Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 304

Xi Qingchuan arrived faster than Xi Jinyuan and I had imagined. About 20 minutes later, I heard Xi Qingchuan talking to the police at the door of the office.
“Mr. Xi, they are here.”
Xi Jinyuan and I didn’t even dare to lift their heads. We didn’t see Xi Qingchuan for a few days, and didn’t expect to meet in this situation.
I really fell to the extreme.
I didn’t know if Xi Qingchuan was watching us, anyway, my head was about to plunge into the floor.
Finally, Xi Qingchuan finished speaking with the traffic police and walked in. I heard his footsteps.
There is sweat on my nervous nose.
“Xi Jinyuan.” When I heard Xi Qingchuan calling Xi Jinyuan’s name, he immediately raised his head and saw that he was super afraid of Xi Qingchuan.
“Brother.” Xi Jinyuan clearly heard a vague voice.
I don’t know if Xi Qingchuan is very strict with Xi Jinyuan. How will he deal with this kind of thing?
If you are irritable, you can do it.
I quickly raised my head, but I didn’t dare to meet Xi Qingchuan’s eyes.
He didn’t look at me, but said to Xi Jinyuan: “Your university does not universalize basic laws and regulations? You don’t have a driver’s license to drive, don’t you know?”
“I know.” He groaned: “Brother, I was wrong.”
He is quite positive when he admits his mistakes. He who knows the current affairs is a good man, afraid of being beaten by Xi Qingchuan.
“If you don’t have a driver’s license, you are not proficient in driving. You can drive by yourself, and you still dare to drive someone else.”
I’m probably the other person in his mouth.
“What if there is a danger? How do you bear the consequences?” He scolded Xi Jinyuan. I thought he was scolding me after scolding him. After all, I am his sister-in-law who is older than him, and I have the responsibility to supervise him.
But surprisingly, Xi Qingchuan didn’t scold me. After scolding Xi Jinyuan, he turned around and went out.
I don’t think he would be so kind, maybe he is too lazy to scold me.
In fact, in my heart, I would rather he scold me than he would ignore it now.
Am I very cheap? I asked myself.
Xi Jinyuan quietly tugged at the corner of my clothes: “Xiao Sheng, my brother is out.”
“Well,” I am not interested.
“He didn’t scold you, it really surprised me.”
I still smirked with him.
“Don’t worry. I’m not an adult. You just sit in the co-pilot and don’t drive. My brother won’t let us go to jail.”
Now I am afraid that I will go to jail. I feel sad that Xi Qingchuan ignores it.
I don’t know why I feel sad, I found that I actually care about his attitude towards me.
After a while, Xi Qingchuan walked in again, raised Xi Jinyuan, and then didn’t look at me, with a faint voice: “Let’s go!”
What does it mean to go? Has he done it yet?
Also, as long as it is not for murder and arson, there should be no things that Xi Qingchuan can’t handle.
So I followed them out of the traffic police brigade. It was already late at night outside, and Qiao Yi made one call after another. I was afraid she was worried, so I quickly picked up.
Just after it was connected, Qiao Yi’s voice rang in the microphone: “Xiaosheng, don’t move, wait for me at the door of the traffic police brigade, I will pick you up right away.”
I’m a bit blindfolded. How did Qiao Yi know that I was in the traffic police detachment? I didn’t talk to her again.
She added over there: “Xi Qingchuan just called me and asked me to pick you up.”
It turned out to be like this. I looked up at him. Xi Jinyuan was standing in front of him with his head down, Xi Qingchuan was reprimanding him, and Xi Jinyuan bowed his head to be taught.
But from the beginning to the end, Xi Qingchuan never looked back at me.
I feel that I have been completely given up by Xi Qingchuan.
It’s not that he doesn’t scold me, he doesn’t bother to scold me at all.
Just more than 10 minutes after Xi Qingchuan scolded Xi Jinyuan, Qiao Yi arrived.
Qiao Yi didn’t drive today. The driver drove. As soon as she got out of the car, I smelled a strong smell of alcohol.
Of course, it was not Qiao Yi who went to drink on a whim. Seeing that she was wearing a fairly formal dress and a small brown suit, I knew that she must be going to socialize.
I’m sad, Qiao Yi is so busy, Qiao’s condition is not particularly good, Qiao’s father had a serious response to treatment these past two days, Qiao’s mother stayed with him in the hospital in unresolved clothes.
And Wu Simei. That is, Dad Qiao’s ex-wife, the most untiring thing every day is to harass them in the hospital. They are too busy to take care of them. I also trouble Qiao Yi.
“Xiao Sheng!” Qiao Yi ran towards me, touched my head and my feet: “Are you wrong?”
“Nothing is going on.” I said quickly. :”I’m fine.”
“That’s good.” Qiao Yi took my hand: “Let’s go home.”
Qiao Yi’s hands were warm and strong, and I seemed to have strength all at once.
I subconsciously turned my head to look at Xi Qingchuan. She and Xi Jinyuan had already walked to the parking lot.
Xi Jinyuan turned his head back and made a call gesture with me, and then made a 12 with his finger.
I know he said he was waiting for my phone call before 12 o’clock in the evening about me going out to study with him.
“Don’t look.” Qiao Yi dragged my hand and stuffed me into her car and told the driver to drive.
As soon as the driver started the car, Xi Qingchuan’s car passed in front of us.
Xi Qingchuan personally drove this evening, and I saw him sitting in the cab driving the car intently without squinting his eyes.
He didn’t even say a word to me from start to finish. I thought he would at least scold me and say something that ridiculed me, but this time he didn’t even say those things. He didn’t even have a look at me. .
The wind outside today was very hot and humid, and the air conditioner in the car was very cool. The air outlet under the seat kept blowing on my calf, and my calf was almost cramping.
I shrank into a ball, Qiao Yi immediately took off her coat and put it on my lap: “Are you cold, Xiaosheng?”
I shook my head and looked at her. She was still wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath: “It’s over 30 degrees today, isn’t it hot for you to wear it like this?”
“There is no way. Today is a very formal dinner meeting. The women are all wearing evening dresses. I am not used to that, so I have to wear a suit.”
She unbuttoned the dead button and let out a long sigh of relief: “I can breathe, I’m almost exhausted.
“Qiao Yi.” I looked at her sadly: “You are so busy that it will cause you trouble.”
“Bah,” she suddenly tweeted at me: “What are you talking about? Or it’s not human words. What do you mean to trouble me? You remember Xiao Sheng, your business is my business, why is it troublesome or not? Don’t talk nonsense with me, you know?”

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