Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 195

I didn’t expect that the room was so big and luxurious, it was almost like a five-star hotel.
I thought the yacht I took last time was already very luxurious, but the yacht and cruise ship are always inferior.
I sighed, Bai Yu came to give me the medicine and poured out two pills for me: “This medicine is very effective. After taking it and sleeping, I feel nothing at all when I wake up.”
“Thank you, you are so careful, and you still bring medicine.”
“Mr. Xi asked me to take it, saying you were seasick.”
“Don’t put gold on Xi Qingchuan’s face, how can he be so kind?”
Bai Yuqian smiled at me peacefully and watched me take the medicine down.
“Then you take a break.”
Boyu went out. I was on the bed. Actually, the boat was very stable. I always felt it was shaking.
I fell asleep and had a dream.
I dreamed that our ship had encountered an iceberg sunken like the Titanic, with only one lifebuoy. Xi Qingchuan gave it to me and then sank by himself.
I woke up screaming, Xi Qingchuan was beside me, looking at me in amazement: “What’s the matter?”
I was in a cold sweat, and I sat up, my heart pounding in my chest.
“Why call my name and shout so sternly?” He stared at me.
He is so fierce, how could he leave the last glimmer of hope to me, I’m afraid that at that time, if he doesn’t kick me away, it will be considered a good thing!
I breathed for a long time before I could breathe well: “I had a dream.”
“What dream?”
“Dreaming.” I looked at him with a pale face: “Our boat sank, you took my lifebuoy.”
He listened calmly, with no expression on his face: “No wonder you just called my name and gritted your teeth and cried. Are you afraid of this?”
Am i crying?
I touched my face, it seemed to be a little wet.
What did I do? I had a nightmare and even cried myself.
“Hey.” He disapproved of my nightmare: “The boat won’t sink. Even if it sinks, I won’t use your lifebuoy. Because.” He got up from my bed and looked at me grinningly: “Morning. I kicked you into the sea before the boat entered the water.”
I can’t count on him, I rolled over and closed my eyes depressed.
What am I talking about, Xi Qingchuan is such an annoying ghost, a big demon, and I even had a dream of him becoming a good person. How could he give me the lifebuoy?
Go dreaming!
“I have a small meeting with Xiao Shi, and you come too.”
Xi Qingchuan’s workaholic nature has been exposed again, and meetings are held all the time.
Fortunately, I don’t feel bad anymore. I took the medicine and slept again, and now I feel comfortable physically and mentally.
I got up and went to a small conference room with Xi Qingchuan, and said it was a small meeting room, which could hold a dozen or twenty people.
They are scoring their initial impressions of the cruise ship. Xiao Shi gave me a questionnaire: “Xiao Sheng, you also fill in, your opinion is very important.”
I don’t think I’m very important. Thank you Xiao Shi for treating me like this.
I drew the hooks on it indiscriminately, until Xi Qingchuan tapped my head with a pen: “Xiao Sheng, do you want a smoking room?”
Uh? I pay attention to the one I drew. It says, “What do you think about the ship’s no smoking room? Please tick if you wish.”
I didn’t know what I was thinking, so I ticked it out of nowhere.
Although I am absent-minded, I cannot lose my momentum.
“Although I don’t smoke, a lot of tourists smoke. I think there can be a smoking room.”
“You can smoke on the deck, what smoking room do you want?”
“Why do you have this? There must be a reason for it.”
“The one who gave out this questionnaire is a fool.”
“I got this questionnaire together with Assistant Bai.” Xiao Shi said.
I hold my arms to see how Xi Qingchuan is round, but he has a calm expression: “Continue with the meeting.”
Hey, turn a thousand jins aside and turn the topic off.
I tried to concentrate on the meeting, but the central air conditioner above my head made me so cold. I first moved my arms to Bai Yu’s side, feeling that it was still windy, and then moved to Xiao Shi’s side, my arms still chilled.
When I finally sat next to Xi Qingchuan, I felt that the air conditioner was like a tornado, and the wind was blowing against me no matter where I was sitting.
Xi Qingchuan stopped the meeting and looked at me: “Are you feeling the uncomfortable feeling of sitting on each chair?”
“The air conditioner is chasing me to blow.” I sneezed and quickly pressed my nose with a tissue.
Maybe it’s seasickness, the body is a little weak, and the wind is very cold.
He frowned, I felt he was very impatient with me.
He said to Bai Yu: “Turn off the air conditioner and pour her a cup of hot water.”
Boyu stood up immediately. Actually, I don’t need him to say that I think Boyu will do it too. Boyu is very attentive, much more attentive than him.
In fact, the cabin was a bit hot and there were no windows. After the ventilation fan changed the air, I was a little embarrassed: “I’ll get a jacket in the room, and you just need to turn on the air conditioner as usual.
“Are you trying to hide from the meeting?” Xi Qingchuan dropped me with a paper ball and pointed to the seat next to him: “Sit down and take notes.”
It’s not elementary school students who are in class, and they have to take notes.
The air conditioner in the room is a bit hot, and I noticed sweat oozing out of Xi Qingchuan’s forehead.
I kindly handed him the tissue: “Or turn on the air conditioner, you seem to be very hot.”
“Do you have to worry about the air conditioner?”
“You can turn the temperature higher. Ah, I have an opinion about the air conditioner.” I finally have the right to speak: “I found that the air conditioner can’t face upwards. It is very uncomfortable to blow on people.”
“It seems that you can only mention this kind of problems that auntie cleaning can find.” He raised his chin at Bai Yu: “Write down her opinions.”
Xi Qingchuan slapped me everywhere, which really made me very upset.
The meeting finally ended. I remembered to take my notes seriously, and showed them to Xi Qingchuan very happily: “My writing is very beautiful, right? I was the head of the calligraphy club when I was in college.”
“You can quit your position as president and become a clerk.” He sprayed me coldly.
I was so angry that when we were alone together, we were still in harmony, so as soon as the flute and poems were there, my status was completely lost.
There is still a long way to go to Sun Island, and I won’t arrive until the next morning after a night of sleep.
Dinner is on the deck. There are various seafood, fruits and vegetables, and red wine on the long table. There are colored lights around the railings. The afterglow falls on the white lace tablecloth. The beauty makes people reluctant to breathe, for fear that their breathing is too loud. The sound has destroyed this beauty.
There are only two chairs beside the long table. I think about it, it is probably from Xi Qingchuan and Xiao Shi.
Anyway, I didn’t have much appetite for seasickness, so I went to the kitchen and took a bun and went to the stern to sit down and watch the sunset while eating.
Bai Yu sat down beside me and handed me a drink: “You only have this for dinner?”

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