Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1345

After Dawson finished speaking, the audience suddenly became quiet.
Even Amel’s father, Kidd Slanka, had a slightly different expression on his face, and turned to look at Amel.
“Amel, there is such good news, why don’t you share it with everyone?”
Dawson smiled and said, “Everyone is a family, and they will definitely be very happy.”
Amel did not speak.
The others all looked at Amel.
Twelve people participated in the entire family roundtable meeting. At this moment, everyone’s attention was on Emer’s body.
“Amel, what the hell is going on?”
Kidd spoke.
“Father, I didn’t…vomit…”
Aimee dared to explain a few words, but it was another retching.
She hurriedly covered her mouth, resisted, and suppressed the feeling of vomiting, but everyone could see her strong reaction from her face.
Unmarried first sons are nothing new overseas, but among the women of the Slanka family, this is absolutely forbidden!
Not to mention, Amel is in control of 30% of the resources of the Silanka family!
If she has a child, who is this child?
Will future resources be affected and diverted to the outside world?
“Amel, do you still want to hide it?”
Dawson shook his head, “You are pregnant, everyone can tell, you can’t hide it anymore.”
“I also know that the man who made you pregnant is named Jiang Ning, a member of the Lin Group.”
Dawson turned his head, glanced around, and bowed slightly: “Everyone, the Lin family, I think you have all heard of it recently. The Huameng Chamber of Commerce suddenly disappeared without a trace. It is related to the Lin family.”
He sighed, “Amel, don’t you introduce me?”
With an aggressive look on his face, Dawson seemed to be waiting for Amel to admit it.
He got the photos, got the photos that could be used as evidence, and saw with his own eyes that Amel had a pregnancy reaction, I’m afraid, even Amel hadn’t expected it.
“I do not know what you’re talking about.”
Amelie patted her chest and said lightly, “I’m just a little sick and nauseous today.”
She got up, looked around, and bowed and said, “Everyone, I am not in the state today and cannot participate in the family meeting, so I will go back first.”
With that, she turned and left.
Dawson hurried to her, walked quickly to Amel, and reached out to stop her.
“and many more,”
Dawson smiled, “You haven’t said yet, is this kid from the Lin family?”
As he said, he took out a few photos from his pocket.
It was that day, after Amel asked Jiangning for dinner and deliberately got himself drunk, Jiangning held a photo of him leaving!
Amel’s face suddenly changed.
“Dawson, you are too much.”
Her face darkened.
“Excessive, it seems to be you!”
Dawson’s face changed, “You don’t have any at all. Put the house rules of the Silanka family in your eyes!”
“Privately and competitors, go so close, even now, even pregnant with his child, do you want to put Sri Lanka’s resources into the Lin family?”
“Emmel, you, this is betraying the family! Do you understand!”
The faces of the people present were not pretty, especially Amel’s father Kidd.
In this Slanka family, Kidd’s status is extremely high, and his line is a powerful person for the next heir.
But Kidd has only one daughter, Amel.
No matter how good Emel is, she is a woman after all.
She just won’t marry forever, but is this reality?
“Dawson, you are talking nonsense.”
Amel stared at him, “Get out of the way.”
Dawson didn’t let it, shaking the photo in his hand, a little gloating.
“I’m not talking nonsense, so can you briefly introduce the story behind these photos?”

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