A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 761

In an instant, Ouyang Yanran’s smile stiffened on her face.
She is a little confused, what’s the situation? Did Lin Ziming see her?
She couldn’t help but looked back, and announced that Lin Ziming had already got in the car and left directly…
“Yan Ran, aren’t you in class? Why are you back?” Ouyang Xuehai asked curiously when she saw her.
Ouyang Yanran’s originally happy mood turned bad at this moment. She bit her lip and said, “Dad, isn’t Lin Ziming coming to our house as a guest? Why did he leave suddenly?”
Ouyang Xuehai said: “Something happened to his house, so he went back.”
“Oh.” Ouyang Yanran nodded absentmindedly, watching Lin Ziming’s car disappear into sight. She was still unwilling to take her gaze back, and lost her soul. Lin Ziming ignored her just now, making her feel special. Lost and sad.
“Dad, Lin Ziming came, what did he say?” Ouyang Yanran couldn’t help but asked, “Did he mention me?”
Ouyang Xuehai saw the abnormal appearance of his daughter, which was a bit strange, but he didn’t think about it deeply, because he knew that his daughter was not interested in Lin Ziming, and he had no hope for this marriage. He said: “What did he mention in a good manner?”
When Ouyang Yanran heard this, she felt even more disappointed, especially uncomfortable.
Without saying hello, she speeded up her pace and went upstairs. Now she just wants to go back to her room and be quiet by herself!
Ouyang Xuehai saw her greet her and left without saying hello. He was very polite. He shook his head helplessly. His own daughter was really a trouble.
On Lin Ziming’s side, he just didn’t care about this, and now he put all his heart and soul on Chu Huaxiong’s phone just now.
Now his whole person is in a state of breaking out, and the driver dare not say a word for fear that he will be angry.
“Hurry up. In five minutes, you will be at Jinfu Hotel.” Lin Ziming said.
The driver nodded vigorously, then stepped on the accelerator, and the car sprang out like an arrow. In less than five minutes, he really rushed to the Jinfu Hotel.
When Lin Ziming went to the banquet hall and saw this scene before him, he was even more angry! !
There was a mess in front of him, and more than a hundred people were beaten all over.
Even old people like Chu Guodong are not spared!
His appearance immediately attracted the attention of the Chu family, and they called out, “Ziming, great, you are finally here!!”
“Oh my God, who did you offend outside? We were all beaten.”
“Ziming, you hurt us miserably this time!”
Everyone wailed. They dared not be too obvious, but in their words, the complaint against Lin Ziming was obvious.
Chu Huaxiong and Liu Suhong also came over, limping, looking particularly miserable, and said with tears, “Ziming, my parents are going to fall apart, alas.”
Lin Ziming gritted his teeth with fire in his eyes, and said deeply: “My elders, brothers and sisters, I am very sorry that Lin Ziming has troubled you this time! But rest assured, I will give you an explanation. Tell me now. , Who is the one who beats you like this?”
Chu Guodong was helped to walk out, and he said what was happening just now, and emphasized the last words Wu Meizi said. After he finished, he said earnestly: “Ziming, I see the other party’s The background is not simple, it’s not easy to deal with. That Wu Meizi said, if she comes back again, it will kill you!”

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