failure! You Xuanyuan three places are rubbish, this time we will all be burdened by you, the mission failed, you Xuanyuan three places wait for death!”
Peng Zhuo, Zhao Xia and others listened to their anger and didn’t say a word. In fact, they were also very uncomfortable in their hearts. It never occurred to them that Lin Ziming had swallowed the colorful origin fruit privately, which was equivalent to betraying them.
Sun Liang said at this time: “Instructor Lin, he is not such a selfish person, he should be, what’s the problem?”
He said this quietly, without any confidence, and immediately met with other anger.
“It’s a bitter ass! He just swallowed it! It’s all to blame for the three of you Xuanyuan, who you found, this is causing trouble!”
“This Lin Ziming is a traitor. I can tell at a glance that he has a problem. As expected, something has happened now!”
“You three in Xuanyuan, wait for death this time!”
Peng Zhuo couldn’t listen anymore, and he violently shouted, “Enough! Lin Ziming is from the third place of Xuanyuan. This time, he did not do a good job. The mission failed. This is my responsibility. I am willing to do my best. bear!”
Zhong Tao sneered and said, “Peng Zhuo, can you afford it?”
Peng Zhuo snorted coldly, “If I can’t bear it, I will die. Instructor Lin is the one I found. He has made a mistake now. I will not shirk responsibility. I will punish whatever I punish. I will follow Peng Zhuo. No! You don’t need to be sneered there!”
Hearing what he said, Sun Liang also stood up and said loudly: “Director Peng said rightly, Lin Ziming is the person I have found, and I am willing to take responsibility!”
Zhao Xia, Xiao Cangmang, and many people from the three places of Xuanyuan all stood up.
Their hard-heartedness and their unity made Zhong Tao and Fang Xingping’s faces very ugly, and it was hard to say anything for a while.
Peng Zhuo looked at the direction of Lin Ziming’s disappearance, his eyes were deep, and he murmured: “Instructor Lin, I hope you did this for a reason, not betraying the motherland…”

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