Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1441

“What Ji Dao Boxing Book!”
Fang Wei shouted, “Where is the Ji Dao boxing score? Tell me clearly!”
Fang Qiu shouted.
“A man named Jiang Ning got several pages of fist scores, opened a Jidao martial arts gym in Donghai City, and made the Jidao fist scores public!”
He gritted his teeth and said everything he knew.
The whole hall was quiet, and the needles dropped!
Make the Jidao boxing score public?
Fang Wei was speechless.
No one knows how precious the Jidao boxing book is than these hidden families.
Although the moves on the fist sheet are nothing, but the real meaning of these fist sheets, how could it be just the moves on the above.
The map behind the boxing table is the real valuable thing!
The man named Jiang Ning actually made the fist score public?
“You said, he made the boxing score public?”
After a long silence, Fang Wei said, “Is this Jiang Ning… a lunatic!”
Fang Qiu nodded: “He, he is a lunatic.”
He wanted to say something more and told Fang Wei that Jiang Ning was very strong, and he was definitely a top master at the Grand Master level, but the severe pain caused his eyes to turn white and he fainted.
“Throw into the dungeon, face the wall and think for three months!”
Fang Wei didn’t see the slightest softness on his face, as if he had just been severely punished, he was not his son at all.
“Red Mountain!”
He roared, and Fang Hongshan immediately took two steps forward.
“Investigate clearly, what the hell is going on, if there is any whereabouts of Jidao Boxing Sheet, immediately bring it back to me!”
“In addition,”
Fang Wei squinted his eyes, “Killing our elder Fang is a capital crime!”
Fang Hongshan should be there immediately.
The Fang family has been hiding in the end of Nanshan for a long time, and there is no Jidao boxing score, and it is absolutely not allowed to go out. This is the rule of the family, and it is the rule of all the hidden families.
But now, Ji Dao Boxing Book has appeared.
I am afraid that all major families will be dispatched. Everyone wants to understand the secrets of the map behind the Ji Dao Boxing Book, and want to know where that map will eventually lead to!
When they get the news first, they must get the boxing score first!
Fang Wei stood there, everyone in the Fang family was afraid to speak, and there were not even a few people who looked directly at him.
“Black Mountain guards and steals, as a commandment elder, but unscrupulously violated the family rules, the crime deserves a million!”
He shouted, “From today onwards, we will deprive the elders of the Black Mountain Commandments, and the dead bodies are not allowed to be buried in the Fang’s ancestral hall!”
Extremely severe!
The few people standing there couldn’t help being startled.
They knew that Fang Wei always said it was the same. He had always let Heishan be responsible for collecting the whereabouts of the Jidao boxing scores, but they didn’t expect Heishan to be his own.
Always withhold information!
This is not something Fang Wei allowed.
“You have all remembered clearly that the Fang family rules cannot be broken, and whoever breaks the Fang family rules, I will never take it lightly!”
Fang Wei glanced around, snorted, staring coldly, making everyone feel terrified.
At that time.
East China Sea.
Jiang Ning didn’t want to make the funeral of He Daoren very grand.
To be a teacher for one day and a father for life, it is very difficult for Jiang Ning to accept the death of a man.
“Don’t be too sad. Since He Dao Ren doesn’t want to tell you anything, he definitely doesn’t want you to be sad about him.”
Lin Yu really grabbed Jiang Ning’s hand, not knowing how to comfort him.

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