Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 355

I really heard the footsteps of the second person, and I also really felt the feeling that the soul was frightened to escape from my body.
I was scared and rushed all the way, suddenly a figure flashed from the bushes on the side of the road, and then stood in front of me.
I couldn’t stop my feet, and plunged into his arms. It was a ghost who pinched my shoulders, and I yelled in horror: “Help!”
“It’s me, Xiao Sheng.” Very gentle and gentle, I can’t tell whose voice is gentle.
I raised my head and carefully recognized the other person’s face in the dark night, and found that he was still Xi Qingchuan.
Why didn’t he drive away from me in front of me? Or did she suddenly come back with a benevolent heart?
I was about to collapse, and I couldn’t straighten up at all when I lay on his chest.
He hugged me tightly, at this moment he hugged me very tightly.
Xi Qingchuan is absolutely split in personality, as can be seen from his attitude towards me.
It was the same just now, and now it is the same again: “Which personality are you?” I raised my head and asked him inexplicably, “I was an abusive personality just now, is it a warm male personality now?”
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have left you down just now.” He actually apologized to me.
I immediately straightened up from his arms in horror, took a step backward, and stared at him: “You are not Xi Qingchuan, what kind of monster are you going to look like him?”
“Xiao Sheng,” he held my shoulders: “I just want you to understand that anyone around you, the person you most believe in may suddenly leave you when they need them, regardless of whether the departure is active or passive. of.”
At this time, Xi Qingchuan was still in class with me, and I sounded like a fight, and I was shaking.
I also looked at him: “You told me that I was the one who answered that since you left, why did you come back?”
He took a step towards me, took my wrist and dragged me into his arms.
He kissed my hair, then forehead, then cheek, and finally he took my face and kissed my lips.
In this dark night where I can’t see my fingers, on this horrible half-hill slope like a mass grave, Xi Qingchuan suddenly kissed me so romantic and affectionate that I was panicked and overwhelmed.
I reacted to his kiss indiscriminately, and then tried to push him away with my hands.
“Xi Qingchuan,” I panted and pushed him away, and saw the flames of light in his eyes: “If you are really sick, you can treat it. If your family is so rich, you will definitely be able to cure it.”
“Xiao Sheng, you asked me that question just now, and I can answer you now.”
what is the problem? After passing by just now, I forgot everything.
I looked at him for a long time: “What did I ask you just now?”
Oh, I remembered, I asked when he left me?
Okay, I listen carefully, and I really want to know the answer. I know the answer in advance for some things that will happen sooner or later, so I have a way to deal with it.
I was waiting for him to answer, but his eyes were full of meaning. He reached out his hand and touched my hair, and the goose bumps all over my body were puffed up. “Actually…” He finally spoke with a low voice. , Even a little hoarse: “I shouldn’t tell you that I will never let you leave me, but you are too lonely now. I must tell you Xiao Sheng, with me by your side, you will always have. ..”
He is crazy, he must be crazy.
He is already crazy, and he wants to make me crazy by the way, right?
Suddenly told me forever, and suddenly said that he would never let me leave him.
Can I talk with Xi Qingchuan forever?
Not only can we not talk about eternity, we can’t talk about us.
The relationship between Xi Qingchuan and I has always been that of his legal husband and wife who unilaterally tortured me.
Now he ran to me and told me forever, scared my calf to tremble.
He lowered his head to me, I immediately covered my mouth, there was a slight smile in his eyes, and then pulled down my hand: “Don’t be afraid, I don’t want to kiss you.”
When Xi Qingchuan and I were amiable, either they had a plan or their brains were broken.
In this dark night, I think both are possible.
But I don’t want to irritate him anymore, if he abandons me in this wilderness again, it will scare me to death.
I hugged Xi Qingchuan’s neck tightly. At this moment, he was my life-saving straw.
“Xiao Sheng, you are too insecure.” He gently brushed my back.
Yes, he was right, I have always felt insecure.
I am afraid of many things, afraid of separation, afraid of loss, afraid of forgetting, and afraid of remembering.
Xi Qingchuan’s embrace was very warm, but I gradually regained some ability to think. I pulled out of his embrace in time and sniffed: “Thank you, Xi Qingchuan, thank you for coming back. I am much better now. Up.”
I pulled my hand out of his palm, and he seemed to be able to see a little clue to my subconscious movement.
He smiled: “Suddenly telling you about it forever, you panicked, right?”
How can I not panic?
He told me this inexplicably, making my monk Zhang Er confused. I don’t know what he meant, okay?
What is he now? Talk about love or comfort me?
In my previous knowledge of Xi Qingchuan, it would be a good thing if he didn’t hit me, but now he is so kind to comfort me.
I thanked him politely, and I said, “Thank you, I can stand it up.”
“Do you think I started a charity, and give you sympathy?”
He raised my start with his fingers: “You are too confident of yourself.”
What self-confidence do I have, I have always been completely disoriented by his juggling.
Now telling me forever, it’s like throwing a grenade at me, making me dizzy, okay?
“Xi Qingchuan, don’t talk about that, it will make me feel very uncomfortable.”
“It will make me think that I am a meat, and I can cut it as I want to be cut by you, or cut it as I want it.”
I pulled down his hand: “Where is your car?”
I ran too fast just now, and I took a step to find that I had lost my shoe. It was too dark and I don’t know where that shoe was drifting.
I limp when I walked, Xi Qingchuan bends down and hugs me.
Leaning on his chest, listening to his heartbeat will make me feel very real, and at the same time it feels very illusory.
I thought for a while, but couldn’t help but ask him: “Xi Qingchuan, I really don’t understand, do you like me, hate it, insensitivity, or ruthless?”

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