Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 451

In fact, before I came to the buffet, I didn’t even think of having a showdown with Ni Yizhou, I just followed my heart, and it counts wherever it goes.
When I asked this sentence, Ni Yizhou was stunned, and his hand that was parked in the air hung there.
I didn’t wait for his answer, and then I heard Joe’s voice resounding above our heads like thunder: “What do you mean, what is the contract? What is the house transfer agreement?”
Originally, I wanted to avoid what Qiao Qiaoyi would not let her know for the time being, because after all, in addition to my relationship with Ni Yizhou, Qiaoyi also grew up with us when she was young, and she and Ni Yizhou also have a deep relationship.
So I don’t want to destroy Ni Yizhou’s consistent image in her mind, but I still can’t hide it.
Now that you know it, then you know it.
I paid attention to Ni Yizhou’s facial expression. His expression changed from panic to earthy face. He knew that the incident had happened.
Qiao Yi put down the barbecue in his hand, sat down beside me, and kept asking me, “What the hell do you mean by Baosheng? Xiaosheng, what are you talking about? You make it clear, are you going to die me?”
“Qiao Yi, why don’t you listen to what Brother Boat told us?”
I turned my face to Ni Yizhou and looked at him intently.
I want to hear if his answer is the same as mine.
Ni Yizhou lowered his head and then suddenly picked it up, drank the cocktail on his table.
Ni Yizhou never drinks. This is the wine Qiao Yi helped him just now, and he refused to drink it.
After he drank the wine, his face was slightly red, he looked at me for a moment, and after a while he finally spoke.
“When did you know about it?”
“Who told you that?”
“This is not important.”
He paused, and nodded mockingly: “Yes, this is not important. Who tells you what is important, what is important is what I do, Xiaosheng, do you want to listen to my explanation?”
“If I don’t listen to why I’m sitting here, but I hope you make a long story short, the reason for the motivation and purpose.” I don’t know if my tone is tough, but I see Ni Yizhou’s face pales little by little.
He licked his lips, took up the cocktail in front of Qiao Yi, and drank it all in one breath. Qiao Yi stopped him and looked at him foolishly with his mouth wide open.
“Xiao Sheng, are you thinking in your heart that I colluded with Xiao Shi to devour your property?”
I don’t say anything, because since he has already admitted, there will be any possibility of his motivation.
“No.” He shook his head: “Yes, I admit that the agreement was negotiated by me. It was also my collusion with Xiao Shi and your stepmother, but they paid me and I didn’t want it, and I asked them to extend this time, you The agreement was signed a few months ago. If they want to take it away, they would take it away a few months ago.”
I still watched him without speaking.
“Actually, Xiao Sheng, I don’t think you are suitable for managing the company. I know you don’t care about 30% of the shares. Instead of you working so hard, you might as well give them all of them to live the life you want.”
“Then what day do I want?” I was very calm.
“For example.” His eyes suddenly became bright: “We buy a farm abroad, raise horses, and raise cows. You like painting and sculpture. You can sketch and create there. We can open exhibitions in the future. We are not short of money, and we can live a life without a fight, which is better than if you are here now.”
Ni Yizhou sketched out a particularly beautiful blueprint for me, and planned my future life.
In fact, what he said is indeed very desirable. Ni Yizhou knows me very well. If it were before, I would have longed for this kind of life, but it is a responsibility to live alone.
Dad handed over the shares to me. It’s my own business whether I do it or not. If I do it, it’s because I’m not this piece of material. It has failed Dad’s trust in me, but other people have no right to help me. Decides everything.
I understand. Ni Yizhou doesn’t like me being a strong woman. He naturally doesn’t want me to live with Xi Qingchuan, but he has no ability to directly compete with Xi Qingchuan.
So he was planning to deploy for a long time. He knew me well. He knew that if I was frustrated, I would immediately leave Huacheng to start a new life abroad.
I looked at Ni Yizhou for a long time, and suddenly I laughed: “You think I don’t have the ability to manage the company, so you helped me out on your own terms and used a trick to let me give away all the shares my father gave me. Give Xiao Shi?”
“Do you care about those? Xiaosheng? What I know about you, you always don’t care about those foreign objects.”
“One yard into one yard, this is not the same thing at all!” I was suddenly a little excited, and my voice became louder: “You don’t have the right to help me decide what? You, as my friend, you come with Xiaoshi like this Calculate me, everything you said just now seems to be good for me. How do you know that I am not suitable to be a strong woman? How do you know that I can’t manage the company well? How do you know that I can’t fulfill my father’s last wish?”
“But you worked so hard…”
“Isn’t it hard to do things? Raising cows, raising horses, carving and painting? Isn’t it hard to leave the hometown? I was betrayed by one of my best friends, but he still keeps saying that it’s good for me. “I stood up, and I was calm at the time when I heard Ruan Ling tell me this, but now I got the confirmation in Ni Yizhou’s mouth.
The fire in my heart started to burn, destroying myself first. I don’t know if I can destroy others.
It’s the first time that I was so gloomy, so excited, and so loud in front of Ni Yizhou: “You always think that you are different from others. You will respect the choices I make, and you will agree with me to support me, but you are like others. Men are no different! I know you like me, but love is not made by conspiracy! You used to be by my side and I am very grateful to you, but I have never forced you, and now you are so deliberate, we Two are even more unlikely!”
“Xiao Sheng, it’s not because of these things that I did, but because you have Xi Qingchuan in your heart. No matter what I do, you will ignore me!” Ni Yizhou also stood up, his face lightened slightly. Red, with blue veins violent on his forehead.
The handsome and elegant Ni Yizhou, I finally saw his agitated appearance.

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