A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 604

The establishment of the security company is finalized. Wang Shougui will be responsible for the related matters, and Lin Ziming will be responsible for the troubles of the Beitianhui.
Chu Fei is also on the right track now. She listened to Lin Ziming’s words and decentralized appropriately, instead of putting the entire company on her shoulders. Gradually she really relaxed a lot, and she was not so busy every day. Now, the mood also becomes wonderful.
However, she had some restlessness in the past two days. She always felt as if someone was staring at her in the dark, but every time she looked back, she couldn’t see anything. This feeling was particularly bad.
She didn’t tell Lin Ziming about this, and she thought it was her hallucinations.
It seems that Lin Ziming is right, she really needs to find a bodyguard.
Today, when she came out of the company, a little girl suddenly came over, holding a note in her heart, and said to her: “Miss Sister, someone is looking for you.”
Chu Fei was a little surprised. She looked around and found that there was no abnormal person. She curiously asked, “Little sister, who is looking for me?”
The little girl whispered: “That pretty elder sister said that as long as you pass by, you will know her.”
“Pretty sister?” Chu Fei was stunned again, and then she frowned. Could it be the seductive woman she met when she was shopping for clothes that day?
She gritted her teeth and scolded Lin Ziming a few times in her heart. This guy, shouldn’t he really get in trouble outside!
On the surface, she squatted down and smiled and said to the little girl: “Little sister, what is the name of that beautiful sister, and how does she look like? Isn’t it particularly seductive?”
The little girl shook her head and said, “The pretty sister doesn’t say what her name is. The pretty sister looks very good-looking and wears red clothes. She just doesn’t like to laugh very much. Miss sister, hurry up. Pretty sister is waiting for you. Go home to do homework, goodbye.”
After speaking, the little girl hopped off.
Chu Fei frowned even more. She opened the note in her hand and wrote an address on it. It was a park not far from here, waiting for her by the lake.
The writing is very beautiful, every word seems to be full of aura, as if letting go of the paper will fly away.
Seeing this good handwriting, Chu Fei was inexplicably jealous. Originally, she wrote very beautifully, but compared with this pretty sister, there was still a big gap. This invisibly increased her curiosity about each other. Up.
However, she also didn’t dare to pass rashly. Now she is no longer the silly white sweet who didn’t know anything at the time. Now she is quite cautious in doing things. She is not afraid of ten thousand but in case, being careful can make Wannian ship.
So she called one or two subordinates to come over and accompany her. If there is any special situation, she immediately called the police.
Originally, she could completely ignore it, but she had an inexplicable hunch that the other party would not harm her. It was this sixth sense that made her decide to meet in person.
Soon, she walked to the park, beside the artificial lake, she saw a red figure standing by the lake, her clothes fluttering and her back facing her.
This figure looked at an inexplicable sense of mystery, Chu Fei thought for a while, and decided to walk over.
The two subordinates called, Chu Fei asked them to wait in place, and if there were any special circumstances, they immediately called the police.
After making all preparations, Chu Fei walked over with confidence. When she reached the red figure, Chu Fei said, “I am Chu Fei, are you looking for me?”
The red figure turned her head, and Chu Fei was immediately surprised. The woman in front of her was so good-looking! In an instant, Chu Fei even had a feeling of embarrassment!

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