Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1701

She knew what Li Chengfeng meant.
This is not only a technical barrier to Lin’s, but also a technical blockade of all Chinese businessmen!
In particular, some high-tech technologies have been relying on independent research and development for so many years. Although we have talents, the gap of decades cannot be easily made up.
Those opponents are only willing to transfer the expired technology at a high price, and the rest will not be given a chance at all.
Xiao Zhao knew this since he was studying.
If you fall behind, you will be beaten. This is an old saying that you can never go wrong, but today’s Chinese businessmen are no longer the Chinese businessmen they used to be.
In this age, we should do something that our ancestors did not do. Otherwise, how can we be worthy of the foundation laid by our ancestors?
Today’s Lin family is doing exactly this!
“Once Li cooperates with Lin, the news will spread within a day. This is unavoidable.”
Li Chengfeng said, “Of course, from my point of view, there is no problem. Since I have decided to cooperate with Lin, I will definitely comply with the conditions promised.”
“As for the interception of other overseas companies, I believe Mr. Jiang can solve it.”
“In this regard, we are confident.”
Xiao Zhao said directly, “It shouldn’t be too late. Since Patriarch Li is ready, I think the technology transfer can be completed as soon as possible.”
“It’s all right today.”
Li Chengfeng said.
It seemed that he seemed more attentive than Lin’s people.
For a large East Korean company, the pressure to make such a decision is enormous, but Li Chengfeng can’t manage that much. What he cares about is the survival of the Li family.
The Li family paid a great price to become the No. 1 family in East Korea. Even if it hurts, he has to maintain this situation.
As for other pressures, he doesn’t need to worry, Jiang Ning will definitely resolve them.
“it is good!”
Xiao Zhao immediately said, “I will take someone over in the afternoon, sort out the details of the contract, sign the technology transfer contract, and the specific content of the transfer, I think Patriarch Li should know in my mind.”
Li Chengfeng nodded.
Having made this decision, he will no longer hesitate.
The two were separated. Li Chengfeng went directly to the Li family and held a high-level meeting to inform the decision, which caused a sensation.
There was an uproar in Li’s office.
“Patriarch, these are the core technologies of the Li family, and they are the most advantageous competitiveness of the Li family in the world. Such a price transfer… is it somewhat inappropriate?”
“Patriarch, are you having any trouble? Someone threatens you?”
“We can’t accept it, not only we can’t accept it, but also the entire technical barrier alliance. Patriarch, don’t forget, we have joined…”

A group of people shook their heads, expressing their incomprehension and dissatisfaction with Li Chengfeng’s decision, as well as disagreements.
“I just notify you.”
Li Chengfeng leaned on the chair, his tone was calm, as if he was talking about an unimportant thing.
“If you don’t agree, you can consider withdrawing shares and take the money to retire. The money will be enough for you to enjoy the rest of your life.”
He turned his head, glanced around, and looked at these guys in front of him. After so many years through the Li family, he didn’t know how fat he was.
They were needed at the beginning, but now, these people not only can’t provide any help, they can only act as worms and affect the development of Li’s.
“That’s it. In the afternoon, Lin’s people will come over to sign the contract. The relevant departments are ready to cooperate.”
Li Chengfeng stood up, not talking nonsense at all.
The Li family has come to life and death, where there is still time, let him go indecisive.
These people simply didn’t know that the so-called First Family had no meaning at all in front of powerful experts like Jiang Ning.

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