Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 361

Bai Yu only spoke half of his words. He meant that the way he disliked me was not good, but I had to think of new ways by myself.
Don’t look at Boyu’s gentleness, but he is a person who insists on a unified attitude towards himself.
I can count on him to release the water, which seems to be hopeless.
I thought about it for a while: “Now the enemy won’t move, I won’t move, but I have to let them know that I am not only immobile, but also very leisurely, so…”
I was thinking hard, and Bai Yu asked me: “What’s your birthday?”
He stunned my question, but immediately reacted.
My birthday happens to be in this month, and it’s next week, very close very close.
“Do you want me to celebrate my birthday with great fanfare?”
“I can’t tell you.” Bai Yu smiled slightly: “You said it yourself.”
Hey, I really don’t see how insidious agriculture is. He is stable and calm, and has a general demeanor. I heard that his biological parents are a big consortium, and Baiyu will be able to go back and inherit Datong. He has this ability. .
I figured out the way, but at this moment the stepmother just had that incident. Although the news has been pulled down, there is still a lot of rumors.
The Xiaoshi sisters are still in the detention center, and they have not been released.
I celebrated my birthday with such a big fanfare. People said that I was lighthearted when I said that I had no heart and no lungs. Outsiders would definitely say that I was too cruel.
I hesitated to say what I thought, Bai Yu looked at me: “Do you care about what others think of you?”
“That’s not all, but it feels a bit unnatural to do so.”
“Even if you take the initiative to apologize as they say, what do you think you will get? Get someone to say hello? Just like now, you are already a victim, but in their eyes, you are not the culprit? So don’t What you look like in the eyes of people depends entirely on whether you are strong or not. If you are weak and small, then you are right and wrong, and white and black.”
Boyu’s tone is very gentle, and what he said is also reasonable, and it is indeed so reasonable.
But on the cusp of this turmoil, it’s really not my style to celebrate birthdays.
Otherwise, I’ll discuss this with Qiao Yi, I’m used to talking to her about big things.
So I went to the bathroom under the pretext, so I called Qiao Yi quietly.
She didn’t answer for a long time, and waited for her phone to break my waiting. When the phone was about to hang up automatically, she finally answered.
But her voice was cold, as if she was awake: “What?”
He refused to tell me just one more word.
“Joe, are you busy now?”
I shouldn’t ask this sentence: “It’s lunch time, don’t you eat?”
“Then you are going to work soon?”
I asked a few sentences, and her answer did not add up to 10 words.
“Qiao Yi, are you still angry with me? I have already explained to you.”
“No, I’m busy, I’ll talk later.” He hung up the phone.
How can I discuss with him in her current state, she won’t give me a chance to speak at all.
Listening to the beeping on the phone, I felt so depressed to death. I couldn’t even dream that Qiao and I would be like this one day.
I was always lingering at the door of the bathroom, and the female staff who was provoked to go to the bathroom kept looking back at me.
I had no choice but to call Qin Guan.
I don’t know if Qiao Yi and Qin Guan had a quarrel. In fact, I don’t know if they are in a relationship or not.
Only Qiao Yi, who seemed to be hot with shaved head, always said that Qin Guan was her boyfriend, and Qin Guan seemed to have never admitted it.
Qin Guan answered the phone very quickly. He really had good ears, and he immediately heard something wrong with my voice.
“What happened, Xiao Sheng?”
“Qiao Yi seems to have misunderstood what happened to us yesterday.” I heard his voice and my nose became sore.
“Really?” Qin Guan’s tone was surprised: “I ate with Qiao Yi last night.”
“Qiao Yi had dinner with you last night?” It is reasonable to say that she thought I was angry with Qin Guan at all, but there is no reason to be angry with Qin Guan at all. This is too different to treat!
Besides, the relationship between the two of us has been so many years, is it not as good as the few that she and Qin Guan have seen, I am sour at the moment.
Qin Guan said again, “Aren’t you going to celebrate your birthday next week?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“It was Qiao Yi who said that I will go to Italy tomorrow, and she will beg me…” He said halfway and didn’t say it.
“Please what?”
“She is preparing a birthday present for you.”
“Just last night.”
In the evening, she had already bumped into Qin Guan and I were holding each other, and she even prepared gifts for me.
No, how come this sounds so weird?
Qiao Yi doesn’t act like such a roundabout person. Why does this thing make me a little bit unable to understand? In this case, Qin Guan and I didn’t have a deep conversation, so I wished him a safe journey and hung up the phone.
I washed my face in the bathroom and ran back to the office to ask Bai Yu: “Yesterday I asked Xi Qingchuan to give Qiao Yi something. Did he give her something?”
My tone was natural, and Bai Yu answered me without thinking: “No, no!”
“I obviously gave it to him, and Qiao Yi said she didn’t receive it!”
“Mr. Xi was empty-handed when he went to Joe’s yesterday.”
Sure enough, Xi Qingchuan visited Qiao Yi yesterday. He must have told Qiao Yi that Qiao Yi deliberately isolated me.
His purpose is probably to let me face the difficulties that are currently happening to me alone.
I successfully lied the answer I wanted, but Boyu still didn’t react, so I knew it in my heart.
Qiao Yi is not really angry with me, let me just say, how can such a deep friendship between me and Qiao Yi be like this because of something that can be explained clearly?
Boyu’s mission has been completed, and he also wants to return to Xi’s work.
Just now Baiyu left, I called Qiao Yi again.
Her voice is still so cold, but I have my own way to deal with her.
I groaned on the phone, deliberately pressing half of my face with my palm, and my voice seemed to be squeezed by something.
“Joe,” I was furious.
“what’s happenin?”
“Qiao Yi, I was getting the materials in our company’s data room, and the shelf fell down and suppressed me.”
“How are you?” Qiao Yi’s voice rose immediately, and she was immediately fooled: “Why are you being held down by the shelf?”
“I climbed up to get the book, and the shelf fell down.”
“What about people? All the people in your company are dead? Call your secretary!”
“She went to lunch, Joey, I left a lot of blood, I must be dying.”
“Xiao Sheng, I’m coming right away, you save your energy!” Qiao Yi almost shouted in the last sentence.

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