Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 433

Before going to the lawyer’s office, my psychological activities were extremely rich.
I made up a big show for myself, and it is very likely that Xi Qingchuan has no plans to divorce me, but just want to get rid of it.
Or as it was in an idol drama, the agreement I signed was not an agreement in the end.
But imagination is always imagination, and idol dramas are just idol dramas.
When I arrived, Xi Qingchuan had already arrived. He was sitting on the sofa in the barrister’s room, leaning his legs up, calmly and calmly.
Since yesterday, I discovered that Xi Qingchuan has become the original Xi Qingchuan.
As domineering, indifferent and even ruthless as before.
The lawyer showed me the divorce agreement, and I hurriedly flipped through it, which was the one I had drawn up earlier.
I said I don’t want any of Xi Qingchuan’s property. After all, Xi Qingchuan is a businessman, and he has no good intentions to make extra compensation for me.
Of course, even if he wants to give it to me, I won’t want it.
My marriage with Xi Qingchuan was not for property in the first place, first for my father, and later for myself.
Because the law firm and the Civil Affairs Bureau are cooperating, I bookmarked the divorce agreement here, and the lawyer there will take us to the administrative service center in the same building to complete the procedures.
Xi Qingchuan had already signed his name on the divorce agreement, and I also picked up the brush and signed his name on it.
During this period, Xi Qingchuan didn’t say a word to me, he just kept looking down at his phone.
Then the lawyer said: “Since the two have signed a divorce agreement, are there any other things to explain?”
I shook my head, and Xi Qingchuan didn’t say anything, just taking it as an acquiescence.
The lawyer stood up and said, “Since both of you have no objections, then we will go to the next door to complete the formalities.”
So I went to the divorce window with Xi Qingchuan, and about 5 minutes later I got the magenta divorce certificate.
I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. I was holding the divorce certificate and wanted to say something to Xi Qingchuan, but he directly handed the certificate to the assistant nearby and nodded to me: “If anything, then I Let’s go first.”
I didn’t even have time to say goodbye, so he turned and left.
Maybe it was what I said that day that hurt him too much, so arrogant and smart Xi Qingchuan, I rejected him that day, he will adjust as quickly as possible and become the same as before.
This is very good, his ability to heal wounds is very strong.
Maybe it didn’t form a wound for him, maybe it was just a shallow scratch.
I didn’t hurt anyone, I should be happy, but I looked at Xi Qingchuan’s back, and my heart was full of loss.
It is not only loss, frustration, but even deep despair.
I used to think I liked Ni Yizhou, but that was just the yearning of a girl, not love.
Later, with Xi Qingchuan, I tasted many different tastes in life. There were ecstasy of happiness to the top, and sorrow of despair to the depths. This emotion of great joy, great compassion and ups and downs told me that this is love.
Love has always been a very fantastic thing, it can be met but not sought.
I feel it, but there is no way to get it.
I don’t know if I will fall in love with another person with the same enthusiasm in the future.
I think this is something you can meet but not ask for.
I put the divorce certificate in my bag, and before I had time to hurt, I received a call from Qiao Xie’s secretary.
I told Qiao Yi’s secretary these days that she should call me directly if she has anything to do.
On the phone, her secretary’s voice was panicked: “Well, Miss Xiao, Wu Simei brought lawyers and many people to the company to make trouble.”
“What is she here to coax?” I felt my head loud when I heard Wu Simei’s voice.
“She took the lawyer to say that Mr. Qiao had no time to make a will. According to Mr. Qiao’s verbal promise, he would hand over 100% of the company to Qiao Jianqi. Now she is here to drive the president away.”
“What the hell is Wu Simei going for?” I think this woman is really a lunatic. Does she always have to find the joy of life in such crazy entanglement and revenge?
Qiao Yi no longer cares about her and has given them 50% of the shares. What else is she going to do?
Now she still wants 100% Joe’s, which is really not greedy.
While calling Qiao Jianqi, I rushed to Qiao’s.
Qiao Jianqi answered the phone, but his place was quite quiet, not like being with his mother.
He told me: “I know my mother is coaxing, it’s not my idea, but now in my mother’s state, I have no other way of doing anything except giving her a sedative.”
“How can you say that, now she is your mother, and only you can convince her.”
“That can only mean that you don’t understand the relationship between me and her too much. I have left Huacheng and will not come back for the time being. I won’t want Qiao’s shares, so let my mother wait for her for a while. Enough tossing, she stopped naturally.”
“Qiao Jianqi, you can’t leave Huacheng, you can’t hide away so selfishly, Qiao Yi is your sister, what do you do if you let her flick her head back and forth? You have to come forward to solve the problem.”
Before I finished speaking, Qiao Jianqi hung up the phone.
Then I called again, and his phone has been turned off.
He may be on the plane later, but I can’t chase to the airport at this time.
I can only say that Qiao Jianqi is ambitious and does not want to take away the property of Qiao’s family.
But he was still selfish. He knew what his mother was like and didn’t want to pester her, so he left the mess and went away.
What if she flew away Qiao Yi?
I rushed to Joe’s, and Joe’s inside and outside are messed up.
Wu Simei blocked Qiao’s tears in the conference room, and then summoned all Qiao’s senior officials to force the palace.
I found that a large part of those high-levels now seem to have turned against Wu Simei. It may be seen that she also holds 50% of the shares now, and she is not as clear as the previous team.
This world is so real, and Qiao Yi can see more openly than I am. She sits calmly in her position.
But now Wu Simi is also the holder of the company’s large shares, so even the security guard has no right to drive her away.
What Wu Simei meant was that although Dad Qiao did not have a will, the law stipulates that the first in the inheritance is the spouse and then the children. According to reason, Qiao Yi can only be allocated 25%.
I don’t understand this. I walked over and said to Wu Simei: “Then, if you count it this way, your son Qiao Jianqi can only get 25%. You must hand over half of the shares you hold.”

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