Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2107

Not to mention, the six masters of the sects have all come, and they have brought a few elders. Regardless of the number of people or the combat strength, the Qingshan Sect has no chance of winning.
What they thought was that within a day, they would attack the top of the Green Mountain Sect and completely destroy the Green Mountain Sect!
“In your opinion, how should we do it?”
Someone asked.
When they joined forces this time, someone lobbied and offered the conditions, but they could not refuse at all. Even if it was Rocky, he thought that Tianlianzong would destroy the Qingshanzong alone, but in the end he chose to join forces with several other sects.
After all, the Green Mountain Sect still has some foundations, and the Tianlian Sect is confident that it will destroy the Green Mountain Sect, but the loss will certainly not be small.
Why not let others share the risk?
“Since the six major sects have joined forces, then naturally they have to work together,”
Rocky got up, walked to the map, and picked up a red flag, “This is the back door of the Green Mountain Sect. I think some of them must have escaped from here. The Longkong Mountain Sect, guard this place, and don’t let a fish that slip through the net escape!”
He made the decision directly, not like a discussion, but an order.
Now that everyone asks themselves, how can Rocky be polite? The Qingshan Sect will have today, and they will have this opportunity. It was the Tianlianzong who used the life of Elder Luo Feng in exchange.
“Eight Sword Sect, attack here, cut off Qingshan Sect on the left, Qiankun Dao Sect, go on the right, Buddhism and Black Wind Sect, round and round from the side, my Tianlian Sect directly attacked the mountain gate, and gathered at the Qingshan Sect Hall. !”
Rocky squinted his eyes, planted the last flag, and glanced around.
“Everyone, do you have any comments?”
The masters of the sects were silent for a moment.
“After the Green Mountain Sect is destroyed, how to divide it?”
Black Wind Sect Sect Master Li Xuan asked.
This is everyone’s problem.
It is also the most important issue.
“The most important thing right now is to destroy the Qingshan Sect. The thing about the Qingshan Sect is not worth our time.”
Rocky snorted, “Isn’t the vast world beyond the mountain gate not enough?”
He laughed and looked at Li Xuan, “Sect Master Li, I think what you care most about is the secret of the whirlwind leg magical skills left by your Black Wind Sect, right?”
Li Xuan’s eyes shrank.
The fact that the Black Wind Sect lost its secret has long been spread, and he couldn’t keep it from it.
“Are you sure you are outside the gate?”
He stared at Rocky, his heart jerked.
“Not only is the secret of your whirlwind legs outside the mountain gate, as far as I know, the source of each sect is outside the mountain gate. Why do you think we yearn outside the mountain gate so much?”
Li Xuan did not speak any more, and the other sect masters did not speak.
Why they yearn beyond the mountain gate so much is because that is the source of all the sects. Once this mountain gate was terribly desolate. These sects have survived for hundreds of years, and they are increasingly yearning beyond the mountain gate, wanting to find the source of belonging The root of one’s own sect.
“Everyone, what is the environment inside this mountain gate now, don’t I need to say?”
“We keep retreating, keep retreating, but the gray boundary has spread again and again, and we have no retreat!”
“Apart from going back to the mountain gate, do we have other options?”
Rocky said, “The gray matter, let alone me, who can resist? If you touch it, you will die!”
Speaking of this, everyone’s expressions have changed. The area within the mountain gate is getting smaller and smaller, and in that gray area, it is already an area they can’t touch.
Those sects that used to be, now shrouded in gray mist, have long since disappeared, and there is no bones left!
“The Qingshan Sect is stubborn, conservative, and will not give in. They just want to kill us all!”
Rocky said angrily, “When we die, they can enjoy the resources outside the gate alone. Do you really think we are stupid?” The error-free chapters of “The Giants of War” will continue to be updated. There are no ads on the site. Please also collect and It is recommended to play by hand! If you like the wealthy Ares, please collect it: ( The wealthy Ares has the fastest update speed.

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