A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2132

After Lin Ziming said these words, he was really a little angry. How could anyone like Chu Fei’s wife like that, as if he were public property, he couldn’t wait to push him on other women!
Moreover, according to his knowledge of Chu Fei, Chu Fei was definitely not such a person before.
Even when he was still hiding his identity and behaving badly, Chu Fei still had a strong share of him, and he was never allowed to have any ambiguity with the women outside.
But now, Chu Fei seemed to be a different person, which was too abnormal.
A trace of pain flashed in Chu Fei’s eyes, but it disappeared in an instant, and even Lin Ziming hadn’t noticed it.
She also frowned, and said angrily: “What do you mean by what is in my head? I hate you now?”
Faced with Chu Fei’s sudden anger, Lin Ziming was taken aback, but was a little caught off guard, and quickly introduced: “I didn’t mean that…but Feifei, you weren’t of this character before, have you forgotten it? We are. Husband and wife! It’s fine if you can accept a Tao Sanniang. After all, she and I are in trouble, but Ning Yuning, she and I are just ordinary friends. I definitely don’t have that kind of affection for her, why are you Also want me…”
Lin Ziming didn’t even finish what he said, so Chu Fei interrupted him, staring at him coldly, and said, “Lin Ziming, you disappoint me! It turns out that you are such an unsympathetic man in your bones!”
“Unfeeling? Me?”
Lin Ziming is stupid. What is the situation? Does he have any relationship with the word “unfeeling”!
If he is unfeeling, is there any man in this world who can be called affectionate?
It can be said that he will not abandon Chu Fei anymore. Even if he is on the top of the world now, he has never had the idea of ​​abandoning Chu Fei and changing his mind.
“Feifei, are you wrong? Why am I so unfeeling?” Lin Ziming said aggrievedly.
However, Chu Fei said, “Hey, are you still heartless? You know that Ning Yuning is so affectionate for you, and you are worried about you. Over the past year or so, she has no intention of working because of your loss. , The whole person has lost a lot of weight! If this continues, she won’t even be able to live forty years old. Are you still unfeeling?”
“I…” Lin Ziming opened his mouth. For a while, he couldn’t refute it. At first glance, Chu Fei’s words seemed to make sense.
But think about it carefully, something is wrong, this has something to do with his unfeeling, on the contrary, this is the evidence of his devotion and affection!
But Chu Fei did not have the opportunity to give him this explanation. Instead, she said, “Ziming, I talked a lot with Ning Yuning today. She is a good woman, and she really loves you. Such a woman should not suffer from you. Unfeeling.”
Lin Ziming was really powerless to refute Chu Fei’s remarks. He was also very knowledgeable, but it was the first time he saw a woman like Chu Fei.
If it hadn’t been for him and Chu Fei to share the tribulation, so many years of love, he would doubt that Chu Fei really loves him.
How else can you do it, push the man you love so much on other women.
For a long time, Lin Ziming said: “Feifei, but if you do this, don’t you feel uncomfortable? When I am with other women, won’t you feel uncomfortable?”
This is what Lin Ziming has always wanted to ask, including when Chu Fei accepted Tao Sanniang, he wanted to ask, but he has always been asking questions. Today, given this opportunity, he finally asked.
He stared at Chu Fei closely, not letting go of any thoughts in Chu Fei’s heart, but he was lost, and Chu Fei didn’t have any strangeness. She was very calm and smiled and said, “Why should I feel uncomfortable? My husband loves me the most in his heart, and they are sharing the burden for me. I should be happy. Otherwise, I can’t satisfy you by myself.”

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