Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2130

“To understanding?”
Rocky snorted, “I just want to kill him!”
This Jiang Ning not only undermined his plan, but allowed him to infiltrate the Qingshan Sect, and then use other methods to control the Qingshan Sect, but now he can only do it.
But the result?
Instead of being able to defeat the Green Mountain Sect in one fell swoop, he suffered heavy losses. Can he feel comfortable in his heart?
If it weren’t for Elder Li Gao of the Black Wind Sect, who had chosen to give up first, they would definitely have entered the Green Mountain Sect Hall!
Rocky’s tone was not very good, so he glanced at Li Xuan: “But what’s to be afraid of for a young man?”
“If it wasn’t for the elders to choose to give up, I should be sitting in the main hall of the Qingshan Sect at this moment, discussing how to divide the Qingshan Sect!”
Li Xuan frowned slightly, suppressing his anger.
The loss of the Black Wind Sect this time is greater than that of the Sky Alliance Sect!
At least, other sects, no elder-level master died, but his Black Wind sect, but one died, who the fuck would he ask for reason?
It’s fine now, Rocky still blames him.
“Sect Master Luoqi, that’s not what I said. Don’t forget. At the beginning, you said that even if you only have one sect of the Tianlian Sect, it is enough to defeat the Qingshan Sect.”
Li Xuansi is not polite, “If you forget, then I will remind you.”
Rocky narrowed his eyes, and the two clashed.
“All right.”
Suzerain Buddhism listened to the Zen master, “Every sect has a lot of casualties. It is not only the loss of the Tianlian Sect and the Black Wind Sect. What is the point of the two disputes again?”
He heard from the elder Buddhism before that Jiang Ning is definitely not an ordinary person, especially the learning of diamond boxing in a short time, it is simply amazing!
Master Listening Zen half-closed his eyes and folded his hands together: “The goal of my waiting is to win the Green Mountain Sect and open the mountain gate so that I can find another way out. Sitting here now, can we solve the problem?”
“So what is the opinion of Master Listening Zen?”
Rocky turned his head and glanced at him, “Do you think we should continue to fight the Qingshan Sect to the end, or what?”
Master Listening Zen smiled.
“To fight or not to fight, I think the most important thing is to understand our opponent first, right?”
“Sect Master Rock, if I’m not wrong, Tianlianzong seems to have hidden a lot of things and didn’t tell us.”
In his tone, there was some dissatisfaction. The other sect masters obviously felt so, and nodded one after another.
They didn’t talk about the existence of Jiang Ning, who was against the sky, just in the mountains and forests, like a ghost, killing the disciples of the sects crying fathers and mothers, as if they had seen a ghost, but the Tianlianzong did not tell them this information.
If they had known this, the loss would not have been so heavy.
Seeing the sect masters, all accusing himself, Rocky sneered, stood up directly, and patted the table.
“My Tianlianzong didn’t hide anything!”
“Speaking of losses, is my Tianlianzong’s loss smaller than yours?”
“Everyone, everyone knows what the Qingshan Sect is. I don’t know much about the Tianlian Sect. I don’t know the origin of Jiangning. I don’t know the mysterious people.”
Rocky snorted, “But no matter how powerful they are, a Green Mountain Sect can’t fight our six major sects together, right?”
“I just want a word right now, do you want to continue fighting or not?”
“If you want to fight, immediately gather the people and attack the mountain. Don’t give the Qingshan Sect a chance to breathe. If you don’t fight? Just quit!”
“Anyway, my Tianlian Sect will not leave, I will destroy the Qingshan Sect!”
He is extremely crazy, even more domineering, leaving no room for others.

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