Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 427

I went back to the cabin, but I found that my mother’s cabin was also sealed.
The reason is that the agreement I signed before was not at all the transfer agreement of the cabin, so the little mushroom does not belong to me, it still belongs to the stepmother, and now it is Xiao Shi.
So I am not qualified to continue living.
Xiao Shi is really amazing, and she refused to give me my mother’s cabin.
I stood in front of the cabin in a daze, Ni Yizhou told me, “Come to live with me.”
I’m not afraid that there is no place to live. No matter how bad, I can still live in a hotel or Qiao Yi’s house.
I was about to turn around when I suddenly saw an engineering vehicle approaching and stopped at the door of the small wooden building.
Then a few people got off the engineering truck and walked straight to my mother’s small wooden building. They still had tools in their hands, sledgehammers or something, and I hurried over to stop them: “What are you doing?”
They glanced at me: “Demolition, who are you?”
“Why demolish the building?”
“The developer bought the land, and of course the building will be demolished.”
At this time, the bulldozer also drove over, and drove straight to my mother’s small wooden building.
In a hurry, I couldn’t stop the bulldozer. I could only hold the person who was talking to me: “Who is the developer? Who bought the land here?”
“Do you know that? It’s a real estate group under the Xiao family!” The man shook my hand away: “Don’t get in the way, get out of the way!”
They pushed Ni Yizhou and me away. When Xiaoshi bought this place, I don’t even know.
But I know it must have been made by Xiao Shi. According to the current development efforts of the Xiao family, there is no need to buy this piece of land for development. There are several buildings in the Xiao family that have not yet been completed and the financial pressure is very heavy. Now I will buy this one. The development is not worth the loss, but I know that Xiaoshi is not doing this to make money for the group, but to use it to discourage me.
When I was still in a daze, the bulldozer had already driven over and directly overturned the wooden fences outside the small wooden building.
As the logs and wood fell one by one to the ground and raised the dust, the pots of flowers in the garden were completely invisible by the dust.
I specially invited a florist to take care of the flowers every once in a while, because the flowers and flower pots were all left by my mother when she was there.
I wanted to rush to rescue my flower pot, but I was hugged tightly by Ni Yizhou: “Don’t go, Xiaosheng, it’s too dangerous over there.”
“You let me go, my mother’s flowerpot, my mother’s flower.”
“It’s broken into pieces now. You didn’t help in the past. We can’t stop them when they are ordered to demolish buildings.”
Those flower pots jingled and fell on the ground, and then the bulldozer pushed it towards the cabin, which would soon become a ruin, and it would be useless for me to go by.
My body stiffened in Ni Yizhou’s arms, and I weakly said to him: “Don’t hold it anymore, I won’t pass.”
Now that the dust is flying over there, the bricks are falling down sparsely. I am not a fool. After the past, I will be hit by the fallen bricks and wood. What else can I save?
Ni Yizhou pulled me back, dust entered my eyes, I should shed tears, but now my eyes are dry and there is no drop of water.
The phone was jumping in my pocket, and I took it out to see that Xiao Shi was calling.
I knew what she was calling for, she must be taunting me, so I connected and put it to my ear, the voice of Xiaoshi still sounded as gentle as before, but I could hear the insidiousness in it.
She said: “Xiao Sheng, I have only discovered that life is really interesting now. It turned out that people said that there are 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi, but now there are not only 30 years, but even 3 years and 3 months, I forget. At once, it was only 13 days. Xiao Sheng, I was at the bottom of my life 13 days ago, and now you are.
I’m here to interview you, I really want to know, now you see that everything that belongs to you is taken away one by one, what is it like? ”
Although Xiao Shi was well hidden, I still heard the pride in her voice.
Xiao Shi didn’t plan to hide her emotions anymore, how good she had hidden before, I didn’t even notice it at all.
My hand holding the phone trembles involuntarily. My trembling is not because of what Xiao Shi said, but because I saw my mother’s picture being thrown out of the house by the person who demolished the house.
If it was before, I burst into tears and rushed to rescue the photo of my mother, but now I hold the phone in my hand and stand firmly on the spot.
If I rush over at this time, I will probably be injured by the bulldozer. Now that I am already scarred, why bother to hurt myself?
“Xiaosheng!” Seeing that I stopped talking, Xiao Shi shouted my name sharply on the phone: “Why didn’t you answer? Do you not know how to answer, or are you afraid to answer?”
“Xiao Shi, if you told me that you hate me so much earlier, could I let you fulfill your wish earlier?”
“Don’t forget Xiaosheng, I have tasted the bottom of your life, and you once let me lose all of this!”
“No one took everything from you. How did you enter the detention center, Xiao Shi, you know best in your heart. Your mother’s business has nothing to do with me. It is too far-fetched for you to count all this on my head.”
“Xiao Sheng, if it weren’t for you, my life wouldn’t be what it is now, and I will let you have a taste of this! Xiao Sheng pays for it, I think it’s fair. You are now watching your mother’s small building piece by piece. Brick by brick is torn down!”
Xiao Shi hung up the phone, there is no fairness in this world at all.
I have never been harmful to Xiaoshi, but she counts everything she loses to me.
Is Xiao Shi a fool? Of course she is not a fool. She knew in her heart that even without me, what should Xi Qingchuan do to her, and what happened to her stepmother’s operation would still happen.
But she must pass all this to me.
Some people will definitely count the setbacks in her fate on someone’s head.
Within a few minutes, my mother’s small wooden building was demolished beyond recognition and turned into ruins.
I stayed there until they finished dismantling, and the construction workers gradually dispersed. Then I went over to open the bricks, rubble and wood, and then found the picture of my mother from inside.
This is a family portrait, in which mom, dad and I are cuddling and laughing very happily.
Ni Yizhou handed me a handkerchief: “Don’t cry, Xiaosheng.”
Am i crying? Obviously crying.

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