A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 775

On the contrary, Ouyang Yanran was the first to find him.
Today he is here to do important things, it is not good to have too much contact with Ouyang Yanran.
When Ouyang Yanran saw him walking so swiftly, she felt ashamed and stomped her feet with anger, and shouted to him, “Hey, Lin Ziming, why did you ignore me when you came to my house last time?”
Lin Ziming was stunned when she heard what she said, then turned around and said, “Last time, there was something in my house, so I didn’t have time to say hello to you, sorry.”
When Ouyang Yanran saw him take the initiative to apologize, she was very polite and really gentle, and she thought of what her father Ouyang Xuehai had said. Now that Lin Ziming is so fierce and hard to escape, she feels particularly sad.
“I was joking with you, I’m not angry with you.” Ouyang Yanran unconsciously said that the temperature softened a lot, and she even looked into Lin Ziming’s eyes with a little bit of intolerance and sadness.
Who is Lin Ziming? How could he not catch Ouyang Yanran’s emotions, smiled blankly, just about to speak, when someone came over, it was Luo Zifeng and others, so he had to give up.
“Yan Ran, I said where did you go? I turned out to be here.” Luo Zifeng said with a smile. Then he looked at Lin Ziming and saw that Lin Ziming was dressed in low-end clothes, and he couldn’t help showing some contempt.” Who is this?”
He thought his contempt was very secretive, but in fact he was arrested by Ouyang Yanran, and his impression of him became even worse. He didn’t bother to pay attention to it, but said to Lin Ziming, “Lin Ziming, these are my classmates. Friends, I just met them.”
Lin Ziming showed a weird expression on his face. Ouyang Yanran explained to him what he was doing.
As for Luo Zifeng, his face immediately became gloomy.
The other boys were also a bit more hostile towards Lin Ziming. The main Lin Ziming looked too ordinary, and he was obviously older than them. If they lost to such an ordinary person, they would really be unconvinced.
Some female classmates were also surprised. They were all Ouyang Yanran’s classmates. They had known each other for several years. I had never seen Ouyang Yanran so passionate about a man.
“Yan Ran, who is this uncle? Is it your relative?” a female classmate asked weirdly.
Ouyang Yanran thought for a while and said, “He, he is the blind date my grandfather introduced to me, called Lin Ziming.”
This shocked everyone and opened their eyes wide, looking at Ouyang Yanran inconceivably.
Even Lin Ziming was stunned, he obviously didn’t expect Ouyang Yanran to say that.
Ouyang Yanran saw their shocked reaction, and the smile on her face became even brighter, and she continued: “You guys have a chat, don’t worry about me, I’ll just sit with Ziming.”
When she said that, she went straight over and took Lin Ziming’s arm.
She was born with a cold personality, and asking her to take the initiative to hold a man’s hand was really embarrassing for her, and her face flushed.
But she wasn’t half touched, and found it very exciting.
This scene made the faces of Luo Zifeng and other boys black, and they were also full of hostility towards Lin Ziming, as if they were treated as rivals in love.
Those girls were also stunned, looking at Ouyang Yanran in surprise. They had known Ouyang Yanran for so long, and they had never seen Ouyang Yanran looking at a man’s arm so intimately, even if they were just holding hands with Lai Binbai.
And now, Ouyang Yanran is sticking her chest to Lin Ziming’s arm. This is the rhythm of actively delivering tofu.
The corners of Luo Zifeng’s mouth twitched fiercely, and he was really twisted with jealousy now.

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