A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1880

The degree of intrepidity shocked the scientists. If they didn’t know the origins of Lin Ziming, they all suspected that Lin Ziming was not a human being, but a descendant of God!
In fact, Lin Ziming’s various statistics are too scary, and he has reached the level of the body of steel, and it is almost like the superman in the science fiction movie, just can’t fly.
For these, Lin Ziming did not have much surprise.
Next, he continued to stay here for a few days, and cooperated with the Falcon team to send these scientists back to China, and then he planned to go to the royal family and find Her Royal Highness.
This is the purpose of his coming to Eagle Dog Country.
Two days ago, the mission of Shengjiao failed. Several scientists were rescued by Chinese agents, and all the followers died. The headquarters of Shengjiao knew how long this matter was.
“What?! They were all killed!?”
“Waste! All waste!!”
“Check, check for me, who the hell is it?! The Falcon team in China definitely doesn’t have this strength.”
On the top of a devil-shaped throne, sat a tall, pale, and completely bloody man. His two eyes are of different colors, one is white and the other is white. Only red!
It looks extremely weird.
Especially, an extremely evil and cold aura exuded from him. When he was angry, thousands of followers all knelt down and shivered in the whole hall.
This is a strong man in the realm of the gods!
His aura can be said to be greater than that of a tsunami, and he became angry, slapping everyone’s brains one after another, not daring to resist a trace of resistance.
And under his seat, there were four masters of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. They also knelt in front of this man on one knee, their faces full of anger and shock.
You know, the believers who were killed this time were also a lot of power!
As long as the Queen of the Eagle Country, how could they be defeated if they didn’t take action, and the whole army would be destroyed?
This is too shocking.
Who did it on earth?
The Falcon team in China definitely does not have this strength.
Could it be that the master of the God-Sound Realm of Hua Guo was dispatched?
However, if that master of the realm of the gods descends to the Eagle Dog Nation, will China not be afraid of being invaded?
A lot of doubts appeared in their minds, making them confused for a while.
At this moment, a master of the Innate Realm, accompanied by a computer in his hand, stood up and replied, “Master, it was found out! At that time, it was a Chinese youth who killed Ayelu, Khan and others!”
“What? Just a Chinese youth?!”
The leader’s two thick eyebrows were twisted together, his expression was very ugly, and his eyes were as big as copper bells.
That innate realm master quickly bent over, trot up, showed the computer to the leader, and carefully said: “The leader, this is the person…”
The teacher stared at the screen of the computer coldly, his eyes were like electricity, he really saw Lin Ziming’s appearance!

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