A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1848

These assassins moved quickly, and after hearing the order, they immediately besieged Lin Ziming.
They knew that Lin Ziming was a super master, and there was no underestimation, and weapons appeared in their hands. They attacked Lin Ziming together, storm-like attacks, and directly enveloped Lin Ziming without splashing water.
Alice saw this scene, and she began to get nervous again.
But Lin Ziming is very calm, even the corners of his mouth are slightly raised, showing a disdainful expression.
The strength of these assassins is very powerful, and at the lowest there is the third stage of the Innate Realm, but for him, it is still too weak, and what is the difference from the ants.
Just kidding, in the Kung Fu Cup championship, Lin Ziming was able to crush the seven great congenital realm Dzogchen masters, not to mention the ants in the third stage of these congenital realms.
So he didn’t move, but waited until these assassins were in front of him before he started to take action.
At first glance, his speed does not seem to be very fast, and he can even see his outline, but the moves he plays are extremely delicate, and there is an indescribable charm.
That kind of feeling, it seems that everyone’s eyes and spirits have been attracted.
It seems that time and space are being manipulated in Lin Ziming’s hands.
When these assassins attacked fiercely, when they arrived in front of Lin Ziming, they became slow.
Of course, this is an illusion. In fact, Lin Ziming’s speed is extremely fast.
He is only at the level of martial arts, to a level that an innate realm master can’t understand.
Bang bang bang bang…
From his whole body, the sound of fists and fists continued to erupt.
In less than five seconds, these menacing killers were defeated by him!
One by one they flew out, and when they fell down, a huge wound appeared on their body, and from the wound, cracks spread to the whole body.
That kind of feeling, it seems that their human body is a piece of porcelain, now it has been shattered by Lin Ziming!
Guru! !
The remaining assassins, seeing this scene, swallowed their saliva frantically, with great fear and panic in their eyes.
And unbelievable.
The strength that Lin Ziming showed was too strong, and it absolutely exceeded their cognition!
You know, they are not ordinary warriors, and now they are so vulnerable to this Chinese people!
This is too scary.
The killer leader also swallowed heavily now.
At exactly this moment, his eyes met Lin Ziming, and he saw the playfulness and ridicule in Lin Ziming’s eyes, and he only felt that his scalp was numb.
Knowing that I ran into a nail today! !
Without any hesitation, he turned around and fled.
“Want to run? Can you run.”
Lin Ziming smiled disdainfully when he saw his movements.

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