Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2124

How to fight now?
Not to mention Jiang Ning’s horrible life, in a short period of time, just playing against a few people, will learn everyone’s stunts, just with Shan Jiangning’s punch, he was sure that he could not stop it.
Knowing that going up is to die, why go up?
Li Gao doesn’t want to die, no one wants to die!
Luo Long cursed directly, without giving any face, “You don’t want to die, do we just want to die?”
“Could it be that those tens of thousands of disciples and ordinary people just want to die?”
He roared, “Today, if we don’t kill him, in the end, we will die!”
After all, it’s all going to die. Now there is still a chance to fight, why give up?
Luo Long was emotional. Their Tianlianzong had paid too much for today, so how could it easily arise.
Without waiting for him to continue speaking, the elder Buddha Zong also took two steps back.
Then there are the elders of Qiankun Daozong.
Luo Long’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t believe how these people gave up.
Isn’t it just Jiangning? Could it be that Jiangning is here alone and they really can’t get in? Will not!
There is also a north, south…There is always a place where you can break through, and then wipe out everyone in the Qingshan Sect!
“Luolong, it’s not that everyone is afraid of death,”
The elder Buddha gave Jiang Ning a deep look, “But here, we really can’t get through.”
How many disciples they brought can stand at this moment?
Needless to say, in the north and other directions, Jiang Ning must have made arrangements long ago, which has hit them hard.
“There are other places!”
Luo Long yelled, “We contain him, I don’t believe it, it is absolutely impossible for the Qingshan Sect to have many masters like him!”
Elder Fo Zong shook his head.
A person who can learn Diamond Boxing in a short period of time, and his fighting power is no worse than that of an elder who has been bathed for decades. What does this mean?
With such people guarding the Qingshan Sect, what opportunity can they have?
It’s not that they are afraid of death. They will die sooner or later if they live to this age, but they can’t take their disciples and die together, right?
It is stupid to go and die, knowing that it is going to die.
“Go back down the mountain first.”
Li Gao glanced at Jiang Ning, “Let several sect masters discuss it.”
“If they decide to attack the mountain again, then we will come.”
He looked at Jiang Ning and felt a deep sense of powerlessness. This feeling was the first time he had experienced this in his life.
But just this one experience made him feel a little frustrated, and he couldn’t even grow up to resist.
Except for Luo Long, the other elders all decided to retreat first.
After all, there is only one result if the fight continues. They die, and Jiang Ning…may not be injured!
Standing there, Jiang Ning didn’t release any breath, but it still felt terrifying.
“you guys……”
Luo Long gritted his teeth, and his body was shaking.
He wanted to continue fighting. Even if he died, everyone else had retreated. How could he be Jiang Ning’s opponent?
The elder Buddhism said, “I am waiting to retreat down the mountain. If the lord decides, I still have to fight to the death with the Qingshanzong. When the time comes, we will make a break.”
Today, he lost.
He has to admit.
“My Universe Dao Sect is the same.”
“me too.”
Several elders all spoke.
Today they jointly besieged Jiangning, but they did not have the upper hand, and they might even be killed by Jiangning at any time!
This is a shame for them!
“As long as you fight, I will fight.”
Jiangning Road.
The Green Mountain Sect is the only barrier outside the mountain gate. No matter what reason they have, as long as they want to break this barrier, Jiang Ning will not sit idly by.
He knew that everyone couldn’t talk about who was right and who was wrong, it was just for their own standpoint.

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