Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1885

He originally wanted to borrow the hands of the Eastern Capital Royal to bring the Yamaguchi Society to his own hands. This was tantamount to obtaining a large group of masters in vain, and the strength of those oriental warriors was enough for him.
But where did you think that the idiot of the prince could not handle even such a thing, and still wanted boxing?
“Keep in touch, I need to know what happened over there.”
Reagan said.
The black figure disappeared in a flash.
Reagan really felt a headache now.
There was an accident in the plan, and there was an unsatisfactory daughter who was upset by so many things for him.
He wants to control the Zorro family, and he has spent a lot of effort on this, and he must not lose the chain at this important juncture.
He took a deep breath to calm himself down.
at the same time.
Jiang Ning walked out of the old castle and didn’t go far, when Harry’s sports car caught up behind him.
Halle rolled down the car window, her eyes were still red.
Jiang Ning did not move.
“I let you in the car!”
Halle’s voice was a little louder.
Jiang Ning didn’t say anything. He pulled the door and sat in. The engine roared and Juechen left.
Hallie’s mood was obviously not very good, her smoky makeup was dazzled by tears, and she couldn’t take care of it. The gas pedal under her feet seemed to be completely trampled to death. Listening to the terrible sound of the engine in her ear, Jiang Ning was Poker face.
Halle braked suddenly, the whole body began to shake, lost his balance, and quickly chose.
As if the next moment, he was about to hit the guardrail on the side of the road, Jiang Ning suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed the steering wheel, slammed a circle, and slammed Hallie’s foot with the other hand, slamming the brake completely.
Zi Zi Zi-
The tires of the car had already emitted black smoke, and there was a burning smell.
After a while, the car stopped, and the smoky makeup on Halle’s face was completely spent, and she couldn’t see her original appearance.
She lowered her head, her hands on the steering wheel, in shock.
“Let me die…”
“You can die,”
Jiang Ning gave her a cold look, “Why are you taking me?”
He reached for the door of the cart, but the door got stuck because of its deformation.
Jiang Ning kicked it directly.
The car door flew out directly.
Jiang Ning got out of the car and reached out and stopped a car that was following up. Before the driver could react, he got into the car.
“Go to the Church of Gods.”
The driver opened his mouth to talk, but he closed his mouth obediently when he saw Jiang Ning’s eyes.
Restart the car and leave.
And Halle was still lying on the steering wheel, trembling, two lines of tears slid down her cheeks and wet the steering wheel.
She sobbed gradually, and then burst into tears, like a poor little girl, lost and helpless…
Jiang Ning returned to the Shensi Church and went straight to the backyard. Li Feidao was sitting there, wearing headphones, shaking his head, still muttering words, and didn’t know which country he was singing.
Seeing Jiang Ning’s return, Li Feidao’s eyes lit up and he immediately took off his headphones.
“Come back so soon?”
Is it a bit too fast?
He thought, at least tomorrow.
Jiang Ning doesn’t talk nonsense with him.
“I need you to do something for me.”
“Are you going to succeed?”
Li Feidao asked.
“Have the opportunity.”
Jiang Ning said, “That woman is Zorro Regan’s daughter, Halle, and that boxing sheet is in Regan’s hands.”
If the intelligence is not wrong, it must be so.
“how do you want to do it?”
Li Feidao became serious. He naturally wouldn’t joke about such important things, “Start with this Hallie and sneak into the castle?”
“Do not,”
Jiang Ning shook his head, the castle was heavily guarded, and people like Reagan would never easily put the boxing score where others wanted.
I’m afraid, even Hallie doesn’t know that starting from her is not a good choice.
“I want you to spread the news, just say that the punch is in Harry’s hands.”

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