Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2126

Save them?
Everyone was shocked.
The great elder stared even more, thinking that he had heard it wrong.
The two sides fought to such a degree, and each suffered heavy casualties. Jiang Ning said, want to save them?
Let’s not talk about how to save them. The hatred between the two parties is so deep that it can’t be resolved at all. They might feel that Jiangning’s saying that they want to save them is a fantasy.
“You said, save them?”
Yanagawa frowned, “What do you mean?”
He didn’t understand, none of the people present.
“They besieged the Green Mountain Sect, what is their ultimate goal?”
Jiang Ning asked.
“I want to go outside the mountain gate.”
Liu Chuanduo glanced at Jiang Ning, didn’t Jiang Ning know these things?
It is precisely because of this that they did their best to resist and prevent them from going out.
This is the duty of the Green Mountain Sect to guard the gate.
“This is just the surface,”
Jiangning Road, “The major sects have been in the mountain gate for so many years, and they have been in peace. The environment here is suitable for the development of the sect. Pursuing the road of martial arts, going outside the mountain gate, anyway, it is not suitable.”
“But they don’t think so.”
Yanagawa said helplessly.
The environment outside the mountain gate has changed a long time ago, and it is not at all like a hundred years ago, but still suitable for martial artists.
When they go out, they will only make trouble and cause trouble. Long ago, the ancestors of the Qingshan Sect made it very clear, so the meaning of their existence is to guard the gates of the mountains and prevent these people from going out, so as not to break the balance. , Provoke a bigger disaster.
But now, things have reached the point where there is no turning back.
“They want to survive.”
Jiangning Road.
Yanagawa glanced at the elder.
“You mean, the spread of those gray areas forced them to flee?”
They don’t know these, but the Green Mountain Sect is located in the southernmost part, and the gray matter in the north spreads in all directions, and it will finally come to them.
Moreover, the current rate of spread is getting slower and slower, maybe one day it will stop?
Jiang Ning glanced at them, knowing that these old and decayed people living in the mountains and forests would not have thought so much, and they didn’t need to think about so much.
Guarding the Green Mountain Sect and guarding the gate is their task. Apart from that, there is nothing worthy of their consideration.
“Everyone wants to live, and the closer they are to death, the more they have to resist and struggle,”
Jiang Ning said, “Perhaps, what other purpose do they have, but for now, if the fight continues, who will lose more?”
Yanagawa and others were silent.
There is no doubt that it is the Green Mountain Sect that has suffered the most, and may even be annihilated!
Even if Jiang Ning is there, he can protect himself and maybe others, but he cannot protect the entire Qingshan Sect. After all, there are not many people from the six major sects. Once they are desperate, they will fight to the end with the Qingshan Sect. The result is obvious.
The Green Mountain Sect was eventually destroyed, and there was no Green Mountain Sect.
This is not the result they are willing to see, no matter who it is, they don’t want to see the Green Mountain Sect, completely disappearing from this world.
“I know you feel uncomfortable, and I am the same, but there is never a winner in a war.”
Jiang Ning glanced at them, “If you continue, you will only die more people, and once the gray matter erupts, the Qingshan Sect will eventually be unable to keep it.”
Jiang Ning did not know how many times he had participated in the war, and there was never a winner.
Even those who survived have to carry a lot of things on their backs. Jiang Ning was a past person, and he saw it very lightly and thoroughly.
Yanagawa and others didn’t speak, just pursed their lips, as if thinking about something.
The Great Elder also sat there, lowered his head not knowing what he was thinking, and said nothing.

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