Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1034

At the door, Mo Chenglin led Mo Bei to stand there. Without Jiang Ning’s permission, he would not dare to enter.
Seeing the door opened, Jiang Ning walked out, Mo Bei looked a little ugly, and took a step back in fear.
“Mr. Jiang, this is Mo Chenglin,”
Mo Chenglin immediately arched his hands and said, “The dog inadvertently offended Mr. Jiang, so he brought him here to make amends to Mr. Jiang!”
He turned his head, glanced at Mo Bei, and immediately shouted, “Kneel down!”
Mo Bei didn’t hesitate, and immediately knelt down, making the floor tremble.
“Mr. Jiang, I was wrong!”
“I shouldn’t offend you, I shouldn’t…”
“What shouldn’t it be?”
Jiang Ning lowered his head and glanced at him, “You apologize to me, a layman, it seems something is wrong.”
Mo Bei dare not speak anymore.
He said that Jiang Ning was a layman, that he was overpowered, and that he would force Lin to drag himself to death in Xishan City.
But now?
Jiang Ning stood there, but he knelt down and apologized!
“You are not a family, you have been in the mining industry for generations and have rich experience. I am a layman and don’t know anything. To enter this industry hastily, isn’t it a joke for you?”
“Didn’t you say that you want me to pay the price, but the Lin family, dragging me to death in Xishan City, I have been waiting.”
Mo Bei’s face was even more ugly.
Mo Chenglin, who was standing on the side, felt that his feet had fallen into the abyss!
He raised his hand as a slap, and slapped Mo Bei’s face fiercely.
“Do you dare to talk to Mr. Jiang like this?”
“You can’t help yourself!”
He slapped a few times in succession, “Don’t you apologize to Mr. Jiang?”
Drag Lin to death?
The few top wealthy families in the north dare not say such things.
Mo Bei is really stuffed with shit in his mouth, dare to say anything!
Mo Chenglin couldn’t wait to kill the bastard Mo Bei directly in front of Jiang Ning.
He would really kill the Mo family!
“I was wrong! I was wrong! Mr. Jiang, your lord does not remember the villain, please forgive me, forgive me…”
At this moment, Mo Bei, where there was still the uppermost appearance before, whispered for forgiveness, he knew that if he couldn’t ask Jiang Ning to forgive him, then the Mo family… it must be over.
How can I provoke such a terrifying existence?
I haven’t heard of anything before!
Mo Bei knelt and apologized, but Jiang Ning remained silent.
Mo Chenglin stood aside, not daring to say a word.
The more he understands Jiang Ning’s deeds, the more he knows how terrifying the young man is.
So much news has not come out, not because no one dared to pass it privately, but because the people who were enemies of Jiangning have disappeared!
“You are like this, I’m very scared,”
After a while, seeing Mobei’s forehead full of blood, Jiang Ning said lightly, “I’m just a layman. There are still many things that are unclear about this industry. For example, why does the Mo family want me in the No. 8 mining area? , I am very puzzled.”
“Mr. Jiang asks you something, don’t you answer soon!”
Mo Chenglin shouted immediately.
“Because of……”
Mo Bei was immediately embarrassed, how dare to say this kind of thing.
Mo Chenglin couldn’t manage that much.
“Because… Gao said, there is a wild mine hidden in this No. 8 mining area…”
Seeing Jiang Ning frowned slightly, Watson immediately walked over and explained in Jiang Ning’s ear what a wild mine is.
Hearing this, Jiang Ning’s face changed, gradually becoming serious and murderous!

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