A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1189

At this moment, Jiang Liqun felt that he was very successful. Although he was not as good as Lin Ziming’s status, he was considered a master in China.
Thinking of Lin Ziming, he couldn’t help but sigh. A few days ago, he received a message that Lin Ziming had died on Qilian Mountain. When he heard this message, he felt a huge wave in his heart! You know, in his mind, Lin Ziming is already a very invincible existence. He has reached an unfathomable realm at a young age, and he has also become the instructor of Xuanyuan three places. It can be said that his future is unlimited. Give Lin Ziming a few more years, and Lin Ziming doesn’t know how far he will grow up.
But now, such a dazzling genius has fallen and turned into a cup of loess.
In fact, Jiang Liqun’s feelings for Lin Ziming are quite complicated. He is not as dedicated as Wang Shougui and Han Jinlong. In terms of business, he does not have too much involvement with Lin Ziming.
Although he is now regarded as Lin Ziming’s person, Lin Ziming has always been laissez-faire to him and has not signed any agreements with him. Therefore, on the whole, the impact of Lin Ziming’s death on him is almost zero.
He admires and appreciates Lin Ziming more.
Now that Lin Ziming is dead, he is a bit sad, but that’s all, even he didn’t even go to sympathize with Lin Ziming’s family, fearing that he would be targeted by Lin Ziming’s enemies.
Just as he thought of Lin Ziming, he was a little distracted, at this moment, behind him, a familiar voice suddenly sounded, which shocked him.
“Old ginger.”
Wait a minute, is this Lin Ziming’s voice?
But how is this possible? Lin Ziming is obviously dead! This matter has spread all over the circle, and it still died in the hands of a peerless powerhouse with Dzogchen in the innate realm.
An illusion, it must be an illusion!
Jiang Liqun shook his head. He didn’t have the choice to turn his head back. In his opinion, this must be the hallucination he had just thought of Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming had already walked behind Jiang Liqun, he called to Jiang Liqun, and found that Jiang Liqun was not responding to him. He was a little surprised. Could it be that Jiang Liqun swelled to the point of ignoring him in half of his birthday?
Because Lin Ziming’s Nike casual wear was really’excellent’ on tonight’s occasion, so when he walked over, he immediately attracted the attention of many people, especially seeing him standing behind Jiang Liqun. , Even daring to call Jiang Liqun old ginger, is even more surprised.
In the crowd, Yin Hong really dared to provoke Jiang Liqun when he saw Lin Ziming, and even called Lao Jiang. She raised her heart!
At this moment, Li Jinbo and Gao Chi, who came across, saw Lin Ziming, their eyes widened all of a sudden, and they hurriedly rushed over.
Seeing that Lin Ziming actually dared to reach out and pat Jiang Liqun’s shoulder, Gao Chi only felt his scalp numb, and he yelled at Lin Ziming for being brave!
Li Jinbo’s eyes were splitting, and he was extremely nervous. He couldn’t take care of that much. He walked quickly and pointed to Lin Ziming’s nose and cursed: “Whoever gives you the courage, dare to be disrespectful to Jiang!”
When the words fell, he had already walked up to Lin Ziming, trying to grab Lin Ziming’s collar and teach Lin Ziming a lesson.
However, as soon as he met Lin Ziming, he heard Lin Ziming snorting coldly, and his whole person received a huge impact and flew out severely.
Takeo was angry, and blood splashed three feet.
Lin Ziming is not just as simple as a warrior. He is the pinnacle master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. He can break through to the Innate Dzogchen with only a slight difference. Looking at the world, he is a rare existence!
He hadn’t made any shots before, not because of his scruples, but because he had a good temper and was too lazy to take shots with this kind of ants.
But now, the ant is actually too advanced and wants to bite him, which is beyond his tolerance limit.
However, with his move, the situation is completely different. You know, this is above Jiang Liqun’s fiftieth birthday!
Gao Chi was stunned when he saw this scene. He really didn’t think that Lin Ziming was so crazy that he really dared to go wild here. Is this person really not afraid of death!
And also at this moment, Jiang Liqun turned his head and just saw Lin Ziming. For a moment, his expression was extremely wonderful.

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