A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1878

When they thought of this, their pupils shrank fiercely, not only was the scalp numb, but the whole body was also getting goose bumps!
Could it be said that the Chinese man in front of him is… a master of the God Realm? !
In an instant, Ayalu and the Easterners also realized this possibility, their faces changed drastically, and all of their faces became pale.
“Are you…impossible!!!”
Ayelu screamed out loud, his face now, as if he had seen a ghost.
The oriental man next to him had no better expression than him now, and the look in Lin Ziming’s eyes really seemed to be looking at a ghost.
Only a master at the level of the gods can push the physical body to such a tyrannical level!
And when they face masters at the level of the gods, it can be said that there is no chance at all!
So they looked at each other and saw the retreat in each other’s eyes. Without any hesitation, they turned around and ran, running in two different directions!
Faced with this situation, they dare not stay, because staying means death.
Moreover, they must report this information to the martial arts, and China has dispatched masters in the realm of God!
I have to say that their reaction was very quick and their actions were very deficient. They didn’t hesitate a little, and were very decisive.
If Lin Ziming was not present, then they had already escaped.
It’s a pity that it was the same sentence, what they met was Lin Ziming, and naturally it was impossible to escape.
Lin Ziming just smiled faintly, and for the first time the expression of cat and mouse appeared on his face, “Want to run again? Can you run?”
After the voice fell, he immediately dispatched, the speed reached the extreme!
If you are a master of the God-passing realm, you will find that Lin Ziming’s speed has far surpassed the level of the innate realm, and he has already moved closer to the God-passing realm infinitely.
Moreover, his overall strength has improved a bit compared to the Kung Fu Cup Championship!
It is said that the higher the level, the harder it is to make progress, but this law seems to be impractical when it comes to Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming’s speed is really increasing too fast now, just like riding a rocket.
Everyone present, whether they were agents or followers, just felt a flower in front of their eyes, and Lin Ziming disappeared.
And after a few seconds, they heard a cry of panic and despair, “Ah…”
It was Ayaru’s voice, especially for the believers. When they heard this voice, they felt their scalp numb, fear and trembling from the soul.
Because they, as Ayaru’s subordinates, have followed Ayaru for many years, and they have never heard Ayaru make this call.
The next moment they saw a tall figure, thrown in a parabola from a distance, and fell heavily to the ground. It wasn’t anyone, it was Ayaru who had just escaped.
And what frightened them the most was that Ayalu was in a very strange posture, his hands and feet were knotted, and the whole person was like a ball.
Even agents like Zhou Tao shuddered involuntarily when they saw Ayelu like this.
Chief instructor, he is really too strong!
After a while, in less than ten seconds, another stern and panic cry came from the other side, “You are in the realm of God…Ah!! Don’t kill me, please. ……”
After this voice arrived here, it stopped abruptly.
After a while, they saw a figure tied up into a ball, thrown from a distance and fell to the side of Ayaru. It was the innate realm Dzogchen master with the face of the Oriental.
Seeing this scene, all the remaining people felt their scalp numb and swallowed continuously.
Then they saw Lin Ziming walking slowly from a distance, like a demon god.

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