Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 275

He should be right, at least it doesn’t sound so hypocritical.
It seems that my impression of him is slowly growing.
He was very naughty when he was a child, and he didn’t take the ordinary way.
Generally speaking, he followed his mother and should be facing his mother, but every time his mother brought him over to make trouble for Qiao’s mother, he played with us.
He is especially good at playing. The kind of kid who goes up to the tree and touches the birds and eggs and fishes in the river is quite interesting.
Therefore, I can understand what he said.
If he behaved distressed, it would be false.
In this way, his personality seems to have not changed much from when he was a child.
The splendid rose bushes he brought were in full bloom in pale green porcelain vases, very beautiful.
I was fascinated by it. I remembered that the fence of the small building where I lived with my mother was full of roses, pink and red, and they complemented each other beautifully.
I looked at Qiangwei in a daze, and suddenly heard Qiao Jianqi talking to me: “Will you be discharged from the hospital tomorrow?”
“Huh?” I thought for a while: “Well, I’m discharged from the hospital.”
“Then you are free tomorrow?”
I was a little dazed: “What?”
Is it possible that he wanted to date me when we met?
I was thinking how to shirk, and he went on to say: “Tomorrow I want to pay my respects to Uncle Xiao. I just learned that Uncle Xiao has passed away.”
I didn’t think he was so caring, and I was really moved: “You have a caring.”
“Yes, I still remember that I ran to your house with you when I was a child, and then I went up to the tree and fell under the tree and broke my knee. Or Uncle Xiao took me to the hospital.”
It is rare that he remembers things so clearly when he was a child, I almost forgot, it seems that such an event has happened.
“Xiao Sheng, let me tell you, that woman’s son is here today…” Qiao Yi rushed in without knocking on the door, running all the way and shouting, without seeing who was in the room.
That woman’s son was talking about Qiao Jianqi, who at any rate was her brother, a half-brother.
I paid attention to Qiao Jianqi’s expression. He leaned his elbows on the bedside table and looked at Qiao Yi with a smile, then suddenly stood up and pressed her head: “When did Qiao Yi grow so tall, he almost caught up with me.” .”
It is estimated that at this time Qiao Yi noticed that there were many people in my room. She watched for a long time: “Who are you?”
“That woman’s son!” He grinned with a good temper: “You don’t recognize me, and I almost can’t recognize you. You were so ridiculously long when you were a kid.”
Qiao Yi looked silly and looked at him and then at me. I nodded to her, indicating that what she saw and what she heard were true.
If I were to say to herself about others in front of them, she would definitely be embarrassed.
But if Qiao Yi would be embarrassed, it was not Qiao Yi.
She looked at Qiao Jianqi up and down, and snorted from her nose: “The long one is pretty personal.”
“Little girl.” He pressed on Qiao Yi’s shoulder, still smiling: “How can I say it is your own brother, I am not a human being, where do you think you can be better?”
“Hey,” Qiao Yi wriggled away from his hand: “Don’t use your hands, even if we are related by blood, men and women will never get married.”
“Why are you so resistant to me, didn’t you play well when you were young?” Qiao Jianqi bent down to look at her, Qiao Yi was taller, he was taller than Qiao Yi, and she was full of pressure on her head.
“You didn’t go to see my dad, why come to Xiao Sheng’s side to tease sister soon.” Qiao Yi sneered.
“I saw it, but I didn’t say anything, so I got down.” Qiao Jianqi shrugged.
“You didn’t come to the branch office as soon as you heard that Dad was sick, so why don’t you have a chat?”
“Qiao Yi.” I feel that Qiao Yi said a bit too much. Although it is true, it is somewhat embarrassing to say it in front of Qiao Jianqi.
Qiao Jianqi’s expression was quite calm, smiling: “The branch is my mother’s idea. I have my own company and I don’t know how to do it. My desire for that may not be as much as you think.”
“Qiao Jianqi, let’s go, don’t interfere with Xiao Sheng’s rest.”
“Am I affected?” Qiao Jianqi asked me.
“It’s affected!” Qiao Yi also asked me.
The two brothers and sisters are actually alike. When embarrassing others, they are both big and small.
One eye is big and one eye is small, like an owl.
I can only talk to the mud: “The two brothers and sisters have not seen each other for so long, even if they don’t hug each other intimately, don’t be arrogant.”
“I don’t have one, I’m very happy to see Qiao Yi.” Qiao Jianqi raised his hand to reach Qiao Yi’s cheek, and was swiftly blocked by her eyes: “I’m not happy to see you. Before my father fell ill, I couldn’t see it. You come?”
“I’m not in China, and according to the grievances between my mother and your mother, it would be better for you to stay abroad, isn’t it?” Qiao Jianqi took a cup of coffee on the bedside table to her: “Hey, I just went downstairs for coffee. I bought it in the store, Icelandic coffee, with ice cubes.”
Qiao Yi looked at the coffee in his hand suspiciously, as if the coffee was poisoned: “How do you know that I like Icelandic coffee?”
“Because I like it.” Qiao Jianqi raised his eyebrows, and I found that he raised his eyebrows in the same manner as Qiao Yimao.
In other words, Qiao Yi raised his eyebrows in the same way as Qiao Jianqi.
Qiao Yi finally took it, opened it and took a sip: “Got brandy?”
“Well, I like it, I think you like it.”
“Don’t be so confident, I don’t like it.” Qiao Yi took another gulp.
Don’t like her to drink so much, duplicity.
Qiao Jianqi didn’t wait too long, so he raised the coffee in his hand to Qiao Yi and nodded to me: “I will contact you tomorrow morning.”
“Okay.” I gave him my contact information, and he left it to me.
After Qiao Jianqi left, Qiao Yi asked me: “What will you do tomorrow morning?”
“He said he was going to worship my dad. People are so careful. I have no reason to stop them, right?”
“What kind of medicine does he sell in the gourd.” Qiao Yi rubbed his nose: “So kind.”
“He has always been very easy to get along with, Joao, I don’t think you always think of him as your opposite. He is different from his mother. When you were young, he always played with us and never bullied us. is not it?”
“Dare he? Both my dad and goddad will break his leg.”
“Qiao Yi.” I pulled her down to sit down: “Don’t touch him just because he might want to leave the goddad’s company, that’s what he deserves.”
“I know, I’m not for this. He took all of it and I won’t say anything.” Qiao Yi was downcast: “I don’t know why I’m like this. He really doesn’t provoke me.”
“I know what you are worried about. Now that Godfather is sick, Qiao Jianqi’s mother is back. You are afraid of what you will do to Godmother, right?”
Qiao Yi sighed heavily: “Now, who has the energy to fight that?”

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