A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 15

“Of course it is true. Grandpa will lie to you?” Chu Guodong laughed heartily, “Speak, what do you want?”
Zhang Yaodong laughed hey, looked at Chu Fei, knelt down abruptly, and shouted: “Grandpa, I only have one request, that is, I hope grandpa can betroth Chu Fei to me!”
His voice spread throughout the audience, and the lingering sound echoed, and everyone felt his inner desire.
Chu Fei’s pretty face turned red all of a sudden, Zhang Yaodong’s hand made her confused and at a loss. Frankly speaking, Zhang Yaodong has been pursuing her for many years, and has never had any affection for Zhang Yaodong in that respect, at best it can only be regarded as not disgusting. But after rescuing Chutian from Lin Yuanyang the day before yesterday, Zhang Yaodong did not spare any effort. While moving her, she also had some heartbeats. She is a woman who likes a strong man. Zhang Yaodong’s strength has given her unprecedented strength. Sense of security.
In contrast, Lin Ziming is too bad, and in many cases, his good feelings are relatively obvious.
Lin Ziming’s face became gloomy in an instant, and this piece of Yaodong was so deceptive! Saying such a thing in front of him clearly doesn’t put him in the eye!
All of a sudden everyone looked at him, eyes full of sarcasm and gloat, as if looking at a clown.
Wrong, he is a clown now.
He clenched his fists, his eyes were cracked, his chest was filled with anger.
Chu Guodong said meaningfully: “Guodong, Chu Fei is already married, don’t you mind?”
He said that he didn’t mind, not that it was inappropriate.
“Of course I don’t mind!” Zhang Yaodong said sincerely, “Grandpa, it is true that I fell in love with Chu Fei at first sight, and the love is deep-rooted, and I believe that Chu Fei is my happiness! So I dare to ask Grandpa to take Chu Fei. Betroth to me!”
Liu Suhong blushed with excitement in the audience. She was a hundred satisfied with Zhang Yaodong. She was handsome, had money in the family, and respected her enough. She was a perfect son-in-law candidate.
Several women from the Chu family looked at Chu Fei jealously, wishing to marry Zhang Yaodong.
Chu Guodong’s face was full of smiles, and his heart was full of joy. Although the Carry Forward Group is not a big company, it still has tens of millions of assets. When the Chu family was at its most brilliant, it was no better than the Carry Forward Group. If Chu Fei really Married to Zhang Yaodong, it was a real profit for the Chu family!
As for Lin Ziming, the door-to-door son-in-law, he directly ignored him. In Chu Guodong’s eyes, Lin Ziming was not a person in a certain sense, but just a talking dog.
Chu Guodong smiled and said to Chu Fei: “My dear grandson, do you accept Zhang Yaodong?”
“I…” Chu Fei was in a panic, not knowing what to say for a while.
Zhang Yaodong knelt in front of her on one knee, took out an exquisite ring box from his pocket, opened it, and revealed a dazzling diamond ring, which looked very valuable.
“Feifei, since I first met you, I have fallen in love with you deeply! I didn’t have the courage to say this before. Watching you fall into the arms of others is a regret for my life! Zhang Yaodong looked at Chu Fei affectionately, “Now I want to understand, happiness is to fight for yourself, Chu Fei, I love you, I love you from the heart! I swear to make you the happiest woman in the world, Marry me, okay?”
As he said, he took out the diamond ring and wanted to put it on Chu Fei.
Lin Ziming was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. He couldn’t bear it, so he rushed to hold Chu Fei and kicked Zhang Yaodong over, “I’ve had enough of you! Chu Fei is my wife. Why do you want to She proposes?!”
Zhang Yaodong was kicked over. He was not angry at all, but rather happy. He showed a smile of conspiracy. He deliberately let Lin Ziming beat him. The more Lin Ziming loses his temper, the more Chu Fei hates Lin Ziming.
Sure enough, when Chu Fei saw Lin Ziming hit someone, she immediately became annoyed and cursed at Lin Ziming: “Lin Ziming, what’s wrong with you!!”
Then she immediately went over to help Zhang Yaodong up, “Are you in trouble?”
In fact, Lin Ziming didn’t kick him very seriously with this kick. He deliberately pretended to be seriously injured, “Feifei, I have nothing to do…cough cough cough… don’t scold him. Lin Ziming, I was too impatient…hehe…but I really like you. Without you, my life would be meaningless.”
Zhang Yaodong is very good at acting, which makes people sympathize with him invisibly, and feel even more disgusted with Lin Ziming.
Chu Guodong was on fire right now. He slammed the table and cursed: “It’s unreasonable! Lin Ziming, you useless trash, who gives you the courage to beat the young master of the Hongyang Group! You are not worthy of shining shoes! Come! Man, hold Lin Ziming for me!”
Several young guys from the Chu family heard Chu Guodong’s order and immediately acted. They subdued Lin Ziming and pressed them to the ground. They were very violent, and they took the opportunity to kick Lin Ziming a few feet.
When Zhang Yaodong saw this scene, the smile on his face could no longer be concealed, he looked at Lin Ziming eagerly, his eyes were saying: Waste, you still want to fight me like this?
When Chu Fei looked at him, he immediately regained his injured appearance, which was extremely cheap.
“Fei Fei, marry me, okay? I am sincere to you!” Zhang Yaodong wanted to reach out and grab Chu Fei’s hand, but Chu Fei drew away in a panic.
Chu Fei was in a mess at this time, and her mind was messed up, she didn’t know how to make a decision.
