Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 152

“Why are you here?”
“This is not a women’s bathroom, why can’t I be here?” Xi Qingchuan would not answer my question every time, so he always asked me back.
“Where’s the beautician?” I looked around the room, only the two of us.
“Am I?”
“What are you doing? I saw a lot of people kissing at the toilet door just now, so what else?”
“It was okay, but you did that thing again last night, so that just wasn’t enough.”
He walked to the sink to wash his hands. I looked at his back and panicked: “Don’t mess around.”
“There is surveillance here.” He washed his fingers and put his finger on top of his head: “Of course I won’t broadcast it live, but it’s okay for the little ones.”
“What are you doing?” I stepped back.
“Relax and lie down.” He sat back on the stool by the beauty bed: “You just need to put on a mask.”
I looked up at the monitor. Fortunately, monitor the body, he shouldn’t be too much.
I lay down tremblingly, he tore the bag of the mask and put the cool mask on my face.
His movements are very gentle, and the mask is not worn backwards. I am very pleased.
“Say something?” He helped me organize the mask.
“There is a monitor above the head. Although it can’t receive the sound, it can capture us not talking. Isn’t it weird if the two people are completely unable to communicate?”
I think it’s weird now.
Isn’t it just talking for words? I’ll try it.
So I said, “Do you usually apply a mask?”
“Are you talking about it?”
“It’s all chatting anyway, just chatting casually.”
“I don’t do that.” His tone was very straight.
“Then do you do skin care?”
“Does some moisturizer count as maintenance?”
“No.” I looked up at his face: “Then your skin is very good. Men usually have large pores, but you don’t have them.”
“You can touch it.” He followed the temptation: “This will make us a little closer when photographed.”
I really wanted to touch it, so I reached out and touched his face.
His skin is very delicate, there is no acne, and it feels slippery.
“Well, not slippery.” I commented.
He suddenly grabbed my hand and I was shocked.
He has the essence of the mask just now on his hand, and he just helped me put the essence on my hand.
A false alarm, I thought he was going to treat me.
He applied the essence to me in a gentle manner, with his lower eyebrows down and Gongliang and gentle, his eyes were all hidden under his long eyelashes, and the hostility in his eyes could not be seen, and the whole person’s aura changed. Up.
Xi Qingchuan is really good-looking. He is very focused on doing things, as if he is doing a very important thing. His hair trembles slightly, like a moving picture, vivid and peaceful.
He noticed that I was looking at him and raised his eyelids: “Is there a flower on my face?”
“No, I’m observing you.”
“The painting I drew for you last time is not yet finished. I need to observe a little detail carefully.”
“Observe!” He is rare to be so open-minded, he helped me apply the essence and raised his head to look directly at me.
Staring into his eyes, even though he is peaceful at the moment, I still feel a little tremor of the liver.
I dodged his gaze: “Why don’t you say something!”
“Hmm.” He agrees nicely: “I ask you, what was your inner feeling the first time you ran into me and Boyu?”
“Uh.” He actually wants to know my mental journey, so I might as well tell him.
“Very surprised.”
“and then?”
“It makes sense again.”
“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows: “Why?”
“I always feel that someone like you will definitely do a little shocking emotionally. If there is a third gender on the earth, you will probably fall in love with the third gender.”
“In your eyes, I’m just a pervert?”
“No.” I shook my hand hurriedly: “I think you are a person who breaks the rules and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. However, I was a little surprised that you asked me to do image public relations. I think you don’t care about other people’s opinions. “I paused: “But, after all, what you represent is the image of Xi’s, I think it is understandable.”
“Well, tell me what you think of me.” He was serious.
“Tell the truth?”
“What do you mean?”
I looked at his expression, he looked very charitable, and he shouldn’t turn his face.
I thought about it, and gnawed my nails: “The first time I saw you was the night before the wedding. You walked in from outside the door of Xiao’s house, pointed to my nose and said, it’s you.”
Recalling the scene that night, there is still a slight wave in my heart.
“Do you feel that I am very domineering?”
“Like a bandit, a big rich man, the whole world is yours, I seem to be a commodity on the shelf, you just point out that I bought this, that kind of feeling.”
He propped his head with the palm of his hand and listened carefully: “Then.”
“Domineering, domineering, strong aura.” I said.
He pouted noncommittal: “Everyone says so, and you can see it in the media.”
“Actually, you have a very scared soul.” I didn’t know what was wrong, and suddenly I became bold enough to say everything I didn’t dare to say before.
Sure enough, he was interested in what I said, and raised his chin at me: “How to say?”
“You are afraid of many things, such as fear of loneliness, fear of loss, fear of childhood shadows.”
“Shadow of childhood?” He looked at me.
What I just said was so cool, these four words came out without paying attention, and I couldn’t sell Xi Jinyuan.
I rubbed my nose: “You are afraid of small animals and stuffed toys. I guess it must be the shadow of childhood.”
“You watched too many Korean dramas.” He said disapprovingly.
He didn’t admit that it was normal, and I shrugged to indicate that I was finished.
“Want to know what you look like to me?”
“Anyway, there are no good things.”
He smiled: “You still know yourself, do you still want to hear it?”
“I have many shortcomings, but one is a bit strong. I can bear whatever you say.” Anyway, I have been made things difficult for me by Xiao Lingling and stepmother since I was sixteen. What ugly words have I heard?
“You made a mistake.” He squinted at me with both hands on his knees: “You are not mentally strong, you are cowardly and patient, you accept everything that others impose on you, you are just one. Trash can, if you don’t know how to resist and refuse, others will dump all the trash on you.”
Well, I admit, what he said is right.
However, I have to argue for myself: “Mom fell ill when I was very young. She was very worried about my future life, and was afraid that I would go to my father’s house to cause him trouble, so she told me to turn herself into a tin man. All the things my stepmother and Xiao Lingling did to me, I have to keep out of my iron sheet. My silence is not because I accept it, nor is I cowardly. I also know that every time Xiao Lingling throws her father away and buys it for me The pen and blacked out my workbook, I told my dad what would happen to her. She would be beaten to death by my dad and then fined for three months of pocket money and used the rockery as punishment.”
“Then why don’t you? If you fine a few more times, she will be afraid.”
“The seeds of hatred will be buried in her heart. Although she won’t like me because I didn’t complain, Dad will think I’m doing well.”

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