Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1389

Amelie didn’t even sit down, stopped in the air abruptly, and gave Jiang Ning a somewhat aggrieved look.
She sighed lightly, did not say anything, turned around and sat down opposite Jiang Ning.
Kidd stared blankly.
Ai Meier was actually rejected by Jiang Ning?
His charming daughter was even rejected by others?
He couldn’t believe it!
Kidd sat down and opened his mouth to say something, but Jiang Ning didn’t even look at him.
“Why are you back, you haven’t answered me yet.”
Emmel looked resentful, like a wronged little daughter-in-law.
She just joked. If Jiang Ning can say a nice sentence or two, she is in a good mood, even if it is a lie.
But Jiang Ning… is really not welcome at all.
He even let himself sit aside.
“Are many people trying to kill you recently?”
Jiang Ning was too lazy to bother about boring questions.
He doesn’t want to be too entangled in the relationship between children, especially women who have never thought about having a relationship with him.
“how do you know?”
Amel was slightly surprised, “Didn’t you arrange it?”
Jiang Ning rolled his eyes.
If he arranged it, the father and daughter Amel would still survive to this day?
She looks down on who.
“Your two names are on the killer organization’s kill list.”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and pointed at Amel: “Your life is worth 20 million dollars, and you…”
He turned his head again, looked at Kidd, laughed, and said nothing.
Kidd suddenly couldn’t help it.
What does this mean?
Is he too worthless?
The price is so low that Jiangning is funny?
Are you not interested in talking?
“Boy, what do you mean?”
Kidd’s eyes widened and his breathing was about to blow. As early as the last time, he was blackmailed by Jiang Ning. He didn’t like Jiang Ning very much. He was stopped just downstairs.
After living at such an age, Kidd has not experienced things, here in Jiangning, he has experienced it all over again!
“It’s just that your worth is not high, so let’s not talk about the money.”
I thought Jiang Ning would be a little bit more euphemistic, but no one thought that Jiang Ning would say it so directly.
Kidd’s face flushed, his mouth was open, and he pointed to Jiang Ning, too angry to speak.
Amel still wants to be a woman for Jiangning?
Still want to have a baby for Jiangning?
Don’t think about it!
This man, don’t even want to enter the gate of the Slaka family!
No matter how good he is, no matter how good he is!
He snorted and didn’t want to talk to Jiang Ning anymore, he was afraid that he would be angry with Jiang Ning!
Kidd shut up and said nothing, turned his head and didn’t even look at Jiang Ning. It is really hard for him to imagine that such a man would be liked by a woman?
Even if a woman likes it, there will never be a woman’s father like it?
Jiang Ning even ignored Kidd.
“Those who killed us were all from the killer organization?”
Amel looked serious.
When it comes to important things, she naturally doesn’t make jokes.
She was assassinated one after another in the past few days. She thought it was a hidden opponent in the casino, but now it seems that it may not be them.
It’s easier to use killer organizations and spend money to buy your own life, but it’s not that easy.
“Your Slanka family, the internal fighting is quite serious.”
Jiang Ning had already pointed something, and Amel heard it right away. She glanced at Kidd, and a gleam of light flashed in her eyes: “I know who it is.”
“Then what do you want to do when you return to the casino?”
“The casino is the base of the overseas branch of the Lin Group. No one is allowed to destroy the peace here.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “Whoever makes trouble, I will kill him!”

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