Liu Suhong stepped up, pushed her, and cursed softly: “Silly girl, why are you in a daze? Hurry up and promise people! There are not many good men like Yaodong, so it’s not possible that you really want to talk to Lin Ziming. This waste won’t be made in a lifetime?!”
Chu Fei raised her head and looked at Zhang Yaodong and Lin Ziming. She found that Zhang Yaodong was much better than Lin Ziming in any aspect.
Seeing that she really wanted to agree, Lin Ziming hurriedly shouted: “Feifei! Don’t agree to him! He is a liar! He doesn’t really love you, he just greets you! I heard him say goodbye to you that day. People say, he just wants to trick you, he has a fiancée!”
When Zhang Yaodong heard this, he suddenly panicked and cursed excitedly, “Fart! I can learn from Chu Fei’s sincerity, your trash can’t give Chu Fei happiness, so you can get rid of me!”
Chu Guodong came over, stared at Lin Ziming coldly, and said, “Throw him out.”
Lin Ziming struggled desperately, shouting, “You let me go! I have something to say, I have something to say!”
“Let him go, what else do you have to say?”
Everyone looked at him coldly, including Chu Fei, and there was no previous attachment in his eyes.
Lin Ziming took a deep breath and said, “You always think that I am rubbish. It is useless. I have no use to tell you the truth. Now, I will tell you that Lin Yuanyang was actually looking at my face the day before yesterday. Those who are willing to let Chutian go have a half-cent relationship with Zhang Yaodong.”
After he finished saying this, Zhang Yaodong suddenly laughed, “Hahahaha, I really laughed at me, Lin Ziming, Lin Ziming, how does your face grow? I am so embarrassed to say this?”
Chu Huaxiong and Liu Suhong also laughed, and were amused by Lin Ziming.
Chu Fei was smiling. She was extremely disappointed with Lin Ziming. Originally, she wanted to save Lin Ziming a little bit and refused Zhang Yaodong’s marriage proposal. Now it seems that there is absolutely no need for this!
“What’s the situation? What’s the situation?”
Others were curious to hear it sounded. Zhang Yaodong said the day before yesterday with extra effort and jealousy. After he finished, he mocked: “I said Lin Ziming, if you brag, you can at least brag, right? Who is Lin Yuanyang? You probably don’t You know? Let me tell you, he is the son of the Lin family, and the Lin family, the most powerful family in Hwaseong, with assets of tens of billions, will give you a wasteful son-in-law who can’t even find a job? Are you? Treat everyone as idiots?”
Chu Fei said: “Lin Ziming, you go, I don’t want to see you again.”
Lin Ziming said anxiously: “Feifei, you have to believe me, what I said is true, Lin Yuanyang really wanted to let Chutian go because of my face. And I have already notified Lin Yuanyang and he waited. Soon, I will come with Lin Shanhe, the head of the Lin family, to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday. I said I would give you a face, I definitely won’t lie to you!”
However, Lin Ziming’s words did not touch Chu Fei at all. Instead, the eyes looking at him became colder, more indifferent, and even with some sympathy. She already thought Lin Ziming was crazy, only a lunatic. Will say such words.
Zhang Yaodong smiled so that his face was crooked, he had never seen a mentally handicapped person like Lin Ziming, even Lin Shanhe moved out, “Lin Ziming, I think you have a phantasy, right? Think your surname is Lin, It has something to do with the Lin family? Moved Lin Shanhe out, haha. Don’t you know that there are more than 50,000 people in Hwaseong whose surname is Lin?”
Lin Ziming struggled to break free, walked to Chu Fei, and looked at Chu Fei deeply, “Fei Fei, Chu Tian was really rescued by me, and Zhang Yaodong has nothing to do with…”
“Get off.” Chu Fei spit out a word without waiting for him to finish.
Lin Ziming was anxious, “Feifei, you really have to believe me!”
Chu Fei increased her voice: “Go away! I’ll let you go!”
Lin Ziming wanted to take Chu Fei’s hand in a hurry and explain it well, but was slapped by Chu Fei and slapped her face hard. With a slap, it was unusually loud, “Lin Ziming, you make me feel sick. It’s more disgusting than the maggots in the dung pond! Marrying you is really the biggest mistake of my life! Get out, get out of me!!!”
She finally yelled these words almost hysterically.
Lin Ziming’s whole body froze, as if he had been petrified, his eyes were red, his heartache was to the extreme, and he even lost the ability to breathe.
He squeezed his chest tightly, all his strength was emptied, he staggered a few steps, and almost fell.
He wanted to laugh to weaken his current pain, but he couldn’t do it. Now his facial nerves were all cast in a plaster, he could only show a grimace to the extreme, and said to Chu Fei: “Fei Fei, get married. Years, have you ever fallen in love with me for a moment?”
If Chu Fei is calm now, she will answer the correct answer, yes. But she was too angry now, too disappointed with Lin Ziming, too disgusted, so she didn’t care about Lin Ziming’s feelings at all, and answered coldly, “No.”
Lin Ziming swayed, closed his eyes, and his tears flowed down his cheeks silently, “Sorry, you have been wronged in the past four years. I wish you happiness for the rest of your life.”
After saying this, he resolutely turned and left.
Behind him, there was a sound of rolling, rolling, rolling, and someone hit him with something.
After how long he had been away, everyone was seated again, and Chu Fei was about to agree to Zhang Yaodong and put on the diamond ring for marriage proposal. Suddenly, an excited and trembling voice came from the door, “Oh my God, my Lin family! Lin Shanhe, the head of the Lin family! Come here in person to wish Grandpa his birthday!!!”

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