Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1458

“Continue to contact!”
Fang Wei snorted and waved to let people go down.
He frowned suddenly, as if thinking of something, he raised his head and shouted, “Where is the elder Hongshan? Please come over!”
Fang Hongshan didn’t tell himself if there was anything wrong last time.
Last time he only said that the city in Donghai was special, but didn’t tell himself what the situation was in Jiangning, Fang Wei had a vaguely bad feeling in his heart.
“Elder Hongshan is in retreat, saying he wants to heal his wounds, no one sees him.”
Fang Wei frowned further.
“Huh, let him raise it well!”
This old bastard was obviously doing it to himself on purpose. Since he wants to heal his wounds, let him raise him until his death!
As an elder, he don’t even want to go back.
When his sons have grown up, he will have to control everything in this family, and even the position of elder will be let by his own sons.
Even the least successful Fang Qiu!
As long as it is his own, everything will be easy.
“There are so many Jidao fist books, and it is completely possible to collect nine pages of fist books!”
Fang Wei said to himself, “Once the map is complete, you can find that thing. By then, our Fang family will naturally take off, and the future world will be controlled by our family!”
The corner of his mouth raised a touch of complacency, as if he had already seen that the special red cloud symbol Fang would spread all over the world in the near future.
Suddenly, a melodious bell rang.
Fang Wei suddenly raised his head: “Who?”
The bell came from the direction of Fang’s gate, and it would ring when someone came.
But such a reclusive family like the Fang family rarely visits other families on weekdays, let alone ordinary people who can find them in this deep mountain and old forest.
Even Fang Hongshan, who was behind closed doors, heard the bell in his study.
He immediately stood up with a serious expression on his face, squeezed his fist, and then immediately let go: “Here?”
The heartbeat speeds up instantly!
Even he himself didn’t know why he was suddenly nervous, just because that person might come to the door himself?
“Master Hongshan, the Patriarch has asked you again and wants to invite you over.”
Outside the door, a voice came.
“Don’t go!”
Fang Hongshan said immediately, “Didn’t I say it, retreat and recuperate, no one will be seen! Don’t bother me again, just say I’m not here!”
Go out now?
Go out and face that person now?
It must be Jiang Ning!
Jiang Ning must be here!
He asked the Fang family to send Fang Ran there, but the Fang family didn’t take it seriously. With Jiang Ning’s temper… he must be here, it must be him!
Fang Hongshan’s Adam’s apple slipped, wondering if he would be afraid of such a young kid.
“Jiang Ning is here! It must be him, Fang Wei…you are doing it yourself!”
He decided not to go out behind closed doors, no matter what happened outside, he would not go out.
Jiang Ning stood in front of the Fang family’s gate, and several people stood in front of him. The expressions on their faces were a little indifferent and disdain apart from the surprise that someone could find the Fang family.
“Go away! People waiting, don’t get close!”
“Don’t go, don’t blame us for being impolite!”
Jiang Ning looked at a few people, then took another look. The two big characters Fangjia hanging above, and the symbol of the red cloud, suddenly thought of the symbol of the hidden door.
Thinking of how his master was, he was forced to swallow his voice for twenty years by the people of this Fang family, and he was finally driven to death!
“Let Fang Family Patriarch, get out,”
He said lightly, “Or, I’ll fight in!”

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