Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1340

Being defeated by Jiang Ning, he can accept it, because Jiang Ning obviously controls the Ji Dao boxing spectrum, and he is a person who understands the most essential aspects of boxing.
But in front of me, the name is unknown, I have never heard of it at all!
Not to mention, how can this Bajiquan be compared with the Jidaoquan that I have learned.
He murmured, “Is what Jiang Ning said is right?”
“Our family’s understanding of boxing scores is simply wrong…”
Suddenly, he raised his head: “Impossible!”
Fang Qiu roared, frantically, and rushed in again.
Several old men, who were even faster than him, stopped him directly.
“The victory or defeat has already been divided, so you can’t do it anymore.”
“Young people, there are mountains outside the mountains, and there are people outside the people. The social circle is declining, but it’s not disappearing.”
One of the old people serving as a referee said lightly, “Do you understand?”
Fang Qiu felt like he was being poured by cold water, and his body was cold.
Someone outside?
He is a family member of the reclusive family, but he still needs to be educated like this?
What a joke!
Fang Qiu looked at several old men: “I’m not convinced.”
“Then they are not convinced.”
The old man smiled and pointed to the person who was eliminated by Fang Qiu.
Fang Qiu glanced at them, then turned around, and glanced at Jiang Ning who was sitting above him.
At this moment, he seemed to understand all of a sudden what Jiang Ning wanted to do.
Even so, he still couldn’t believe that Jiang Ning had such big ambitions!
Is he crazy?
Jiang Ning also looked down, his eyes met, but he was extremely calm, as if he didn’t take Fang Qiu seriously.
“I will challenge you again.”
Fang Qiu finished speaking, then turned and left.
“This kid is still a little unconvinced.”
Brother Gou snorted, “Even if the flowers in the greenhouse have the rank of Grand Master, they may not be able to live safely on the battlefield.”
Fist routines are completely different from real fighting.
“Brother Dog, you can’t say that. The flowers in the greenhouse are beautiful.”
Su Yun answered, with an idiot look, “It looks good, that’s it.”
Brother Gou doesn’t want to talk anymore.
What’s the use of looking good these days?
Man, it’s hard!
Jiang Ning didn’t bother to bother with them.
Seeing almost the same, he took Lin Yuzhen back.
The martial arts conference lasted for five days, before finally appearing first place, it is really hidden, in the crowd, no one will take a second look.
It was on that day that Xu Gang, the man who defeated Fang Qiu, was the true descendant of Bajiquan!
Xu Gang is very humble, but his strength is so powerful that Tan Xing can’t help but be surprised. The masters of the arena have always been there!
“I do what I say.”
In front of everyone, Jiang Ning took out a page of Ji Dao fist score and handed it to Xu Gang.
“Thank you Mr. Jiang.”
Xu Gang bowed slightly, because he had always been calm, and his hands were shaking a little at this moment. After receiving the fist sheet handed by Jiang Ning, his Adam’s apple slipped.
His face is still a little unbelievable.
Is Jiang Ning so casual with such an important thing?
It’s all wrinkled!
He glanced at it, frowned immediately, raised his head and glanced at Jiang Ning, as if he was wondering if this was a real boxing score.
Xu Gang turned his head and looked at his master, as if he was not sure.
“You are number one, as long as you are qualified to see it, there is no doubt that Jiang Ning’s identity is here, and he will not cheat.”
Xu Gang nodded, picked up the fist sheet and looked at it again, but the more he looked at it, the deeper his brows became.
As if it was a bottomless vortex!
After a glance, I was completely sucked in!
After a long time, Xu Gang took a deep breath, sweating all over.
“Mr. Jiang, this is terrible, I…I don’t understand…”

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