Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 148

“Why?” Ni Yizhou asked me.
“I…” Suddenly I was asked to answer, and I didn’t know how to answer.
“Because you want to divorce Xi Qingchuan, did you bring them together?” It is natural for Ni Yizhou to guess this way, although I don’t think so.
“Xiao Sheng.” Ni Yizhou suddenly pushed me a brown paper portfolio: “It’s easy for you to get a divorce now.”
“Hey?” I opened the kraft paper bag with a bit of astonishment, and pulled out a few pieces of paper from it, which are the files of the divorce lawsuit.
“this is……”
“This is the prosecution file, and there is a divorce agreement in it. You first use the agreement to discuss divorce with Xi Qingchuan. If he refuses, we will sue for divorce. In the current situation, he is a comrade and win the lawsuit. Not difficult.”
I stared at the two pieces of paper blankly: “I’m afraid it will annoy Xi Qingchuan.”
“I also know that he urgently needs you to help him with image public relations, but it is very unfair to you, Xiao Sheng.” Ni Yizhou stared at me: “Don’t be afraid of him, remember that you have me behind you to support you.”
When Ni Yizhou said this, I seemed to have the strength, but I remembered that Xi Qingchuan had just torn our contract, and now it is very unlikely that I will talk to him about divorce.
I put the agreement in a kraft paper bag: “When Xi Qingchuan’s mood calms down a little bit, I’m afraid he can’t agree on anything with him now. In case of a lawsuit, he will have great wealth and I am afraid of me. Not his opponent.”
“Alright, wait until he calms down a bit.”
The food was too supportive at night. Ni Yizhou suggested to take a walk, but his car was still parked in front of the restaurant.
He thought for a while, “Or I will park the car and go home first, and then how about we take the marshmallows out for a walk and take you back.”
“That’s great!” This is a good way. I haven’t seen marshmallows for a while, so I think about it.
Ni Yizhou and I drove the car back to his house and walked in together.
When Ni Yizhou opened the door, I felt that some light flashed on the door, and I couldn’t see anything when I looked back.
I don’t know what it is, there should be something flashing at night.
As soon as the door was opened, the marshmallow rushed over. For a while, it was not seen that the marshmallow had grown up again. It was exactly the shape of a big dog with very long hair. Ni Yizhou put two small braids on it, and it was very cute.
It almost threw me down, Ni Yizhou helped me, and I fell into his arms.
I laughed helplessly: “Why does it grow so fast?”
“Gu Mu’s body is already big, but when he reaches adulthood, he will stand taller than an adult man.”
“Such a big?” I am very fortunate that I gave the marshmallow to Ni Yizhou, otherwise such a big dog would be discovered in the Xi’s house one day.
“It’s still an adult, and it’s still growing.” Ni Yizhou pulled the marshmallows and put on a dog leash: “You behave, my mother and I will take you out to play.”
“I’m a mother, what are you?”
“Dad!” Ni Yizhou replied solemnly.
I should be blushing, but the light at the entrance is dim and it is not easy to be spotted.
Ni Yizhou is busy with work and usually only comes back at night. He specially hired an hourly worker to clean the house and walk the dog by the way for Marshmallow.
Marshmallow went out once during the day, and it was still very excited to take it out at night. It rushed forward like a clockwork, and I was rushed by it.
Ni Yizhou chased me behind and helped me to grab the leash before grabbing the marshmallow.
Fortunately, I didn’t wear high heels today, otherwise I would definitely fall into a big horse.
I panted with fright: “Is it so excited every time it comes out?”
“I should have seen you. A dog recognizes its owner. It will remember its first owner for a long time.”
“Oh.” I squatted down to touch its furry head: “Then, I have to come and see you more, don’t forget me.”
Marshmallow finally calmed down, and Ni Yizhou and I led it slowly forward.
The moonlight is very good today. We are walking on the tree-lined road, and the moonlight is mottled on the ground through the cracks of the leaves.
Actually, there was a bit of heat today, but the cool moonlight made me feel a lot cooler.
“So comfortable.” I took a deep breath: “It feels very relaxed.”
“Why, you are usually nervous?”
“Are you having a hard time at the Xi family? It should be very difficult to be in a rich family!”
“Actually, it’s okay. It’s not as exaggerated as on TV dramas.” I said, “Grandma treats me very well. Actually, Dad Xi and Mum Xi are very reasonable people. I don’t meet other people every day. I think I am lucky.”
“Your husband is gay, and you still feel lucky?” Ni Yizhou stopped, and the moonlight shone on his hair, turning it into a fuzzy white, adding a little vicissitudes of life to his young face.
I smiled heartily: “Actually, I knew it a long time ago. This is good too. I’m safe.”
After saying this, I paused.
Actually otherwise, although Xi Qingchuan is gay, I am not safe either.
He sleeps with me when he is beastly, doesn’t he?
Thinking of this, I was a little bit disheartened, noticing that Ni Yizhou had already approached me, and his fingers pinched the hair that swayed to my cheek.
I was suddenly nervous.
Because we are no longer children, we are all grown up.
When we were young, we could be very close, laughing and coaxing.
But now, we are adults.
Most importantly, he is a man and I am a woman.
Ni Yizhou was near me, and I smelled the mint shampoo on his hair.
This is one of my favorite brands. The mint flavor is elegant and not overwhelming. I remember he used this brand before, but he still uses it after so many years.
Ni Yizhou does not smoke, and there is no yellowishness between his fingers, and he smells of lemon hand sanitizer.
His hand is on my cheek, and I can feel the fluff on the back of his hand touching my face.
I wanted to hide, but he took my face.
The shadow of the tree was mottled and sprinkled on his face.
His eyes are hidden, I hide from him.
My heart is flustered and short of breath, and my heart beats faster.
There is also a faint sense of shame.
I don’t know where my shame comes from.
“Brother Boat.” My voice was trembling, and I couldn’t help but want to avoid: “I…”
“When I was eighteen, I had a dream.” He muttered to himself with his eyes closed slightly, as if to himself: “I want to spend my life with a girl who loves to wear blue The skirt is like the sea, like the sky…”
He is like reading a poem. If you say this to any man, you will feel hypocritical and disgusting, but when you say it from Ni Yizhou, it is as charming and beautiful as a poem.
I know that the person he is talking about is me.
My eyes are hidden in my hair, looking at him secretly.
If it was a few months ago, I could tell him the same way.
Since I was fifteen years old, I began to fantasize about Ni Yizhou and I being together, getting married, having children, doing a lot of things, and staying together.
but now.
I do not know.

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