Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 116

Look at his uncle, I’m going to be mad by him.
I decided to ignore this little liar in the future. Don’t think he looks simple and cute, and his long sun is shining. In fact, like his third brother Xi Qingchuan, he is an arrogant who never feels wrong.
When the elevator door opened, I went out, then entered the room and locked the door.
He pitifully patted the door outside: “Xiao Sheng, I didn’t mean to lie to you! I said that I have a heart attack, but I am afraid that you will not play with me. Take care of me. As for the marshmallow, you refused to want me to say that it will not grow up.”
He is justified in this way, is it that all the murders that are justified are acquitted?
I was too lazy to tell him that I put on my headphones and found a book in bed to read.
Xi Jinyuan has been patting the door. I don’t think he would be happy if he didn’t disturb the entire Xi family today.
He quarreled me with no way to read and listen to music, so I had to take off the earphones, but I heard Sister Hua’s voice: “Grandma San, you open the door. Grandma is at the door.”
This Xi Jinyuan won’t move rescue soldiers and bring grandma here!
I hurried to open the door, and grandma really stood at the door.
Xi Jinyuan made faces at me behind her grandma.
I am ready to be nagged by my grandma. Although my grandma likes me very much, I am a grandson-in-law and Xi Jinyuan is the grandson.
“What’s the matter, Xiao Shengsheng? Xiao Si keeps knocking on your door, making a loud noise.”
I glared at him resentfully: “It’s nothing.”
“Is Xiao Si always pestering you, Xiao Chuan is a stingy person, or you have a lot of contact with Xiao Si, so you are in a dilemma?” Grandma is grandma, and he said nothing.
She lifted the walking stick and hit Xi Jinyuan’s ass: “You don’t have to play, you have to pester your third wife, knowing that she is trembling in this house, you can’t save her snacks.”
Grandma was really hitting, and the walking stick banged on Xi Jinyuan’s ass with a loud sound. Xi Jinyuan ran around the room crying and crying: “Grandma, you are such a cruel hand!”
“You little bastard, when will I finish drinking the Chinese medicine and go back to the foreign country!”
Sister Hua hurriedly smiled and pulled her grandma: “Old lady, you can’t beat the Fourth Young Master when you are young, but don’t make yourself angry.”
I also hurriedly helped grandma sit down and took away the walking stick in her hand by the way: “Grandma, forget it, Xi Jinyuan will only show up in front of me in the future.”
“I see Ogawa to beat him tonight. How can there be such a stingy person. Wife and other men can’t say a few more words, thinking this is still the old society?”
I muffled my head and said nothing, grandma touched the back of my hand: “Hey, your child’s heart is too real, and you will suffer from it in the future. You have to follow Xiaochuan to learn from his ruthless heart.”
I guess I can’t learn, my grandma and I laugh helplessly.
Xi Jinyuan was beaten much more honestly, and later he didn’t come to harass me.
I took a bath and slept after dinner. I could see the front of the drawing board when I lay on the bed. On the canvas, Xi Qingchuan was asleep with his eyes closed, looking quiet and peaceful.
I don’t know how Qiao Yi watched the movie with him tonight?
Suddenly, I really didn’t have a lot of confidence, because the brain circuit of this person Qiao Yi is always different from that of normal people. Not only does she not hide who she likes, she will fight for it as long as she likes it, regardless of the identity of the other party.
If Xi Qingchuan does what she wants, will she also fight for Xi Qingchuan?
It was not because of Xi Qingchuan, but because I felt that the relationship between me and Qiao Yi for so many years did not want to fall apart for such a person.
Even if I don’t mind, it may be a thorn in my heart.
Although I don’t love Xi Qingchuan, he must be my husband in law now.
I don’t know if I am asleep, I just feel that someone seems to be standing in front of my bed.
I opened my eyes vigorously and saw Xi Qingchuan.
He is always fascinated, and entering my room is like entering his own room.
I got up from the bed: “What are you doing?”
It’s eleven o’clock. It seems that he ate supper after watching the movie. He smelled of barbecue. It is estimated that he will go to eat roasted oysters in the evening.
In order for me to recognize the world, he actually condescended to eat at the barbecue stall, which embarrassed him.
He looked at me, handed me a portfolio, I took it inexplicably, opened it, and pulled out the contents.
It was the agreement and divorce agreement we made at that time.
My head is dizzy when I sleep, I don’t know what he means.
“Do you want me to sign it?”
“No.” Under the light, his smile was vacant: “I will give this to Qiao Yi in a few days, and let her hand it to you for you to sign it.”
“Our contract hasn’t arrived yet, even if you sign it, it won’t take effect again.”
I smacked hard and finally understood what he meant: “You want to see if Qiao Yi will give me the divorce agreement for you to sign?”
“You only guessed what I said so clearly.” He took the portfolio from my hand: “Is it irritating? Isn’t it exciting?”
Excited by his big-headed ghost, I watched his back walk out of my bedroom and couldn’t help shouting with a guilty conscience: “Are you all bored?”
“Boring, but very interesting.”
“Dare you tell Qiao Yi that it was just you who tested her?”
“Even if you go and tell Qiao Yi now, she won’t believe you.” He smiled brightly: “Qiao Yi, you should know better than me.”
If I had a knife in my hand at the moment, I would have flew past, and it would be enjoyable if I pierced his back with riddled holes.
He is so perverted, he used a beautiful boy to divorce the feelings between me and Qiao Yi.
However, he said a word in the afternoon that those who can be separated are not true friendship.
I was so terrified, so terrified that I was asleep all night, and woke up with dark circles under my eyes the next morning.
When I arrived at Xiaoshi, Qiao Yi came earlier than I did and brought me a lot of weird snacks.
“Xi Qingchuan sent it in the morning and it was delicious.”
“Give it to you or me?”
“Follow him, we are friends, we share the same taste.” She took a plum and stuffed it into my mouth.
Yes, we are good friends, so we can even share it with my husband in the future.
She was eating with gusto, and I didn’t want to eat a plum after eating: “I’m too full for breakfast, I don’t have an appetite.”
“Your big dark circles.” She touched my face: “Next time I will prepare some eye stickers in the office.”
I watched her sitting next to me tearing the shredded squid: “Joey.”
“What are you doing?”
“Xi Qingchuan is pursuing, do you know?”
“Really?” She stopped tearing, “Why?”
“you guess!”
“Because I’m cute?” She continued to tear, nonchalantly: “As long as you don’t mind, leave him alone, Xi Qingchuan has always been so crazy and doesn’t care about rules.”
In fact, Qiao Yi and Xi Qingchuan have similarities in the same way. They both play cards a little bit unreasonably.
I suddenly discovered that in some respects, I don’t know much about Qiao Yi.

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