Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2111

“Now this mouth is uncomfortable, and there is no way to come from other places to support us.”
Liu Heng said, “Moreover, we don’t know how many people are concentrated in the north of the six major sects.”
“We can only hope that the captain of the guards and the others can severely damage the six major sects and cut off their back paths, so that we can hold on for longer.”
Everyone’s faces are very nervous.
This is a battle between life and death!
It is even possible that the end result is just death!
Liu Qing did not speak.
She looked at the dense mountains and forests. These previously familiar places have now become deep and terrifying. No one knows where the people of the six major sects are hidden, and suddenly attacked them.
And the captain of the guards…
After all, there are still few people.
She suddenly missed Jiang Ning a little. If he was there, there should be a way, right?
At that time.
Among the dense mountain forests, a group of human figures are hidden in those grasses, blending with the surrounding environment, even if they are carefully distinguished, they may not be found.
The camouflage on the guard’s face and the turf-like clothes on the body were all designed for them by Jiang Ning, and they were most suitable for action in such mountains and forests.
“Killing the important talented disciples of the six major sects, this is our mission!”
The captain of the guard had long ordered that they were divided into several small teams. Their goal was the talented disciples of the six major sects, to kill them until they were trembling and fearful!
This was arranged for them by Jiang Ning early in the morning.
Although Jiang Ning is not here now, they still execute it firmly.
“The eighth!”
Someone gritted his teeth and sneered, “The next target appears!”
They used gestures to communicate with their eyes, and they formed a tacit understanding, staring far at the target that placed the order, and copied it from the four breads.
“Do it!”
Give an order!
Several figures rushed out immediately, and the murderous intentions appeared!
Seeing someone suddenly attacked and killed the target, he screamed, “I found them!”
He immediately drew the spark stick from his waist, squeaked, and fireworks rose into the sky!
But the captain of the guards did not retreat at all.
They naturally know that these people are now deliberately alone in order to catch them, but what about?
Kill one more talented son of the six major sects and earn one!
The captain of the guard screamed, suddenly speeding up, and the three brothers around him started at the same time, one after another, one left and one right, and they immediately outflanked.
They are extremely fast, grab time!
The four teamed up to besiege the target, which doubled the target’s pressure instantly.
“Come on! Discover them! Come on!”
He yelled loudly, and there was already movement in the distance, and someone rushed for reinforcements.
“Quick battle!”
The guards blasted out their long fists and burst out with energy!
A face-to-face slammed hard and hard with the target.
The captain of the guard retreated, and the other three people chased up without giving the target a chance to breathe.
attack! Attack frantically!
somebody is coming!
“Hurry up and kill him!”
The captain of the guard gritted his teeth and immediately rushed up. The four people surrounded the target frantically and slammed them, hitting the target’s chest with a heavy punch, slamming him out abruptly and falling to the ground, unable to move.
“Retreat, I will kill!”
The captain of the guard shouted, and then a little bit under his feet, he swept over, clenched his fists, and smashed it hard!
He yelled.
But suddenly, a powerful aura surged over the sky and directly locked him firmly!
“My people, do you dare to kill too?”
A fist hit, fierce, and the captain of the guard’s face changed. He didn’t care about so much, so he raised his fist and bit his head.
With a crisp sound, the captain of the guard screamed, and his wrist was directly fractured.
He gritted his teeth, his eyes were cold, and he had to take a dozen steps back. Damn it, he was nearly able to kill another one!
“Captain, rewind!”
“Want to go? Dreaming!”

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