A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 150

On the way back, Liu Suhong kept complaining about Lin Ziming and caused a big trouble. It would be fine if he had a good beating just now. Just pretend to be a force. It’s all right now. After hitting Liang Zhentian, it’s going to be bad luck.
For this reason, Liu Suhong kept scolding Lin Ziming, and asked Lin Ziming to go back and confess his mistake to Liang Zhentian now, so that he must not be involved in the Chu family.
Lin Ziming was really annoyed by being said, and his temper came up, and he said impatiently: “Mom, I said can you shut up? I said that it won’t hurt the Chu family, so why do you say so much.”
Liu Suhong went crazy right now, “Oh! You rubbish, you dare to be impatient if you say a few words! If it weren’t for our family to raise you, you would have starved to death. Now that your wings are hard, you dare to talk back. That’s it! I said you are a conscientious dog. You still don’t believe it, you should believe it now!”
Lin Ziming’s mouth twitched a few times, really wanting to press Liu Suhong to eat shit, but he knew that he couldn’t do that. In any case, Liu Suhong was his mother-in-law.
He simply sealed his ears and stopped talking.
When I get to the house and enter the room, I can finally be cleaner.
Chu Fei still seemed to have something on her mind. After returning, she kept her face sullen, and she was often in a daze. She was at a loss when she was doing things. When she took a bath, she forgot to bring her clothes in. She opened a crack in the door and asked Lin Ziming to give her the clothes.
This kind of thing hadn’t happened before, Lin Ziming was excited right now, his heart beating fiercely!
What Liu Suhong said was wrong. They are fake couples who have been married for four years, and they have never had any intimate relationships.
Living together day and night for four years has caused Lin Ziming to be more interested in Chu Fei than any other woman.
After successfully handing the clothes to Chu Fei, Lin Ziming couldn’t calm down for a long time.
The final result was that he didn’t sleep well this night.
Fortunately, his physique is good, even if he doesn’t have enough sleep time, he won’t be energetic.
When talking about breakfast in the morning, Chu Huaxiong said something that caught his attention, “Fifei, I heard people in the company say that Chu Hao has found an investor and is willing to invest 100 million in Centec?”
Chu Fei’s movements paused for a while, some unnatural flashes flashed across her face, and then she nodded nonchalantly, “Well, there is such a thing.”
Chu Huaxiong said: “Where does Chu Hao come from? You can recognize such a high-level investor. This investment of 100 million is not a simple matter.”
Liu Suhong said sourly: “This Chu Hao really has a good life. He has been expelled from the Chu family because of such a big incident, and he can still find such a wealthy investor.”
When she said this, she kicked Lin Ziming under the table, and said in a strange way: “It’s not like the trash in our house, it will only cause trouble, and I don’t have any fart skills!”
Lin Ziming got used to her stubbornness and stretched her legs back silently, pretending to hear nothing.
“Who is this investor that Chu Hao is looking for?” Lin Ziming asked curiously.
Chu Huaxiong glared at him, and said angrily: “You don’t care who it is, you don’t know who you say it.”
Chu Fei said suddenly: “Huang Wenhua.”
Lin Ziming thought about it seriously. He really didn’t know Huang Wenhua. He hadn’t heard of it before.
He doesn’t know the name, and he must not be any great person.

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