Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1397

Kidd looked serious, but still calm.
This car was modified by him with a lot of money, and most people would never want to break it open, not to mention that he was accompanied by a few expert bodyguards.
“Don’t panic!”
He calmly shouted, “Dump them!”
Kidd looked back, and the car behind him was speeding up.
A few bodyguards stood in battle, ready to fight.
“Patriarch, the one who came is unkind!”
The other party was obviously prepared, and even dispatched two cars at once. They didn’t know how many people were in those two cars.
“We must return home!”
This is their judgment.
Kidd did not speak, and he became more annoyed.
Isn’t it just going out, the patriarch of his dignified Slanka family, can’t he even go out now?
Someone has been assassinated, and there have been people assassinated for decades. The patriarch of his dignified Sri Lanka family, no one has assassinated, and he has no status!
“No need to!”
Kidd didn’t know what was wrong, and suddenly became stubborn, “Don’t worry about such a small matter.”
“Huh, still want to play tricks?”
He secretly said in his heart, “I didn’t go to the event, so I can’t catch it all at once. I really thought I didn’t understand.”
Your own car is absolutely reliable enough, as long as you don’t get out of the car, the other party can’t help yourself.
He wanted to see what kind of dog it was, and dared to make trouble for himself.
The speed of the car is getting faster and faster, the car in front is decelerating, the car behind is accelerating, and Kidd is caught in the middle!
A loud bang!
Kidd’s car suddenly slowed down!
“Patriarch! Can’t pester them anymore!”
The bodyguard yelled, gritting his teeth and calling Amel.
They all knew Kidd’s temper, and they became so stubborn that no one except Amel could persuade him.
“Bump them! Bump them for me!”
Kidd yelled.
The driver was crazy, with the accelerator pedal slammed under his feet, with a twelve-cylinder displacement, and full of power, but the car in front was obviously well prepared, stubbornly braked the car and prevented them from running away.
In the car behind him, there was already a hand sticking out from the window, and Kidd’s face changed slightly when he saw the black hole.
There were a few crisp noises in succession, the window behind Kidd banged, and a few white stamps were immediately printed on it.
“Patriarch, get down!”
A bodyguard pushed Kidd’s body on the sofa. As soon as his voice fell, the car glass suddenly snapped and shattered.
Kidd’s face changed drastically.
How can this be?
This is all bulletproof tempered glass!
How could it be broken so easily?
“Go! Go!”
The bodyguard shouted.
The driver slammed the steering wheel frantically, stepped on the accelerator, and the engine roared loudly.
He directly pushed the car ahead and fled immediately.
The car behind him did not hesitate, and immediately ran after him, without any intention to let Kidd go.
Kidd lay on the back seat, panicked.
“Quick! Go home! Go home quickly!”
He was really scared at the moment.
Even this car can’t protect him. Will he still dare to stay outside?
“Miss, we were assassinated!”
The bodyguard looked serious and called Amel, “It’s on the 14th Street. They have carefully arranged it. We are going back home now. The road may be blocked by them!”
“Yes! Yes! We will definitely protect the patriarch!”
The bodyguard put down the phone, gritted his teeth and said, “Protect the patriarch, this is the order of the young lady!”
Several people are ready to die.

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