A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1999

Lin Ziming’s current body is extremely weak, he is in a state of being completely relieved, and he has no ability to resist at all, so he is really aggrieved.
Fortunately, his physique is strong enough, otherwise it is really easy to breathe out, and Tian Xuanzi will be suffocated alive!
“Um, Sect Master Tianxuanzi…you, can you let me go…I can’t breathe…”
Lin Ziming used all his strength to say this sentence, but he was exhausted enough to kill him. He didn’t even think that he was a half-step super power who can pass the gods, and he can resist the super goddess of the gods. , Almost suffocated by a woman.
Fortunately, Tian Xuanzi finally heard his’seek for help’, and immediately reacted, and hurriedly let go of Lin Ziming. Seeing that Lin Ziming’s face was red, she froze for a while, and then reacted…
In an instant, her face turned red, and she was very shy, “Instructor Lin, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it just now…”
Lin Ziming sighed. Now he can breathe the air again. This feeling is really good. He’s just alive after the catastrophe. Just a little while ago, he was really going to be smothered to death by Tian Xuanzi. He really wanted to die like this. , That would be a shame.
He was slowly regaining his breathing, and finally recovered some physical strength, waved his hand, and said, “Nothing.”
Tian Xuanzi breathed a sigh of relief, and seeing Lin Ziming out of danger, her whole body relaxed, her legs were a little weak.
Not only her, but the other Nuwa Sect members also reacted in the same way. Lin Ziming was dead. For them, it was a great surprise. They could not imagine that if Lin Ziming was really dead, then they How sad it should be.
Although Shangguan Rufeng also relaxed a little, he was more resentful and sad. Just now, Tian Xuanzi hugged Lin Ziming like this and had close contact with him. This is an intimate behavior that even his childhood sweetheart, junior and younger brother, has never done before.
However, he was no longer hostile to Lin Ziming, after all, Lin Ziming was their savior.
Next, Lin Ziming stayed in Nuwazong temporarily and took a good rest.
He is really tired. The fierce battle with Asura just now can be said to be the fiercest battle since his debut. Almost all his physical strength was overdrawn, and even the spiritual level was overdrawn a lot.
He is now weaker than ever before, let alone an innate realm master, even an ordinary warrior can easily kill him.
In his state, leaving Nüwa Sect is not a sensible act. The best way is to recuperate in Nüwa Sect.
I believe that Ashura would not dare to come to Nuwazong for trouble in a short time.
However, one thing that embarrassed him was that Nuwazong was too enthusiastic about him and served him as if he were a master.
There are even many female disciples with good looks, between the lines, they reveal the meaning of being able to agree with their bodies, and they don’t need to be responsible for them. For him with a decent personality, it is simply a kind of tempering!
Especially the girl Liu Qingcheng, even that night, sneaked into his room and tried to drill into his bed, but he was terribly frightened.
Lin Ziming hurriedly stopped her and asked her what she was doing. She said of course that this was a return for her kindness, and Lin Ziming was her benefactor. They didn’t want to repay it, and promised to give her the best return.
This theory has left Lin Ziming speechless.
But he also saw that Nuwazong was indeed not the kind of ungrateful person. For his great kindness, he wanted to repay him by any means.
Even Tian Xuanzi has hinted countless times that he can agree with his body.
It’s no way to go on like this. If he lives for a long time, he will be prone to making mistakes!
After all, he is a healthy young man, and in Nuwa Sect, all of them are first-class beauties, one by one is so enthusiastic and active, one day he can’t help it, and will turn into a wolf.
Finally, after staying in Nuwazong for three days, his condition recovered and he couldn’t live anymore.
“Instructor Lin, you have only lived here for three days, are you going to leave?”
“Yes, instructor Lin, do you stay longer! You saved our Nuwazong this time, and we still don’t have to repay you well.”
“Instructor Lin, don’t leave, I think your injury is still recovering…”
After hearing that Lin Ziming was leaving, all the Nuwa Sects were very unwilling to give up, and surrounded Lin Ziming one by one, asking him to stay.
For a time, Lin Ziming was surrounded by dozens of big beauties, with all kinds of aromas. The most embarrassing thing was that they were very courageous, and they didn’t treat him as an outsider at all. They hugged and pulled him, which made him very much. Sorry.
He is a big man, in this situation, it is impossible to say that there is no feeling at all.
However, this is a disaster for him.
“I have something to do and can’t stay.”
Lin Ziming replied in this way.
Liu Qingcheng said, “If you have something to do, can’t you postpone it for a few more days? So many of our sisters can’t bear you, so do you have the heart to leave?”
Another female disciple of Nüwazong also said, “Yes, instructor Lin, don’t you be so unfeeling, okay to stay? I’ll go to warm your bed tonight.”
When the voice fell, other female disciples immediately besieged her, “What do you want to warm the bed? Does instructor Lin need you to warm the bed? I think, instructor Lin needs me to take a shower and change clothes…”
“I want to give birth to Instructor Lin…”
“Bah, shameless…”
In the face of these sturdy female disciples, Lin Ziming only felt that Alexander, as if he had fallen into a daughter’s country, was overwhelmed with all kinds of things, and if one was not careful, they would be eaten by them.
If they were just ordinary women, it would be fine, and the temptation to him would be so big, but these are all first-class beauties, and there are several of them, which can be called the national beauty and heavenly fragrance, which really makes him a headache. .
“Wait a minute, wait a minute, listen to me a few words, listen to me a few words…”
Lin Ziming hurriedly stopped them, and then said, “I’m going to do something. After I finish the task, I will come back to see you. What do you think?”
But they were still reluctant to bear Lin Ziming and kept Lin Ziming in all sorts of ways, which made Lin Ziming a headache, and even had the urge to flash others directly.
And just at this moment, a sweet voice rang, “You guys are pulling and pulling here, how well you are, don’t let go of Instructor Lin soon.”
It’s Tianxuanzi.

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