Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1567

Almost instantly, the two ran into each other.
Fang Wei’s fist was fierce and domineering, and his shot was a killer move.
He knew how powerful Jiang Ning was. In front of Jiang Ning, where did he dare to have reservations?
Jiang Ning screamed, punched out, and Fang Wei’s fist, slammed together, directly shaking Fang Wei back five or six steps.
“I brought him here to get back what belongs to him!”
“My apprentice, I won’t let him die!”
“Who can kill him?”
Jiang Ning’s voice sounded like a rolling thunder in Fang Wei’s ears.
He moved faster and faster under his feet, and his fists became more and more fierce, like a rampaging beast, he bluntly beat Fang Wei to defeat!
Fang Wei only thought that Jiang Ning was a lunatic, and every time he hit him, he would crush him alive.
He couldn’t stop that terrible punch.
Even if he used his hand to block, the punching strength that can penetrate makes his hand bones numb.
Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and Fang Wei’s face changed drastically. Even after he stepped back, his hands dropped, shaking constantly!
The bone inside is broken!
He didn’t even see his hands, there were any scars on the surface, but the bones inside were actually broken?
Fang Wei bared his teeth and took a deep breath, “This Zhongnan Mountain is the place of right and wrong…”
“Where I go, I have the final say!”
Jiang Ning ignored what Fang Wei said.
He knew what Fang Wei meant, and he knew what Fang Wei wanted to say, but what’s the point of saying this now?
In this Fang family, the moment he was forced to die, it was already doomed that the Fang family could no longer exist.
Jiangning wants to flatten it!
The Fang family members were constantly beaten down, and these people simply couldn’t stop Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning carried a person’s neck with one hand, and threw it on the ground like a dead chicken.
“Take me to meet the two ancestors of the Fang family.”
He squinted his eyes and looked at Fang Wei.
Fang Wei’s hands were already crippled. He knew that Jiang Ning had broken his hands deliberately. If Jiang Ning wanted to kill himself, it would not be difficult at all.
“you sure?”
He looked at Jiang Ning, “I saw the ancestor…you will definitely die!”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at several elders: “Fang Qiu, take them to find someone.”
Hearing this, Fang Qiu waved, Sima Quan and several other elders immediately rushed into Fang’s family and searched for people from several major families. Fang Wei watched and couldn’t stop it.
Today, Jiang Ning is here, except for the two ancestors of the Great Elder, I am afraid that no one can stop him.
Not to mention, Jiang Ning’s group of subordinates are crazy like tigers and leopards!
“Big Brother.”
Brother Gou walked to Jiang Ning and looked at Fang Wei vigilantly. He was worried that there would be an explosion inside.
The Fang family was able to attack several other aristocratic families, obviously because the two elders were good at using poison.
“Fang’s house, clean it again.”
Jiang Ning looked at Brother Dog, her tone full of sorrow, “I’ll go in and talk to them, then come out.”
Brother Gou immediately shouted, beckoning, a dozen brothers behind him, like a whole, at first glance, it is not like a dozen people at all, but more like a person in action.
Fang Wei looked at it, feeling a little shocked.
Jiang Ning is too arrogant!
He actually wanted to clean Fang’s house again.
When the first elder and the second elder kill him, the others still want to leave Fang’s house?
He still wants to take away the position of Fang Family Patriarch from his own hands?
“Jiangning, arrogance comes at a price!”
Fang Wei snorted and said nothing. With both hands hanging down, he let Brother Gou and others enter Fang’s house, and he, with Jiang Ning, walked directly toward the backyard.

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