A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1472

“Nishang, have you decided?” Mother Qin Yuehua asked with a frown.
Nishang nodded and said, “Well, it’s decided, auntie, I will come to you when I have time.”
Mother Qin Yuehua sighed, and she didn’t want to keep the neon clothes anymore, and said to Lin Ziming, “Ziming, you give away the neon clothes.”
“Okay, mom.” Just as Lin Ziming nodded, Nishang immediately said: “No, I will go by myself, so he doesn’t need him to send me away.”
What she said was so cold that Lin Ziming was a little bit confused by Monk Zhang Er. Did she really offend the neon clothes?
However, Nishang didn’t tell him. In the end, he didn’t even take a look at him and left.
“Mom, what’s wrong with Nishang, why is she going to leave gracefully?” Lin Ziming asked suspiciously.
Mother Qin Yuehua looked at him meaningfully and said something intriguing: “This is not her home, she can’t live in it.”
Lin Ziming is still very dazed, even if it’s not her home, she doesn’t have to be so cold, right? They are all old acquaintances.
In the afternoon, Chu Fei came back and found that Nishang had left. She didn’t seem to be surprised. Instead, she sighed and glanced at Lin Ziming in the living room and said, “This evil spirit… .”
Lin Ziming returned from Luotian headquarters smoothly, and Wang Shougui, Han Jinlong, Jiang Liqun and others all breathed a sigh of relief, and the stone in his heart was finally released.
Everything is back on the normal track, and Lin Ziming rarely relaxes a lot. This kind of relaxation is not only spiritual, but also a state.
And after he relaxed, his cultivation level actually improved a bit. One time when he was practicing, he even touched the threshold of the realm of the gods for a moment!
It’s a pity that it just flashed past. When he wanted to touch it again, he couldn’t touch it anymore.
Even so, it was enough to excite Lin Ziming. You know, he broke through to the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, and it took only three months. Now, he has touched the threshold of the God-Through the God Realm again. This can be said to be against the sky. If the speed of cultivation is spread, it will cause an uproar.
Lin Ziming knew that it was probably because he had seen Huangpu Dao, the god of war, and the mysterious and unfathomable Holy King Luo Tian. Otherwise, relying on his own practice, even if he had swallowed the spirit fruit of heaven and earth, it would definitely be impossible. In a short period of time, he touched the threshold of the God-passing Realm, even if it was just a flash!
During this period of time, Lin Ziming was also not idle. In addition to practicing, he still went to the three places of Xuanyuan normally.
Now, as the chief instructor of Xuanyuan No. 3, his position is not low, and for Xuanyuan No. 3, he is also an indispensable position.
Unknowingly, a month passed. During this month, Lin Ziming’s cultivation level stopped, and he stabilized at the highest level of the Dzogchen Realm. At best, he was more diligent than when he was duel with Jian Rushuang. So a little bit.
“This global competition is chosen to be held in our country. It will be next month. In the previous few years, our young masters from China have all returned home in the global competition and lost their faces. The global competitive competition of China was chosen to be held in our country, and the order came down. This time we must win the championship!”
In the meeting room of Xuanyuan No. 3, Director Peng Zhuo said in a deep voice, his expression was very dignified, and after a pause, he looked at Lin Ziming, “Instructor Lin, what do you think about this?”

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